Months and months ago when we were trying to figure out the logistics for shipping our van around the Darien Gap from Panama to Colombia, we stayed at a hostel called Panama Passage. It was run by a French-Canadian-Australian-Appache-Greek-Irishman named Shaun.

Remember our good buddy in this post – click here

Well, we just received a surprise visit from him.

He packed all his shit onto this motorcycle and put it on a sailboat around the Darien Gap to Colombia. Now he is riding around South America.

Being as popular as we are, his first mission was to track down and visit Sprinter Life.

I welcomed him into our daily routine. I wanted him to feel like part of the team, so I reluctantly shared my household chores with him.

Between Stevie’s political rants and my willingness to share domestic duties, Shaun decided to cut his visit short.  I tried to convince him to stay longer, but all he said was…

“Si, pero No”

You’ll be back Shaun. I know you will.

We love you! Please be safe on that moto!

Peace – TREE



  1. Don’t get any ideas (re the moto).

  2. Hey! Where was he going??? Hope you showed him how to set up a good blog… Love from the south! E&M

  3. Now THAT’S traveling “light”.
    See, I KNEW you’d be having more visitors! Just have to stay put long enough for folks to come find you!
    (We’ll miss you like crazy in Puerto Vallarta.)

  4. Alright…

    So I am seriously considering visiting Peru, Chile and Argentina in the next few months.. OK- precisely Jan 6th flying into Santiago or Lima with my friend Don… to go check out the Dakar offroad finale. Then heading to Buenos Aires on the 13th of Jan… then heading down to Pucon and Futa for a little paddling trip from the 20th- 2nd or 3rd of Feb.

    You dig? You all going to be chillin near Lima at that time? Any interest in hooking up?

    Drop a line when you can.



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