To Jazzercise or not to Jazzercise???

Well, the first week of the year is over. That was easy.

Things were pretty mellow for Sprinter Life. Due to my most recent injury I was unable to surf all week. I puttered around the house, worked, and washed the dishes. And apparently I complained a lot.

Stevie took care of the dogs, did a lot of writing, and studied spanish. She just started twice a week advanced private classes. She’s pretty fluent already, but talks slow and can’t discuss politics at the level she would like. That drives her crazy, so she is determined to get her spanish up to the same speed as her english.

I’m bummed at the surf since we’ve been back. It’s been small. We’re in-between seasons for the south swells and the north swells. I’m praying for big storms up north. I really wish I hadn’t sold my 2 stand-up paddle boards in Costa Rica. They would be perfect right now.

Oh well. Stevie said I could do Jazzercise with her if I want exercise, so I’ve got that going for me. Joy.

Have a great weekend everyone. – TREE


Sprinter Life in Peru



  1. Thought Zumba was the new jazzercise.. lol. Hey have you guys done any research on this guy?

  2. Hey Tree,
    I vote jazzersize!
    Or start a book entitled, The Art of Doing Nothing – and there is an art to it. No plans, no work but still living life!
    You two enjoy your stay. Too bad about the boards, but it always could be worse.

  3. It’s not jazzercise. It’s a yoga/core/pilate/dance-around-the-house/improvisation routine set to loud music.

  4. mamatuyas says:

    If he starts doing yoga/core/pilate dance-around-the-house, WE ALL WANT TO SEE THE VIDEOS!

  5. Anonymous says:

    R U gonna learn to make one of those reed boats?

  6. Hey Tree,
    Sevie calls it complaining? Sounds like whining to me. You are living the dream with your best friend. And…… guess what? You will surf again without 40 kooks in the line-up Soooo!!

  7. bollywood, Sheila!!

  8. Surfed churches today for four hours. Head high all morning with bigger sets. Lots a fun. Made me think of you guys. You should try cross fit Tree.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Bust out one of those torta rafts and master THAT. Talk about a work out ,and that is just keeping yourself upright. I have no idea what it’d be like to actually surf one. Tiny waves would definitely be in your favor.

    I’m with Angela, I want to see the video of Tree’s yoga/core/pilate/dance-around-the-house/improvisation routine.


  10. I have been going through the same shit with climbing. Work on the nice days and chilling on the rainy days leaves precious little time for climbing. Ironically enough, since I moved to Chattanooga for climbing, I have had to readjust my whole view on the dirt bag climber lifestyle in order maintain sanity.
    You’ll bee putting on climbing shoes in on time. Surf… ha whats that? You need me to bring you gear from the states?
    Dragon Out

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