Surf Comp Comes To Huanchaco

Stevie and I had a nice holiday weekend, although it didn’t feel much like the holidays. There really wasn’t much of a Thanksgiving going on down here and we didn’t do anything special to celebrate it. The holiday spirit that we’re use to feels like a million miles away living here in Huanchaco.

On Friday I noticed a bunch of activity on the beach, but it wasn’t related to any holiday celebration. A huge platform was set up and some guys were grooming the sand. When I asked what was going on the guy told me they were prepping for a surf competition.

Great. I figured that would pretty much kill the surfing for the weekend. I envisioned the whole beach on lock down.

Saturday morning I drank my morning coffee on the beach and watched the crowds start to roll in from the city. Yes, this is considered a crowd here in Huanchaco. It’s a far cry from the lines we saw at the stores in the US on Black Friday!

I watched a couple heats and saw some damn good surfing. Peru has talent.

After a while I noticed that the entire inside section in front of the mirrador was completely un-surfed. The comp was only surfing one little section going right.

Julio and I suited up and had an epic session. We pretty much surfed the left alone for 2 hours.

I can’t think of another place on earth where you can surf alone with your buddy while a surf competion is happening 100 yards up the beach.

This was our second thanksgiving living out of the country. Part of us wishes to be back in the USA with family and friends, eating turkey and watching football. We really miss family a lot and holidays make it tougher.

The grass always seems greener on the other side. But after contemplating it we decide we’re pretty damn happy with our grass. You all are just going to have to come visit us in South America. I promise you’ll like it. – TREE



  1. Hard not to miss home around this time of year. But damn, reading your updates, we sure miss Huanchaco! Live it up.

  2. Monica Kelly says:


  3. Alexander Roberts says:

    The Holiday spirit I’m used to is about 50 years away and I don’t think it’s coming back.

  4. We miss you too!!! So much!! We toasted you while having pork chops and fresh tortillas here in MX for Thanksgiving. Love you both.

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