MEDICO, MEDICO……!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today we went to visit Los Banos Del Inca. These amazing hot springs sit right outside of Cajamarca.

The last Inca Emperor, Atahualpa, was camped here in 1532 when 168 Spanish Conquistadors arrived. The Spaniards managed to capture the Emperor despite the fact that the Inca out numbered them by around 40,000 troops.

Los Banos Del Inca

Anyone visiting Cajamarca should go here. They have a really nice set-up. For about one dollar each you can rent a private hot springs bath, which is what Stevie and I opted for. We also bought one hour massages for about $17 each. I was hella stoked.

That is until someone decided to stay in the hot bath too long!
I tried to get her out, but she wouldn’t listen to me.

“Nobody ever listens to Turtle…”

When Stevie got out she looked dizzy. She sat down and started to shake, like she was having a seizure. Then she went full-on unconscious. I was freaking the F#ck out. Her face was ghost white and her eyes were open, but nobody was home. After checking to make sure she was breathing I slammed open the door and ran out into the courtyard in my underwear yelling…


To my surprise a doctor came running out of a little room carrying a medical box. I guess this type of thing happens a lot at Banos Del Inca. Stevie’s blood pressure was 60 over 40 after she came back, so it was super duper low when she passed out. Apparently the incident can be attributed to the following errors…

1) Rapid ascent from sea level to 9,000 feet

2) Not drinking enough water and skipping lunch

3) Staying too long in the hot bath

4) Not listening to husband

In the end, everything worked out fine. Stevie made a full recovery and a bunch of Peruvians got to see a grown man run around panicking in spiderman underpants. Win, Win.

It was scary though. For a split second I thought she was dying and that was a horrible feeling. I can’t imagine life without my best friend.

The rest of the afternoon we chilled out in the Plaza. We’re really liking this town a lot. Maybe we’ve just been off the road for too long, but all the churches seem so beautiful again!

Iglesia De San Francisco

It didn’t take much rest before Stevie was ready to go again. We hit a really cool hole-in-the-wall bar last night called Usha Usha. Great live music and really good pisco sours!

Quite a day. Over and out.



Usha Usha Bar – Cajamarca, Peru
Watch Video – click here



  1. How scary, happy you’re ok Stevie. Maya had a few fainting spells last year due to low blood pressure. Keep some Gatorade in your pack. Tree, I was thinking of you when I got the $1000. bill for the same ultrasound that cost you $2.50.

  2. so Tree, which lufa is yours? the yellow or the pink?

  3. So, first Kiki, then Tree, now Stevie. NEXT!

  4. Holy cow- that’s scary.. LAst year I was running, no lunch or fluids before and I felt aired sensation in my head. Pushing through it I finally relealized I was bonking. 2 miles from my car, I crawled back to the car. Ouch! Living near Breintenbush, Hydration is huge.

  5. Is there something you can take so it won’t happen again?

  6. Ian Whitelaw says:

    Holy shit! You won’t do that again methinks!!!!
    I am glad you are okay…

  7. Listen to your husband!

  8. get more salt in your diet

  9. I use to pass out all the time. My head would really hurt the next day. I think it should be a law to have padded floors in Bars………

  10. I am SO proud of you, Tree! Your love is heartwarming!

  11. I’d take a pregnancy test. Seriously.

  12. I can’t imagine life with out you either tree… You were talking about me right?
    I’m glad the Stevie is safe.
    Love yall. Merry soltice

  13. yikes!! glad you’re okay, Stevie!!!!

  14. It’s just one dang adventure after another with you two lovebirds. Great post, Tree!

  15. Hey Stevie, just read your blogpost… that’s really scaring! the best part (besides from trees spiderman pants) was that you already could drink pisco sours, so i don’t have to worry, right? Hope you enjoy your trip! LOVE

  16. There is never a dull moment with you two. I’m relieved that everything is ok. And of course you were dancing three hours later! . . .
    Take care of your precious selves, please!!!!

    P.S. your package is in the mail. (Emergen-C, Milk Thistle, pesticide remover – lots of helpful stuff!)

  17. By the way, Atahualpa was captured because he thought he was invincible. He couldn’t believe that anyone could really hurt him in his own country, and he trusted the small band of Spaniards’ – who of course lied through their teeth, and viciously betrayed his trust. After paying their huge demands for ransom, they executed him anyway. European “conquerors” were brutal and immoral – all in the name of Jesus of course.

    The social and political injustice gifted to the American Indigenous people by the Spaniards — racism, classism, slavery, unbelievable poverty, Catholic repression, and corruption. And on it goes . . .

  18. Mija: I’m sending you a case of Smart Water!!!

  19. Teri Hogan says:

    Glad you got better quickly! Listen to your body!

  20. hey girl, just as an FYI, fainting, ie “syncope” in medical speak, is REALLY COMMON in young women. i fainted this semester after only sleeping 3 hours due to cramming, not eating or drinking enough, and then electing to do laundry immediately after arising, right before i was supposed to go take three exams. needless to say, i went to the ER, and after a quick EKG, the kind doc told me that young women tend to a) not eat enough or often enough, b) not sleep enough, c) not hydrate enough, d) already have low blood pressure if they are not overweight. so when you live at 100/70, forget to eat or drink, and then sit in a hot bath or stand up too quickly, your blood pressure temporarily plummets, and your brain temporarily doesn’t get enough oxygen. so what does brain do? brain makes you pass out so that hopefully you fall down- then brain doesn’t have to work against gravity to get blood and thus oxygen. smart brain, sort of. so while fainting can be a lil scary, it actually is nothing to worry about. if it happens again, just put feet up, and get some sugar and fluid in soonish. but don’t panic, it is just brain taking care of brain. next time you’re near a reputable clinic that can measure your iron levels with a finger stick (it doesnt hurt and it takes like 5 minutes total), get it checked. as long as we have periods, we’re always at risk of being low in iron. and if you’re still trying to get preggers, you might want to skip the hot tubs for a bit- bad for fetus brain. love you.

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