Daily Life Off The Road…

Apartment life is treating us well. Stevie and I are enjoying being in one spot and we’ve been having a blast with my Mom visiting.

Nothing spectacular to report, just day-to-day living.

The highlights of beach life – bangin sunsets every night.

And of course uncrowded line-ups. Just another chest high sunset surf session with only 2 guys in the water.

Mom leaves in a few days. Sad about that, but enjoying every moment right now.






  1. Uncrowded lineups, perfect surf, and an orange sunset every night. Sounds like heaven to me. It’s going to be hard for you to leave! I’m sure your mom doesn’t want to go just yet either.

  2. JAY GATTUCCIO says:


    • JAAAYYYYY!!!!!
      What’s up buddy. Thanks for reaching out man. How the hell have you been? Are you still in Salem? Seems like forever ago the last time I saw you. Might have been Lav’s wedding?

      If you’re ever in South America, let me know. how about a little vacation? You’re welcome to come visit anytime!

  3. mamatuyas says:

    Greg, Jay,
    Wow, blogs are amazing – hearing from Tree’s childhood friends after all these years brings back memories . . .
    You guys were all a bunch of rascals!
    Brings a smile to my face . . .

  4. I miss my MOMMMMMY.
    Come home soon.

  5. You’re killing me bro. I’m on the way.

  6. Your mommy wears Chaco sandals–only the best sandals on the planet!!! I have three (soon 4) pair and NEVER wear anything else on my feet. Good job, Mom!

  7. We are totally going to visit you when we get back to the states!

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