Going Nowhere In A Hurry…

The sleepy little fishing village of Huanchaco just might be my favorite place we’ve stayed since we left the US. We’ve been here maybe 5 weeks now, and it just keeps growing on me.

Sure, it lacks the grand colonial feel of Antigua, Guatemala or Cartagena, Colombia or Cuenca, Ecuador. It’s not a “Pueblo Magico” like you’d expect to see in Patzcuaro or Guanajuato Mexico. And for sure it doesn’t have the flare of Havana, Cuba.

What you do have is just what I described. A sleepy little fishing village with the best, most consistent surfing waves I’ve seen in 10 countries.

The pace is slow, and the people friendly. The waves never stop, and the line-ups are never crowded. Arrive at the fish market in the morning and the daily catch is still flopping around on the table. Swing by the local family store and grab a 22 oz. Trujillo beer for a dollar. Go out to eat a huge delicious meal and expect to pay $5.

The icing on the cake is that we’re making really good friends here. We’ve got a cool little posse going with Lauren and Julio.

We received some emails asking us when we’re going to leave Huanchaco. The answer is yes, we will leave, in time. There is a lot of world left to see. But we’re not in any hurry.

The reality is that we’re gonna miss the season to hit Tierra Del Fuego this Dec/Jan. So we’ve got a whole other year to lurk around Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, and Chile before we make our way down to the tip of South America in Ushuaia, Argentina next January.

So, we’ve set up the procrastination-station in Huanchaco and we’re not moving anytime soon. TREE



  1. Love it! I’m so happy for you. Settle in and enjoy the life for a while. You look fabulous!

  2. Awww man, I got duck face.

  3. Excuse me Stevie but you look GREAT!!
    Those are big bottles of beer and a pretty darn nice sky but the picture would be a yawn without you in it.

  4. Aunt Debby & Uncle Barry says:

    Hay Uncle Barry just was saying that Argentina would be a great place to meet up with you two, check out the beautiful country and maybe do a bit of wine tasting. Sounds like we have some future plans to make. happy you two are staying put for a bit. Love to you both!

    • Mendoza would be the perfect place for you guys to come visit! Wine tasting there will be a blast. Start saving and we’ll plan it for sure. Love you

  5. Was worried you guys were moving too fast. Just made it to Costa Rica myself after 6 months and am gonna post up for a few months. What was the contact info for your Panama transport company?–Steve

    • Hey Steve! Glad to hear that you are posting up for a while too. It feels good to take a breather. We stayed at Panama Passage http://www.panamapassage.com/ in Panama City, and they helped us with the logistics of shipping the van to Cartagena. We used Marine Seabord, and ‘Julio’ was our agent that helped us negotiate the docks. PP can help get you in touch with both of them, or possibly a different solution, depending on what you specifically need. Best of luck to you! Stay in touch.

  6. We are enjoying sun and beach in mexico and sure wish you guys were here. Looks like a fantastic place to put your feet up for a while.
    Love you both!

  7. Sounds great! Always nice to hunker down and enjoy a little tunnel vision now and again. Just traveling in the U.S, I felt like I was missing all sorts of things from state to state. I can only imagine the blur of road and countries you have witnessed. The beautiful thing is you do what makes you happy. Have fun!


  8. Auntie Coco says:

    I know you are all ready the “block mom” as I was once…
    so since you plan on being there awhile…I hope you have some bubbles, kites, a soccer ball…maybe even some roller blades…(got mine at the thrift store for all the kids), and of course…all the arts and crafty things you can find!!

    auntie coco

  9. Hey you two,
    Sometimes the right decision is to do nothing but enjoy yourselves. By the way, that is a GOOD thing.
    Sounds like a cool town and good people.
    Stuff you want to see will be there when you leave.
    In my book, wise to enjoy what you have found.
    Hows Kiki doing?
    John D. Wilson

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