Don’t give me that look, I’ll pull your pigtails!

We’ve gotten into the habit of drinking our morning coffee on the beach every Saturday and Sunday morning. I like it. It reminds me of when we lived in Venice and I’d take my morning coffee on the boardwalk.

(Simko – Yes, I’m drinking coffee. My liver is fine, so back off Folgers boy!)

I have an announcement to make. I hate littering! There is a significant trash problem on the beaches here in Peru. In our town of Huanchaco they keep them pretty clean, but a couple hundred yards out of town the beach is covered in garbage, mostly plastic. This trash is coming in from the Ocean. Hummm, I see a future post coming on this.

As always, Stevie does her part to help. She has the kids at the community school picking up trash on the beach once a week in an effort to try and change the culture of littering.

She is also super diligent about picking up after Kiki. Now, understand that picking up trash is a foreign concept in Latin America. But picking up DOG SHIT is completely and utterly alien! The looks we get when we walk over to Kiki’s shit with a blue bag and proceed to scoop it up off the ground are hilarious. The locals must truly think that the gringos who live on Las Palmeras street are crazy.

And if picking up dog shit doesn’t make them think we’re crazy, then surely my sense of humor does. Below our little neighborhood girl gives me the stink eye after I asked her if I can ride her new bike. I guess the look says it all.

“Are you crazy gringo? Get lost!”

That little girl clearly has no idea who she is messing with. If I was 30 years younger I’d pull those pigtails and steal that bike!


  1. Love it !

  2. Oh yeah. I have dismaying photos of the garbage on Huanchaco beach – condoms, plastic bags, diapers – yuk! (Does it bother you to surf out there?) But really the problem is true of ANY beach/surf where the currents come right in without being blocked somehow – the WHOLE ocean is full of garbage. It’s killing the marine life. The plastic will last thousands of years. . . and we just keep polluting.
    Are you going to post on the Pacific Gyre?

  3. Arlene Burns says:

    yes indeed the plastic pollution is a major problem and getting bigger.. been doing a bunch on this with my last few years of ocean focus..

    and one thing that you gotta think of… what happens to that plastic bag you put the dog shit in? maybe makes more sense to carry a little trowel and bury it.. vs contribute to the one use plastic bag issue … knowwhatimean?

    hope you guys are most most well and better by the day.. mosier is cold and winter.. but nice hot fire in the stove.

    • Arlene, thanks so much for bringing up the plastic bag. I’m just in the process of writing a big blog post on plastic. Please stay tuned.

  4. Daniela McLean says:

    Actually, if you were 30 years younger, I think that little girl would knee you! She looks pretty tough!

  5. PancaQe Qu says:

    Judging by the hairy eyeball that little girl is giving. I think Tree would’ve had his hands full. She’s got a can of whoopass she’s been itchin’ to crack open

  6. Tree & Stevie: Geezers beautiful countries and that dame plastic shit all over the place! I saw those beer plastic holders wrapped around a duck or some ocean animal! Well it surprises me different places really don’t do what most of us here do it automatically! Well real nice to have your morning coffee on the beach:-) Take care Love Cuz Cathy

  7. Teri Hogan says:

    I bet Stevie will let your pull her pigtails!

  8. DaReel Tfreezy says:

    easy pickings ūüėČ

  9. That girl could so take you Tree. Don’t be over confident.

  10. Check out The World Without Us if you haven’t already:
    It’s an awesome, informative read.

  11. Monica Kelly says:

    funny the silly things some people believe…..

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