The Country Named Peru….

Over the last couple of years on the road we’ve driven through 13 different Latin American countries. During that time we’ve gotten to know how different all the cultures are. I think a lot of people in the US see the people south of our border as a collective group, but they are not. Every country is so unique, including beautiful Peru.

The people of Peru have their own customs and their own styles that are completely different from any other country in the Americas.

And we like it! Stevie said the other night that if someone put a gun to her head and said she had to settle down in one place right now, it would be Huanchaco, Peru.

How about that. Well, nobody has a gun to her head, so we’re enjoying our last couple of months in Huanchaco before we head south into Bolivia. Time is flying by so fast that it seems like departure is right around the corner!





  1. Wow that post is so inspiring.

    I feel like visiting.


  2. I do love Peru.

  3. Ben Casados says:

    John and Stevie,
    It is indeed unfortunate that Americans have such a tunnel view of cultures south of the US. To begin with, their knowledge of Mexico, Central and South America is negligible. Americans know very little of the geography, the history and the cultures of these countries. With their limited depth of knowledge their appreciation of all the diversities in language, food, music, art and all that makes each country so unique is lost in their bottomless pit of ignorance.

    I was fortunate to spend time in Peru and other South American countries and I agree with you Peru is truly a unique country with beautiful people with gentle ways and wonderful scenery.. You are lucky guys… enjoy!


    Ben Casados

  4. Yeah- you have sold me on this spot.
    When we get around to it, you will be the people to ask. Heck forego a Disneyland trip, and take the family down to learn how to surf.

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