From Traveling Slow to Slow Living…

Our goal when we moved into the van two years ago was to drive to the tip of South America, to a place called Tierra Del Fuego (Land Of Fire). We intended to spend a year tooling around North America, and then a year driving south to our destination.

Tierra Del Fuego is really far south. As far as latitude, it’s about the equivalent of being in the far northern territories of Canada. Because of this fact we had planned to arrive in the dead of their summer, which was supposed to be this coming February, (remember that the seasons are reversed down here).

At this point, for a variety of reasons, we’ve determined that there is no way we’re going to make it there by this February. That means we now have a whole year to kill before next summer. This fact actually fits perfectly into our plan to SLOW DOWN!

As many of you know, about 8 months ago we changed the plan from driving the Pan American Highway to driving around the world (read more about that plan here). We expect that to take us no less than 8-10 years, so our life has transformed from “traveling slow” to “slow living”.

And so, for the first time in 2 years we’ve rented an apartment!

Our new pad is on a month to month lease and is located in the town of Haunchaco in northern Peru. We plan to say for at least 60 days, maybe longer. We chose this location for the following reasons…

1) Proximity to the beach and to world class surfing – the apartment is on the beach and there is an incredible wave right out front. The apartment is also only 54 minutes to Chicama, the longest wave in the world.

2) Proximity to an airport – only a 10 minute and $3 cab ride away. This means that people can actually come visit us.

3) Modern amenities – 5 minutes from a huge super market, good restaurants, and hot water.

4) Weather – we’re going into summer here and it’s beautiful

The apartment itself rocks. In addition to the living room above, we have a full kitchen and laundry room. We have our own washing machine, which if you’ve ever been south of the border is a HUGE bonus…

We have a great office space, better know as Outdoorplay remote headquarters, and there is smokin fast wifi…

We have luxury guest quarters complete with two singles that can be pushed together to create… you guessed it, a DOUBLE!

And we have our own master bedroom.

Not shown in the photos is a balcony deck that comes off the guest room, and a roof top terrace that faces the ocean. The terrace is perfect for checking out the waves every day.

Total price for this amazing apartment located on the beach in a surfing mecca?

$345 per month

We were told we paid too much, but how do you complain about that price?

So, to all you people who have been saying you’re coming to visit us, get on it. There won’t be a better location, especially for surfing. 

We’ll be posted up here for a while. Visit dates are on a first come first serve basis. My Mom just arrived, so no new visitors until Nov 5th.

Fly into Lima, then on to Trujillo. We’ll pick you up at arrivals.

BYODB – (bring your own damn board). Just kidding, there are actually a dozen surf shops with really good rental boards, so you don’t even need to fly a deck.

Out – TREE




  1. I call thanksgiving week. Put me down. I’m there.

  2. First the real world job then I’m comin ta play!! Time to work on my left son!

  3. Wow- What a great place. Any climbing nearby? Would it be a good place to learn how to surf? I can surf poorly. What about kayaking? Have fun!

    • Hey Tim,

      There is world class rock climbing here and I plan to check it out in a few months. It’s inland and we’re hanging on the coast for a while. There is also kayaking in the south. I’ll probably hit it up next spring. WORD!

  4. Julie Belknap says:

    Congrats on your new place guys, looks so nice:)

  5. Sounds great, you two.
    Lots to be said about doing the “slow mozey” vs. being on the move all the time.
    Me thinks you paid a fair price for the abode – looks grand!
    If I didn’t have the car, I’d be down there Nov. 6.
    I might even take up surfing under those conditions you tow are in!.
    Enjoy the time and place.
    John D. Wilson

  6. Cheryll Anglin says:

    Wow! That looks great and very spacious! Great score!! Have fun! Give Angela a hug for me. xxx

  7. Have you checked out Pacasmayo? Looks like another spot close to you that looks good as well.

  8. Mauricio Arredondo L says:

    Tree, I got it on mi cabeza dude, we’ll be there…, muchas gracias hermano

  9. Hey bro that looks awesome post some surf pics I want to see the break maybe when my arm is better we can come down and visit!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Can’t think of a better place for “slow living” – you are now an official surf local, which is priceless for catching those epic days. You’ll get used to saying “You shoulda been here last week !!” *grins*
    No fair living on the beach and having faster internet than me 🙁

    Uncle Mick

  11. Auntie Christy says:


    What a fab apartment. It looks so clean and floors to kill for! But the best part is your Mom is there with you! Give her a big belated birthday kiss for me will you?

    Auntie Christy

  12. Hi Stevie & Tree: I think the place is nice after all you pay more at other places just for the view! Where you are near the ocean and other amenities that is even better!!! Have fun it looks like a excitng place:-) Thx for sharing!!! Lots of Love Cuz Cathy Alexander♥

    • Hi Cousin Cathy!!!!! Thanks for commenting! Yes, we are both really excited to spend some time sprawling out, cooking big dinners, and interacting with the community more. So far I am really liking my daily routine!! You should escape the east coast winter and head south for a visit 🙂 Much love to you and the fam. xo.

  13. Auntie Coco says:

    that is some trippie flooring…its “tessalated”…………..I bet Kiki is pleased to have a home for awhile!!! wish I could be a guest…..$$$$…….Im happy you are resting and what better place than where there is an all day wave!!!!…love,
    auntie coco

  14. VERY sensible! Living on the road, sometimes you need a break. LOL, when I got to Costa Rica after 3 years on the road, I rented a two bedroom cabin next to the ocean. Plan was to stay 3-6 months, was there 13 months! The locals said I paid waaaay too much… $150 a month. 😉 Enjoy!

    • Slow living on the road just seems like the natural progression. You, of course, figured that out years ago! That’s why you have friends all over the world 🙂

  15. Hey guys..looks like a great place! We may follow your lead when we get down there. Jim was wondering what brand GPS you’re using (other than spot) and how it’s working. We’ve seen some conflicting reports of other travelers on the Pan American as to how good they work once you’re south of Panama.
    Enjoy your respite from the road!
    Rhonda & Jim

    • Hey guys. We bought the newest Garmin on the market before we left the States last year. The GPS itself seems to be great, but as you’ve heard before, since we left Panama, the quality of the maps has been a little questionable. That being said, we have a couple more map options that we haven’t tried yet, so we’ll keep you posted on which ones work best for us. All in all, we have found that getting from point A to point B requires a combination of really good maps that you MUST buy in the States ahead of time, the GPS, and asking 3 different locals the same question. We rarely if ever depend on a single source of information. Happy trails!!!!

      • Ooops, I just realized that I accidentally lied….we actually bought the GPS this April when Tree went back to the States.

      • Thanks for the info Stevie,
        We assumed we’d be doing the old travel dance of having to ask multiple people and look at a map and then as several more people:) That is ok, part of the whole experience.

        Do let us know if you do find any great map options.

        Enjoy your company. Rhonda

  16. My husband’s first (and only, so far) time surfing was in Huanchaco. He also says it’s where he had the best ceviche in his life.

  17. Hey, TREE – this one’s for you….just another perspective to consider.

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