Making Friends In Huanchaco…


Life in Huanchaco is chill.

AM sessions set it off. Lately I’ve been taking advantage. There is usually nobody else in the water and the sun has yet to burn off the foggy marine layer. It’s a very peaceful time to be in the ocean.

Below – paddling out solo into the fog

The afternoons are good too though. The sun is out and it’s still not crowded.

Below – working a small left with only one other guy in the water

I remember surf sessions in SoCal where I stopped counting the other surfers in the water when I reached 100. Although we miss friends and family a lot, we don’t really miss the USA, and certainly not the crowds.

Stevie has been busy making new friends in our temporary new home town. She threw her second dinner party the other night. In addition to Julio and Lauren, we welcomed Choco and Kelly. He’s local and she is from Amsterdam.

Stevie’s fish taco dinner was amazing, and we ended with a perfect flan for desert.

I started off with gin, but by later in the night I’m not sure what they were pouring. It was the color of blood. Whatever it was it made my eyes turn red.

In good form, I was the last one standing at the end of the night…

It was a great going away party for my Mom. She left this week and headed back to Seattle. Her visit flew by. We were SUPER sad to see her go.

I’m not terribly optimistic that anyone else will come visit. Although we sent out invitations, we haven’t received any takers. It seems that everyone is always excited about the idea, but then the reality sets in when they start researching plane tickets and realize that we are essentially half way around the world.

And so it is.






  1. I told mom tonight (thank you sooooooo much for returning her btw) that I would fly down there for a long weekend and she doubled over with laughter. I gues 20 hours of travel time would warrant a longer stay. Miss you guys and wish we could come stay.

  2. Oh! I miss you already! It was soooooo amazing hanging out with you in lovely Huanchaco! I don’t even surf, but exploring Peru, rockhounding on the NorthCoast beach and Partying/Playing with YOU made the trip absolutely worth it!!! And MAN, can Stevie COOK!

    You have a lovely life, cherishing the simple things that fill your souls and truly matter in life. (AND sharing your travel insights and life experiences with others through your blog. . . I saw how much time and thought go into the blog, and your commitment is amazing.)

    I fully intend to come back and visit you soon, wherever you are in your journey. You are loved.

  3. We feel your pain! On our RTW we only had 1 set of visitors and everyone else who “promised” never ended up making it. C’est la Vie….at least you’re having a fantastic time chillin’ in Peru!

  4. It’s only 20 hours, but, we “are chained” to our materials : (

    • Chris, I don’t believe we ever sent you an invitation. Stay chained.

      • Yeah, I was chained, but we both quit our jobs, and are getting reading to break out the bolt cutters.

        • We could travel- With a masters in education, and my wife 20 years+ as a RN, we would be ok. Karen became disillusioned with health care, her strength is more holistic, and preventive. (Does not jive with traditional medicine..) (at least in our neck of the woods.. lol.)

  5. Greg Lavespere says:

    I would be there in a heartbeat bud…. just don’t have cash right now.

  6. Thanks for the blogs you are both very good writers. I so look forward to winding my temporarily mundane “social ‘Habitrail” Seriously I am stoked to be blessed to have met you Stevie.Tree I hope we have a chance to get some waves and kick it in some wild location. Are u guys ever gonna check out Indoneisia/ Bali. I spent 6 weeks in that area in the early nineties The flight is a pain but when you adjust there is a surf camp run by an Aussie call Cimaja its about a 4 hour jeep ride from Jakarta but well worth the wave . At this point the poverty is sad You might wanna google it and at least check it out. Peace Thank You…

  7. Don’t worry- we will hook up one of these days. Keep traveling, and taking notes. When you guys publish your travel book, we may have to follow suit. Keep up the great work, and it feels like 10 years is just a blip on the radar. Thanks for letting us into your lives, we appreciate it.
    Tim and Fam

  8. Hey Tree and Stevie–Shoot me a line, we could really be your next SERIOUS visitors!! We’ve got 3 weeks, Jan 10-30 that we are looking for a trip and thinking we could come stay with you all if the invitation is still open! I’m gonna start looking up your location some more. We definitely want to surf, I want to speak Spanish, maybe help you at school Stevie, do some yoga and do some more exploring in Peru!! It just popped into our heads and now we are super stoked! Can’t wait to hear from you! ūüôā Renee

  9. Sigh, it’s true. Lots of enthusiasm, few takers! I’ve lived in some amazing places, Egypt, Kenya, Costa Rica and now Chile, but most in the US don’t even have a passport! So maybe that’s the key, point them in the direction of their post office, step Numero Uno! It’s funny, Europeans are waaaay more adventurous! OR, less tied down?

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