Road Warriors – Posted up in Montanita, Ecuador

Road Warrior – n. Informal. A person who travels frequently.

Stevie and I have been living that definition for a long time. The official Sprinter Life statistic, as recorded on the home page of our website, is now reading

Time on the road:

  • 1 year, 11 months, 4 days, 11 hours, 56 minutes ago

In that time we’ve taken very few breaks. We’ve stayed in one spot for a couple weeks here and there, but for the most part we’ve been constantly moving for almost 2 years straight.

As Stevie is fond of saying, I tend to engage life like it’s an extreme sport. I’m pretty proud of our near 2 year non-stop rampage. But after returning from vacation in the USA we both agreed that we needed to slow down, and maybe even take a break. There is no place like the beach to unwind and regroup, so we headed for the coast of Ecuador.

We’ve posted up in a small village called Montanita on the southern coast.

Click here to view our exact location.

We chose this place primarily for it’s year around surfing and famous right point break. Upon arriving, our choice was validated. The area is absolutely beautiful and the surfing is solid. Plus we’ve got strong internet, a private room right on the beach in front of the point break, (only $20 a night), a kitchen, hot water, 2 hammocks, and a sunset balcony facing the ocean (see photo below).

I’ve parked the van and do not intend to move it. We will hang here for about a month.

Now THAT’S moving slow!

Stay tuned, we’ll have some great photos of the town and surf soon.





  1. Holy short hair batman!!!
    Looks great!

    That place looks amazing!!!!

    Enjoy your break!!!! B

  2. Good plan! You’ll be able to do the same here in Chile too, but dry heat.

  3. Sounds great.. 600 bucks a month is sick. Also must be nice to surf again. Enjoy .

  4. Ken Metzgar says:


    What’s the name of the hotel in Montanita? It would be good information to know. We’re planning to drive to Tierra del Fuego departing in September 2012 and we’ll probably catch up with you somewhere along the road since we plan only to be absent from the US for 6 months.

    Good luck and I enjoy following your adventures.

    Ken Metzgar

  5. Okay Chile it is. Arranging a house now for us. Give me some approximate dates please.

    • sweet, we’ll be able to give you some dates as soon as we get to Northern Peru at the end of October. We won’t know much until we get there. Ball park though for the soonest would be Dec/Jan. Latest could be a long time though.

  6. I admire your wisdom in honoring your needs, and those of Stevie. There is no rush in life. Anywhere you are is home, and the adventure continues. Sometimes the adventure is about staying still, going inward, or just resting yourselves. Enjoy!

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