In This Corner, Weighing in at 30 Pounds…

When you first look at Mongo it’s crystal clear that every day of his 2 years (?) of life have been spent living on the streets.

Mongo has scars on his face and body from dog fighting, and he is missing a chunk of his left ear. How do I know these wounds are from dog fighting? Because just about every time we go out with him he attacks any other dog he considers to be threatening his.. territory? It’s not his fault, he grew up in the hood.

Having seen him fight, I know that Mongo doesn’t usually lose. But he lost big the other day. We usually let him out in the mornings to roam around town. In the afternoon, Stevie found him curled up on the beach in front of our apartment. He had been in a fight, and this one was ugly.

He had one deep puncture wound, which we suspect was from the other dog’s tooth…

He also had 3 deep slash wounds. No dog did this. This looked like a knife wound.

We suspect that Mongo picked a fight with a dog that had an owner, and that the owner decided to break it up with a machete knife. (Machetes are very common down here).

I guess Mongo is lucky the guy didn’t take his head off, although I’m sure he was trying.

Stevie cleaned him up and took him to the vet for stitches and medicine. Then she gave him my spot on the bed so he could, you know, recuperate.

Kiki sensed something was wrong, and she stood guard by Mongo’s bed most of today.

He’s going to be fine. No permanent damage.

I suppose I should just leave my credit card on file with the vet. Sigh…





  1. Aww man,poor Mongo,but glad to see he’s faring out better now,with TLC from you guys.I’m really getting to like Mongo,if I was down there with the sidecar i’d ask to adopt him,very cool dog.
    That’s so cool of Kiki too,…….
    The more people I meet,the more I love my dog……

    • Thanks Murph. We’re looking for a home for him now. I hope we can find one that passes Stevie’s test. Otherwise… well, you know…

  2. That Mongo is one lucky Peruvian Pooch to have
    found you 3 (Kiki included) loving souls. Glad he
    will be okay.

  3. No “cone of shame” ??

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like Mongo roaming around town might not be so good. Hope he heals quickly.

  5. Cathy Fanandakis Alexander says:

    Oh that sucks, I hope he gets better and it don’t happen again!

  6. Renee Scherr May says:

    Oh mongo ! Wow sorry to hear about this. 🙁

  7. Alexis Schafer says:

    Male dogs are aggressive. Is he neutered? If not, I think it’s time to snip snip.

  8. Cheryll Anglin says:

    Ouch! What a good girlfriend Kiki is, too!! Lucky dog:)

  9. Oh awful!! Doggy hugs his way ☺

  10. To paraphrase:
    “You can take the dog out of the street, but you can’t take the street out of the dog. . .”

  11. Please don’t neuter Mongo.

    You should start a blog dedicated to “The Mongo”. A blog for MEN about manly things like bar fights and heavy drinking. About women you don’t want your mom to know about. About a diet that consists of meat and if you want a vegetable, potatoes. You know a blog for MEN. Mongo could write about the time he tricked Indiana Jones into giving him a map that led to Chuck Norris just so he could kick his ass. What’s more manly than Mongo kicking Chuck Norris’s ass. Nothing that’s why MONGO is THE MAN among men.

    I can only imagine how awesome Mongo was, dragging his ass across the battlefield like the second half of 300. Don’t know what I’m talking about? That’s because you’re not a man! Mongo knows what 300 is, he survived it! Did you see the dog next to William Wallace when he bellowed from his soul FREEEEDOM, look close men, that was Mongo.

    Those aren’t wounds on Mongo those are man badges and he has many. Tattoos, shit those are for graphic designers. Mongo has earned his ink, its blood folks and usually not his own.
    If you enjoy any of these things:
    1. Dead animals in the freezer
    2. Fish guts under your fingernails
    3. Muddy 4 x 4’s
    4. Welding
    5. Whiskey
    6. Building shit out steel
    7. Bon-fires in the cul-de-sac
    8. Tools
    9. Lunch with Bear Grylls
    10. Beards
    11. Folgers (beeeatch)
    12. AC/DC

    Then please don’t neuter Mongo.

  12. STUD MUFFIN!!! Just like Bruiser, my Kenyan ex-street dog. Once a street dog, always a street dog. BTW, he was snip-snipped when five years old. Didn’t change a damn thing. Last year, at the grand ole age of 14, he twice took on a German Shepherd years younger than him. He thinks he won the first time. Clearly he lost the second round. 🙁 He’s officially retired now, but still tells the other dog to get the hell off the deck from time to time. The GS always listens…

    • Are you sure you don’t want us to bring you Mongo? We REALLY REALLY need to find him a loving home. What do you think???

      • But Mongo IS home lol!
        I cannot definitely absolutely without a shadow of a doubt adopt Mongo. 🙁
        When Dog and Bruiser are gone, my life changes radically!

