Daily Life….


I love the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's an exciting time.  The end of the year is coming. There is lots to look forward to. People are cheery and most everyone is in the giving … [Read more...]

Surf Comp Comes To Huanchaco


Stevie and I had a nice holiday weekend, although it didn't feel much like the holidays. There really wasn't much of a Thanksgiving going on down here and we didn't do anything special to celebrate … [Read more...]

Benefit Fiesta For Our Community School

Colored Balls

Hello Everyone! We have officially named our community school (CLICK HERE to read the post about its creation)..... La Casa de Los Ninos!    We are having a BENEFIT PARTY TONIGHT in Huanchaco … [Read more...]

So Much To Be Thankful For…

Thanks 6

This year Stevie and I have SO DAMN MUCH to be thankful for. First and foremost, we're thankful to have Outdoorplay. This is our business back in the USA. ODP for life baby! We're thankful … [Read more...]

Too many waves…


When we were living in Southern California I fell in love with surfing. It was a love-hate relationship, with far more HATE. My frustrations in California stemmed from the following... 1) Surfing … [Read more...]

Going Nowhere In A Hurry…


The sleepy little fishing village of Huanchaco just might be my favorite place we've stayed since we left the US. We've been here maybe 5 weeks now, and it just keeps growing on me. Sure, it … [Read more...]

Kiki Goes Under The Knife

The situation

We all have fears. I am afraid of spiders, 18 wheelers, big waves, alzheimer's, flying in airplanes, poisonous snakes, and most republicans. Tree is afraid of global warming, people who don't … [Read more...]



Months and months ago when we were trying to figure out the logistics for shipping our van around the Darien Gap from Panama to Colombia, we stayed at a hostel called Panama Passage. It was run by a … [Read more...]

Give A Little Bit: Starting A Community School in Huanchaco


One of the main reasons that Tree and I decided to slow our travel pace was so that we can participate in community. We want the opportunity to become part of local life—to connect to a place, its … [Read more...]

Toilet Paper: A Moral Dilemma?

Kiki Mummy

Up until a few years ago, I thought the biggest issue surrounding toilet paper was its orientation: OVER or UNDER the roll.  I prefer the end to come up OVER the roll, whereas some people, who are … [Read more...]

Making Friends In Huanchaco…

dinner party

DAILY SPRINTER LIFE UPDATE: Life in Huanchaco is chill. AM sessions set it off. Lately I've been taking advantage. There is usually nobody else in the water and the sun has yet to burn off the … [Read more...]

Halloween In Peru


Stevie loves Halloween. It's one of her favorite days of the year. She could care less what country we're in or whether or not they actually celebrate Halloween. When the day comes, she is gonna … [Read more...]