Rolled up and on injured reserve…

Over the weekend we went into the city of Trujillo to check it out. It’s only 10 minutes away from Huanchaco where we’re staying.

Overall there really isn’t much to see. It’s not a very pretty place, and doesn’t have a lot going on. The highlight is the central plaza.

Other than the plaza, there’s nothing but a bunch of stores where you can visit the bank, shop for a motorcycle, and buy your wife a new stove top oven all in the same room.

We’ve been hanging out a lot with our new friends, Julio and Lauren. They are both from Australia, although Julio was born in Peru. They’ve been living on the road for a couple of years now surfing throughout Central and South America.

These guys are cool as hell and are both super talented artists. They invited us to a gallery showing where some of their art was on display. Really amazing.

Julio and I have been surfing Huanchaco local, but keeping our eye on the swell report.  As soon as we saw Chicama hitting, we all jumped in the van and drove back up for a couple of days.

When we got there it was stacked. Below we’re on the beach walking out and watching wave after wave roll by. At least every other wave was unridden.

Unfortunately I got rolled on the reef. My left foot, which is my bad one, took the brunt of the damage. The gouges weren’t actually that bad, but I sustained a deep bruise that put me on the deck drinking beers with Mom. I did get 4 waves, but was still bummed.

Through this experience I learned that when an Australian surfer says,

“I reckon we oughta just go for it,”

that basically means to try really really hard and not miss it.

It’s all good though. I didn’t cry until later that night when nobody was around except Stevie.

I’m discovering that there are no problems in the world that a few Trujillos can’t solve.

We still had a great time and my Mom got to see a beautiful sunset at one of the best waves in the world.



  1. Anonymous says:

    The more Trujillos the better, I say!! Beautiful sunset but OWWWW! Be careful out there…protect those feet!
    Miss you! xxxc

  2. Una lastima lo del pie Tree, oye muy linda tu mama, se ve super joven y bonita ademas me gusta su actitud, saludes a Stevieeeeeeeee

  3. Yeah- injuries are part of the game. I hurt my shoulder a few months ago jumping off a cliff into the river, and it is still hurting. I pretty much injure it every night when I sleep on it. If I was climbing or kayaking full time I would be bummed. Just trail running right now. Hop you heal up fast- that place is off the hook!

    • You’re singing to the choir bro. I’m a walking injury. Have been for about 25 years. Oh well, keep praying for stem cell research. Peace, out – TREE

  4. Cathy Alexander says:

    Hi Stevie & Tree Sorry to see your foot like that, I guess it goes with the territory! I hope it heals fast!!! I’d to say your mother is very pretty which I didn’t get to say on the one I read before this that she was visiting! It’s nice that you can spend time with her! Have fun:-) Lots of Love: Cathy Alexander

  5. Tree,
    Your mom looks amazing, which is good for Stevie, since it suggests that you will age well :).

  6. Also, loving the blog redesign too.

  7. Greg Lavespere says:

    Your mom looks great! Not so for your foot. Tell her hello for me. Lav

  8. You lucky dog! (Chicama), sucks you got a boo boo.


  9. I miss my Mommy!!! Come home Mommy!!

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