Border Jumping

We need to renew our visas before the new year, so we left the mountains and made our way back to the coast and north toward the Ecuador border. It’s time to border jump. 

As always, the drive was long, hard, and full of interesting visuals. This guy had a freaky thing going. He had about a dozen blow-up dolls chillin in lawn chairs in front of his house. Haven’t seen that before.

In Peru they’ll just cut the pig open right at the front register. Let’s just say that if I did the shopping, Stevie and I would starve.

Stevie wanted to adopt this hairless pink spotted Peruvian dog with a mohawk. Kiki and I said no.

This little gangster thought it was fun to stand 2 feet away and shoot me with his dart gun. Guess some things are the same in every country.

We dropped Julio and Lauren off at Lobitos and continued North toward the border to renew our visas. Our plan was to spend a night in Zorritos, which is an hour south of Ecuador, and then do the crossing the next day with the intent of making it back that afternoon.

As we were looking for a hotel in Zorritos, Luis and Lacey from Lost World Expeditions pulled up behind us. They had just snuck out of Ecuador where they had way overstayed their permit. Like us, these guys have been on the road for a couple years cruising through Central and South America. They are rolling in a 1987 Diesel Toyota Landcruiser…

We were stoked to finally connect with them. We all checked into a hotel and made plans to spend new years together.

This was the most expensive hotel we’ve stayed at in a long time. We’re use to paying $10-$15 a night. This beautiful hotel is right on the beach. We have a balcony with an ocean view and we can hear the waves crash on the sand from our bed. It comes with a big breakfast. $29 a night. Is that a rip off? I can’t tell anymore.

Stevie and I still had our border run to do and it was an important one. We knew we’d be able to get a 6 month Visa, but what we REALLY needed was a 6 month vehicle permit to go with it. We came up with a plan that included bribe money as a final resort, and then we headed north to Ecuador.

We were able to bribe the immigration guy so we didn’t have to actually drive into Ecuador for a day, and he gave us a 6 month visa. But the other plan did not go well. The guy that does the vehicle permit completely denied us. Stevie turned on all her charm, but he told us a 6 month vehicle permit was impossible. Not even for a bribe.

We drove to a different building to try another guy who took a liking to Stevie. He made a call and was rejected. Then he tried to override the system and that was also rejected. At the point I was convinced that they really are not able to do it.

This now creates a situation where I’ll have to drive all the way back up in 3 months to renew the Vehicle permit again. Piss.

Oh well.

Hey Julio, you up for a surf trip the last week of March?

Tomorrow we’re going to drop back down to Lobitos with Lost World to celebrate New Years with Julio and Lauren. Then it’s back to our sweet little apartment in Huanchaco for another 3 months.

Happy New Year,




  1. Big fan of Lost World Expd.
    Great pairing, we love following the both of your blogs.


  3. Feliz Ano Nuevo, mis hijos.
    Ustedes estan en mi corazon, siempre.

  4. Sorry you guys got rejected!
    Happy New Year to you guys! XOXO
    Miss you girl!

  5. Does the vehicle permit cover liability? What is your insurance look like..
    Keep up the great posts. You should start a online newsletter. Call it Sprinterlife Times..

    • Hey bro,

      The law requires that you but insurance in Peru. I have no idea what it covers, but we have it. It’s super cheap. Like $13.

  6. That is a bad ass entry.

    I leave for Buenos Aires- well, Santiago- Chile on Monday morning at 6am. Headed to DAKAR en Copiapo.

    Happy New Year.


  7. Hey you guys,
    Bummer man but , maybe it’s meant to be. Better have a little swar’e In the south bay as you did last time you were here. Stevie you know there’s a grip of souls that need their Stevie fix and tree I envy you but were good. we just gotta kick it a bit ya know that get ta know ya friendly chess game human play. It’s all good …Carry-on


  8. LOL… I remember that feeling, wondering whether you were ripped off for your $29 hotel room. I think you’re doing alright! A wish for a fantastic New years to you all!

  9. Happy new year bro!

  10. Mauricio Arredondo says:

    Steeviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii … Tree…. brother, huge hugs to both, best of luck, thinking of you guys, have a great hollidays…. the road is ahead

  11. HAPPY NEW YEAR, you three!! Much love, cheryll

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