Happy Birthday Stevie!

Once again my favorite day of the whole year has arrived! December 16th. The day my beautiful wife was born.
Happy birthday my sweet lover.
Kiki and I love you sooooo much!

xoxox TREE

Huanchaco sunset…

Stevie with Kiki, and what appears to be a new Sprinter Life pack member, Mongo…

This time last year we celebrated Stevie’s birthday in Mexico. Boy time goes fast. We’ve covered a lot of ground in a year.

Stevie’s birthday last year – click here



  1. Happy birthday my dear. We look forward to the Spring when we can celebrate past, present and future b-days and holidays. Sr

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STEVIE!!! Have a fabulous day! Love you, c

  3. Happy Birthday Stevie, we miss you. Have a super fun day.

    Kayden. . . . . . Happy Birthday, Mongo looks nice. thanks for the Hoola-hoop.

    Avary. . . . . . . .Happy Birthday, we love you. Are you having fun?

    JoHanna. . . . . . We miss you guys! Wish you guys could just swing by for a birthday dinner and glass of wine. Raincheck? šŸ™‚ PS- love the mountain hardware puff jacket you left! Seriously, people at work are starting to tease me and ask if that is my only jacket…I wear it everyday

  4. Diane Trujillo says:

    To a most wonderful person…the happiest of BD’s to you Stevie…I feel blessed to know you…thank you for being you…I love it that you are so controversial….have a most glorious day…looking forward to when we can celebrate all these milestones together….love you:-)Diane xoxoxo

  5. happy b-day. im glad that you were born!

  6. Chris Shinpaugh says:

    Happy Birthday Stevie!!!
    I miss it when you melt into rocks….

  7. Kathleen Lantz says:

    Happy Birthday Stevie! I didn’t realize how close our B-days were. Have a fantastic day. P.S. Love your posts.

  8. Justin Gilbert says:

    Happy bday Stevie! I hope all is well. Have a fun and safe nite.

  9. Colin Lantz says:

    Happy Birthday Stevie. Drinking a toast to you and Tree!

  10. Ken Metzgar says:

    Happy Birthday Stevie! Mary Lou and I will catch up with you a year from January somewhere along the road to Tierra del Fuego and get you a very late birthday dinner!

  11. Happy birthday to my favorite nomad!

  12. Julie Belknap says:

    Happy Birthday:) I miss you. I love you and hope you have a great day.

  13. Tanya Diaz says:

    Feliz cumple amiga hermosa! Continue to celebrate your life every single day!

  14. Happy Birthday sweet girl! Hope is is wonderful for you.

  15. Have a wonderful birthday Stevie! You make the world a happier place!

  16. Anne Kaffeekanne says:

    Happy Birthday, amiga! See you tonight! XOXO

  17. Happy Birthday! Pur la Vida!!

  18. PancaQe Qu says:

    happy birthday Stevie, have fun, get into a food fight!!!

  19. Miguel Angel Maruri says:

    feliz cumpleaƱos to you…

  20. Shahdiya Kureshi says:

    Happy Birthday, darling! Wishing you another wonderful year filled with love and surprises!

  21. Sophia Flores-villa says:

    Stevieeee! I can’t help but smile when I say your name! You are simply a breath of fresh air šŸ™‚ awwww Happy Birthday to you my beautiful lady!!

  22. Joe Jacobi says:

    Happy birthday, Stevie – hope you’re having a great day!

  23. Happy Birthday far away traveling sister…enjoy and keep rocking the good stuff!


  25. Brian Thomen says:

    Happy Birthday Hope You Have A Wonderful Day!! XXOO Brian

  26. Edoardo Marras says:

    auguri da Alghero

  27. Julie Angelone Williams says:

    Happy Birthday!! Love ya and hope you have a wonderful day! Cheers!!

  28. Joyce Manuel Meyer FernƔndez says:


  29. Ana Romero says:

    Feliz Cumple desde Argentina. !

