Border Jumping


We need to renew our visas before the new year, so we left the mountains and made our way back to the coast and north toward the Ecuador border. It's time to border jump.  As always, the drive was … [Read more...]

Gocta – 3rd Highest Waterfall In The World


When we were in Venezuela back in July we took the opportunity to visit Angel Falls, the TALLEST WATERFALL IN THE WORLD. Read our Angel Fall blog post here. It's pretty funny. We had quite an … [Read more...]

Kuelap – Pre Inca Ruins

Since we left the USA to drive down the the tip of South America, we've learned about many, many pre-European, indigenous civilizations. We've seen so many amazing ruins that prove without a doubt … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas From The Amazon


Imagine a homeless woman around 60 years old. She lives in a cold, wet city located at 10,000 feet of altitude. At 5am each morning she walks around the plaza to warm up. She has no shoes. Her feet … [Read more...]

Protests In Cajamarca – We Are The 99%

Cajamarca 3

The first day we arrived in Cajamarca, the Plaza de Armas (town center) was barricaded from vehicular traffic and heavily guarded by a league of police outfitted in riot gear. The big danger? … [Read more...]

MEDICO, MEDICO……!!!!!!!!!!!!


Today we went to visit Los Banos Del Inca. These amazing hot springs sit right outside of Cajamarca. The last Inca Emperor, Atahualpa, was camped here in 1532 when 168 Spanish Conquistadors … [Read more...]

Northern Peru Mountains


If you take a man who doesn't believe in asking for directions and put him in a van in South America with a woman who has to pee every 20 minutes, you have the perfect storm for domestic disputes. … [Read more...]

Northern Peru Coast

First two days of the road trip have been great. We’ve traveled a whopping 2 hours north. Our first stop was Chicama. We were hoping for waves here but the swell direction wasn’t right. There was … [Read more...]

Road Trip – Back to Ecuador…


I can't believe we've been in Peru for almost 3 months, but the passport doesn't lie. It's time to border jump!   We need to get our visas and vehicle permit renewed. Failure to do so … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Stevie!


Once again my favorite day of the whole year has arrived! December 16th. The day my beautiful wife was born. Happy birthday my sweet lover. Kiki and I love you sooooo much! xoxox TREE Huanchaco … [Read more...]

The Language Of Revolution: How Movements Effect Change


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Don’t give me that look, I’ll pull your pigtails!


We've gotten into the habit of drinking our morning coffee on the beach every Saturday and Sunday morning. I like it. It reminds me of when we lived in Venice and I'd take my morning coffee on the … [Read more...]

Putting The Santa Back In Christmas


This morning when the street vendor came rolling by our apartment on his bicycle selling Christmas decorations, Stevie couldn't resist. She paid 5 soles and put the Santa back in our … [Read more...]

Who Do You Trust for News?

Malcom 2

I need your help. I need to know who you trust for real, honest, independent news? I am so sick of the CORPORATE MEDIA that I'm about ready to puke.   The Problem: The US Media has … [Read more...]

Man Down – Hospital Visit In Peru…


I always thought that the first time we put a photo like this on the blog that it would be Stevie lying on the table with me proudly announcing that the little blob on the screen was our … [Read more...]