Daily Sprinter Life…The Van Is Home!


Remember a couple weeks ago when we took the Sprinter to the dealership to have some work done... yeah, that was a great idea...  (remember here) I probably should have know better. A friend of … [Read more...]

Huanchaco en Accion: What it takes to start a school in Peru


Dear friends and family,  As most of you know, our community school officially opened in January (if you missed the last update, click here) during the summer session. We have made much progress so … [Read more...]

I Have To Tell Everybody About Myself….


I'm bored of watching everyone else's gopro videos on Facebook. I want to tell everybody about MYSELF. For anyone who has been living in a cave over the last few years, allow me to bring you up to … [Read more...]

It’s Only The Dentist… Happy Anniversary


I love living in a third world country. As a matter of fact, I prefer it in almost every way. But, there are some things that are so much more difficult to accomplish... simple things, like finding … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Valentines Day To My Favorite Girls!

Kiki 1

Why is it that whenever a woman rescues a dog, she always decides the birthday is February 14th? Why? Someone please tell me. I understand that the true birthdate is unknown, but what's wrong with … [Read more...]

Sprinter Makeover…

Sprinter 1

Since we left the United States we've driven about 20,000 miles through Mexico, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Peru.  During that … [Read more...]

…and so is the way of this life.


WOW, how the hell is it almost the middle of February already? It seems like we just celebrated New Years! Over the last 6 weeks we've spent a lot of time hanging out with visiting friends, and … [Read more...]

In This Corner, Weighing in at 30 Pounds…


When you first look at Mongo it's crystal clear that every day of his 2 years (?) of life have been spent living on the streets. Mongo has scars on his face and body from dog fighting, and he is … [Read more...]

Overlanding – More than just a lifestyle


Overlanding as defined by wikioverland.org is... "all about traveling through countries "on the land", with some kind of vehicle,  for an extended amount of time. Exactly where you go, what vehicle … [Read more...]

Huanchaco, Peru – It’s all about the sunsets


When we arrived in Huanchaco, Peru back in October we were ready to get out of the van and sprawl out for a few months. We had been on the road traveling non stop for over two years and we were road … [Read more...]

El Mercado: The Black Witchy Fishy Fruit ‘n’ Veggie Meat Market, Ole!

Fish Market

Grocery shopping in the United States perfectly exemplifies the best and worst parts about our home country. On the one hand, there's not just one, but often three or more well-stocked, organized, … [Read more...]