  30. Brienna Hall-Ricciardi says:

    Happy Birthday!!! I love you!!!!! May your next year round the sun be simply amazing! Wishing I could drink a Peruvian hot cocoa with you at this very moment. Here’s a smooch and a hug sister! XoxoB

  31. feliz cumple stevie!!!

  32. Happy birthday Stevie today is your day all day. So go out and do something for Stevie. Love you…

  33. Happest day for you Stevie,are you prego yet???

  34. Cyndi C. Morrell says:

    I saw you standing at the forest’s edge. Your shadow merged with mine. We walked proudly through the rugged path never breaking stride. My thoughts wandering. Were the butterflies in my stomach from the rice and plantains I ate or the beauty of the girl I held hands with? Certain now it was her eternal beauty. I love you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  35. Agustin Etchechuri says:


  36. Jene Fielder says:

    Happy Birthday Stevie,,Love to you and Tree!’

  37. Kim Harrington says:

    Happy Birthday, Ms Stevie!!! Hope you have a spectacular day. From what you both keep posting it looks like Peru agrees with you two.

  38. Felix Cumpleanos! Hope the surf is brilliant today!

  39. Oscar Sosa Reina says:

    Feliz cumpleaƱos Stevie from Ossie. Que la pases muy bien

  40. Juan Reghezza Cabrera says:

    Feliz CumpleaƱos Stevie, un abrazo desde Chile


  42. Teri Hogan says:

    Feliz Cumpleanos from Puerto Vallarta! Have a joyful day!

  43. Lorraine Chittock says:

    Happy Birthday from Lorraine, DOG & Bruiser in Chile!!!xxx

  44. felicidades

  45. Querida Stevie un gusto conocerte. Pasamos momentos relindos.Te deseo felicidades, un feliz cumple, mucha joda y risa en tu vida.Que la pase rererebien con tu amor.besitos desde Rio

  46. Feliz cumpleanos my darling….

  47. Stevie happy birthday!!! Have a great day!!! Have fun!!! Hope to see you soon…

  48. Wishing you a Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful fun day!!!!!

  49. Lucas LudueƱa says:

    Stevie o ESTEFANIA šŸ˜‰ Estes donde estes, un fuerte abrazo y saludos para tu dĆ­a.- MUY FELIZ CUMPLEAƑOS!

  50. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVIE!!!! I hope your Day is fantastic and you get teribly Spoiled by your Man. I LOVE YOU! ā™„!

  51. Emilia Valles says:

    feliz cumple querida stevie que te la pases muy pero que si muy bien al lado de tree y espero que kiki te cosine un pastel un beso y abrazo!

  52. Denise X. Lavell says:

    Happy Birthday Stevie! Hope you are having a wonderful birthday day!!

  53. Extending Happy Birthday wishes from Hood River. Hope this will be your best year yet.

  54. Michelle Gott Franco says:

    Stevie, life long friend…Happy Birthday!!!!

  55. My amazing sister,
    Clearly people recognize your kindness, your vibrance, your fun spirit, your loving and giving nature. You are so loved and I feel amazingly blessed that our family has found you to walk alongside. You are brilliant, fun, loving and kind. I miss you and love you. Happy birthday!!!

  56. I love you so much Stevie. Soul sister fire starter teacher with nice features. I’m so glad you were born šŸ™‚

  57. To the newest member of the Tribe-
    I love you more than all the stars in the sky, Dear One.
    May you be happy.

  58. Hi Stevie,
    Happy b’day!
    Hope you have many more!
    John D. Wilson

  59. Happy belated birthday Stevie! I hope you were spoiled rotten by Tree and Kiki. And Mongo is sooo cute – Nala sends your hounds kisses and hugs too.

    • Thank you Liv!! I am already spoiled rotten by getting to express my life in a way that is so authentic to me with so many loved ones here to share the gift. xoxo.

  60. happy belated birthday to you…..i fiercely respect, admire, and cherish you, and i celebrate your rich contribution to the planet. we’re all lucky to have you. huggies.

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