If only I had a Navy Seal…

The other night Stevie and I got locked inside of our apartment. The 40 year old rusty double dead bolt Peruvian lock stopped responding to our key. We were stuck on the inside.

I’m not going to lie. I panicked. It was quite an experience in vulnerability.

Fortunately for us, we have 2 friends visiting right now from the US. Although they are staying in a hotel a couple blocks away, they came to our aid.

Double fortunately for us, one of them happens to be an active Navy Seal trained in extraction and rescue.

After penetrating the second story perimeter, he got to work picking the lock. I covered him.

When  the lock proved uncrackable, he dismantled it with a butter knife.

I can’t imagine why the lock stopped working. I thought it still looked ok, and apparently so did our landlady. Instead of replacing the 40 year old rusty Peruvian lock, she spent the entire next day visiting locksmiths trying to find someone to fix the old piece of shit. She succeeded.

Now it’s just a matter of time before we get locked in again, and, without our friend to save us, I fear we will only last as long as the food. And you can count in that category Mongo and Kiki. There is plenty of meat on those bones. We must make sure Sprinter Life survives.

But we’re all ok now, thanks to our friends. Speaking of dogs, this is the first one that Stevie didn’t try to bring home. I was pretty happy she didn’t, for obvious reasons. It’s scary.

Clearly the reports of Navy Seals being fearless are true. He was probably the first person to touch this thing… ever.

Nothing more.



  1. Aunt Debby & Uncle Barry says:

    Good job Tree, glad you are safe, Thanks to your friends. Did you blur his face to protect his identity? I know those Navy Seals are really Hush, Hush. LOL. Love you two..

    • actually, I did blur it out. The Seals are not supposed to have their pictures on the internet due to all the latest face recognition technology. Welcome to the new world.

  2. Megan Hall Jimenez says:

    Spiderman style in flip flops, Awesome! Glad you two were finally released.

  3. Michael Tuohy says:

    I can’t imagine a scenario in which Tree could possibly scale a wall.

    • Michael,
      My first inclination was to down-climb onsight free-solo the second story balcony to the ground and claim yet another FA, but as I scoped line for beta I saw a Navy Seal coming up the route. WTF right? Worse than the Red in October. I just can’t get away from the crowds at the crag. This is exactly why I don’t climb anymore.

      Anyway, hope you are doing well brother. TREE

  4. Mauricio Arredondo says:


  5. Lee Nelson says:

    giggling wildly

  6. muhahahaha. I mean, sorry about you getting locked in and the landlady not replacing that shitty lock..BUT that dog and your friend actually petting it just made me crack up.

    It almost looks like one of those (just as ugly) chinese crested small doggie things. Only people pay money for those.

    • Hi Liv, we were shocked that he had the courage to approach that thing. It smelled as bad as it looked! I’m pretty sure nobody would pay money for that thing. 🙂

  7. Hey u guys,
    When in third world Countries it’s always good to have a navy Seal handy
    . Tree,
    Heck of a job watching for enemy fire. You did better then when you had to fight off your fan (no injuries) I’m proud.

    • Willy,
      I thought we agreed never to mention the fan again. common man!

      • Tree,
        Alright I’ll take the high road on this one.
        The info I found on The Grand Canyon (online) says there is a year long wait to raft down the river.
        Whats up with that and how did you guy do the trip?

        • Willy,
          Its a lottery system and it’s probably a lot longer than a year. Sorry man.
          I’ve done it a couple times solo by picking up last minute cancelations, but you’d need to be able to do it yourself, which is a complicated affair.
          The other option is to look into commercial outfits, like oars.

          these trips are pretty expensive, but you have professionals running everything

          • Thanks Tree,
            When u did the solo thing did u do it with a pro outfitter or did u supply your own gear or how did u do it. I went to the website it looks like they are very good and have a great track record and plenty of experience. Hope u don’t mind all the questions… You can set boundaries …Ha Ha..It’s Stevie that has a hard time saying no but that is just one of the reasons we all love her. more info on how u got to slide in on a cancellation would help but in the meantime I will do more research. Thank again.


  8. trickshot says:

    40 years old, my ass. That’s a freakin’ Aztec lock if I ever saw one. 😉

  9. Anonymous says:

    Having a blast being part of Sprinter Life!

  10. (wild laughing here!) You two are the only people I ever heard of who locked themselves INSIDE their house and had to be rescued by trained personnel.
    Your “Adventure Karma” just just keeps on flowing down!

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  13. What you have there is a Xoloitzcuintle(sholo-its-queent-lay)–otherwise known as a Mexican Hairless. They have various amounts of hair or none at all. They are great dogs!!

  14. Chris Shinpaugh says:

    Dude, was that dog at the ruins…?


  15. Andrea Greever says:

    That dog looks like something out of a horror film!!!

  16. Cathy Alexander says:

    That kind of dog I wouldn’t bring home either, no offence their all God’s creatures! I don’t like the bald cats either! Matter of fact I don’t like anything bald:-) I got locked in a bathroom in a rooming house down Hyannis! I jumped out the 2nd story window! Went back into the house and opened the door from the other side! I know the feeling of being panicking! Also foolish being locked in a bathroom! The jump wasn’t to bad from the window but I was embarrassed of my (_|_) coming through the window and someone seeing me! Then I would have to explain! I saw six Navy seals on my way to work in Boston! They were awesome my tongue was hanging out! They do more than pick locks for our country!Take Care:Love your adventures Luv Cuz Cathy Alexander

  17. Hey man, it’s all about what’s on the inside. Don’t you know not to judge a book by it’s cover? sheesh. I say adopt it and stand up for those creatures less fortunate with no “cute and loveable genes” .

  18. Cyndi Lou says:

    A Navy Seal!!! Stevie take lots of notes.

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