  13. Monica Kelly says:

    I looked up the word “mongo” it means… (“mongo” is a part of…):

    tughrik; tugrik (the basic unit of money in Mongolia) maybe he wouldnt be so expensive if you changed his name to sweetness..?

  14. I have hesitated getting attached to Mongo. Seeing Kiki and missing her has been enough but with this post I completely surrender. Long live Mongo!!!

  15. Shirley Mooney Moretti says:

    clean it up & stitch it up, mongo will be fine, until the next time…:-(

  16. not many people would take such good care of a stray. kudos to you guys mongo is lucky to have you

  17. omg poor Mongo!! And here I was commenting in your later post he looked great, not seeing those wounds.

    Nala sends her healing energy and kisses.

  18. Michael & Joanne says:

    Though it sounds fun to joke about, Mongo would likely benefit from being neutered. More than likely it will affect his temperment but it will also affect his long term health. There is plenty of evidence showing that neutered dogs have a better long term health prognosis.
    Fighting dogs have been taught to cruelly fear other dogs. This isn’t a natural “bad boy” like the James Dean stereotype that sounds so romantic. This is usually the result of being forced to live through the repeated horrible experience of having to fight other dogs with no option for running away. In other words; torture. The fact that he hasn’t killed Kiki is evidence that he wants to be a good dog. He needs help learning how to be one and learning that flight is an option too, and that staying close to his people is the safest place for him.
    Almost all dog behavior can be adapted and managed.
    I am sure you two are doing a wonderful job of giving this lovely pup a compassionate home.
    Good luck.
    /End Soapbox.

    • Hey Michael and Joanna, thank you for the kind advice about Mongo. We are going to have him neutered next week. When we first started caring for him a few months ago, he had too many other medical issues (underweight, infested with parasites, ehrlichiosis, eye infection, and open wounds) that took priority. But, now, I am now happy to report that Mongo gained 10 pounds (he’s a whopping 42lbs), he’s worm-free, he has completed 6wks of doxycycline treatment for the ehrlichiosis, he can see out of both eyes, his wounds are healed, AND, as of a couple days ago, he is FULLY VACCINATED! Woohoo! Next step is neutering for certain, but I need to space out the vet bills a little bit too. As far as Mongo’s fighting habits go, hopefully after he’s fixed they will be a moot point, but as of now, they’re sort of interesting. Most of the time, Mongo meet dogs happily and avoids confrontation. He is protective (overly so) of Kiki, but generally he simply body checks and gruffs other dogs to push them away, as opposed to attacking them. There are two dogs in the neighborhood, however, that he outright hunts. When he sees them, his back fur goes up, his teeth bare, he charges and a fight ensues. He clearly hates these particular dogs, but I haven’t a clue why. Hopefully this behavior goes away after neutering him, but if not, we may have to figure out a way through training to teach him to ‘leave-it.’ That being said, you are very right about Mongo wanting to be a good boy. Kiki has snapped at him a couple of times (she’s kind of old and bitchy) and he has always retreated without any sign of aggression. Likewise, he ignores the landlady’s terrible little dog downstairs that attacks him, and he’s far more patient with puppies than Kiki has ever been (she’s a puppy biter). All in all, so long as you’re not on Mongo’s shit list, he’s a great guy to be around. And, hopefully, after the neutering, he’ll lose that level of aggression that causes him to fight at all. We’ll keep you posted! And, if you have any other suggestions or insights, please let us know. We welcome advice from fellow dog lovers.

      • NO……! Not The nut sack. Mongo is what he is… a loyal, protective part of the Sprinter tribe.
        He’s just being a dog who, like humans (mostly but not exclusive of males.) NOT THE SACK. He is all about being the baddest dude in the tribe.
        Tree can’t even handle his only fan LOL!!. (unless he’s begged a few more since the last attack.)
        Then, Tree thought he needed a Navy Seal when Mongo could have scaled that building with cat like skill, IF given a chance and allowed to return from a wild night of securing the tribes perimeter.
        You got a warrior on your hands. don’t shatter his self-esteem and overall Doghood, Possibly making his bark a high pitched Girlie dog squeal and make Mongo a wimp with no sack!!! It’s SACK-RELIGIOUS!!! Don’t fight me on this one… I’ll snap…. I’ll go off!!

  19. I personally want to thank you for making the decision to have mongo nutered as a vet tech student I know that there are way moor dogs and cats being put down cause they can’t find homes for then there is a video on youtube called Dr. Death that talks about the animal shelter in LasVegas they talk about how many animals they put down a year and it is astounding something like 150,000 a year just at that one location I read the story about mongo and I hope that other people become responsible enough to do the same thing and for all please check out the Dr. Death video on youtube it will make you think twice about buying a dog from a breeder or puppy mill. thank you all for your time D.C. Colorado Springs CO.

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