It’s Only The Dentist… Happy Anniversary

I love living in a third world country.

As a matter of fact, I prefer it in almost every way. But, there are some things that are so much more difficult to accomplish… simple things, like finding good dark chocolate, or going to the dentist!

Since we were due for an appointment, we made the quest to find a good dentist. Here is how we conducted the search.

Step #1 – We asked all the locals we know where we could find a reputable dentist. Everyone recommended we go into the big city of Trujillo. We narrowed it down to one guy and even managed to get a real physical address.

Step #2 – Find physical address. This can be more difficult than one might think since there are virtually no signs anywhere.

The strategy to finding anything in Peru is simple, get into a 3 block radius and then just start asking random people on the street.

Although we’ve grown accustomed to the streets of a third world city, they usually feel somewhat dicey. I’m always keeping one eye on Stevie and the other on the people around us.

You can’t allow yourself to get distressed or distracted when you find that your destination is in a shady looking building, which requires you to be buzzed in through an iron gate.

Step #3 – Keep the faith. Don’t focus on the surroundings when you’re looking for someone you would trust to put a drill in your mouth. 

After walking up two flights of stairs and down a long abandoned dark hallway, you may be surprised to find a tiny room with bared windows and what appears to be a modern dentist chair. Jackpot.

In the end we were both impressed with our find. The dentist was great. And good thing, because it looks like someone has a little cavity.  🙂

Coinciding with our adventure to the city happened to be our one year wedding anniversary!

I know that nothing says “celebration” like a trip to the dentist, but we also decided to take the opportunity to try one of the nicer restaurants in town, appropriately named “Il Valentino.”  It was great.

And in true Stevie fashion, she surprised me with another hard to find gift… dark chocolate!

I seriously can’t believe that it’s been a whole year since we made our vows on a beach in El Salvador. We crammed so much into that year. It’s a blur. So many countries, so many experiences. It was the best year of my life for sure. I really can’t wait to see what the next year brings.

New countries, new friends, new experiences. Bring it on!


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  1. Life will only be richer, full of new adventures and experiences as you two share your love.

  2. Happy anniversary & congrats!!! I still just love Kiki as bridesmaid photos!
    We needed a dentist in Egypt a couple of years ago and it was suggested to us to check out the state department website. They have recommended medical help in nearly every country that service people use and we found a fantastic dentist who was trained in Boston and a super modern office and the best part….. exam, xrays and an anti-inflammatory cost $40 total!

    • I know, it’s crazy. The last time we were in the states we paid about $150 EACH to get our teeth cleaned. Here in Peru it was $40, for both. WOW!

  3. I miss you guys sooo much. Wish that I could have been there to hold your hand… And get a cheap dentist appointment.
    Happy anniversary.

    • I really miss you too. I wish we could have a relationship, but you never log on to facebook. You’re not my best friend anymore. Carry on.

  4. Mauricio Arredondo L says:


  5. Christopher Shinpaugh says:

    why are there bars on the window?

  6. Cheryll Anglin says:

    You guys sure know how to party!

  7. Matt Meistrell says:

    i hope u wake up with all your organs 🙂

  8. Cyndi C. Morrell says:

    That’s where you were this morning when I Skyped!!! I know how much you HATE the dentist.

  9. ‎”This brought back an “OMG” moment when I was in La Paz, Bolivia and was thrilled and Blessed to find a dentist!” ~ A Big “Oh Happy
    Day” for you too! ~

  10. Paul Schraeder says:

    Can’t believe it’s been a year already – Congrats!!! ♥ u!

  11. Happy happy 1st Anniversary to you both…what an incredible first year you have experienced…a bit out of the box for most newly weds…but it speaks to who you both are as a couple!!!

  12. Congratulations! Happy anniversary you two! May you see many more!

  13. hey, i know that picture! i cant believe it has been a full year already! happy anniversary! love you guys!!

  14. Jose Oscar Acevedo says:


  15. Monique Saul says:

    So happy for your happiness! 🙂

  16. Happy Anniversary Peas and Carrots!!!

  17. Stuart Dyer says:

    congrats…always amazing to see your posts, you need to head up north to check out Canada!

  18. Carla Shelton says:

    Happy Anniversary Tree and Stevie! What beautiful souls. Thank you for sharing your journey with me.

  19. LOVE IT!

  20. Evelyn Mayer says:

    beautiful photo! Happy Anniversary!

  21. Happy anniversary TREE and Stevie I love you two…

  22. Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Little Lava

  23. I’ve seen how you two cherish each other, and try always to be your best selves for each other. For sure your love will get even even stronger through the years, as you share your journey.
    I love you both so much.

  24. Happy anniversary to all three of you!

    And o my, third world dentistry, just the THOUGHT of it, freaks me out to the core. Ok, just the thought of dentistry itself freaks me out to the core, but whatever. Glad you found a good one!

  25. Congratulations on your 1 year wedding anniversary. A year ago we were reading your blog with jealousy and trepidation as we planned your own trip. Today we’re at El Tunco, enjoying the world.


  26. Happy Anniversary guys!! I know I’m a bit late but have been quite distracted of late. Finally have enough internet time to catch up on the blog.

    BTW I was wondering why you chose to call Peru a Third World country? That kind of terminology is not really used any more and furthermore, Peru does not really qualify even if you use the old meanings of 3rd World. Maybe developing is a better description.

    Anyway my little silly two cents! Sending love to you guys and especially to Mongo, the poor dear.

    Lots of love

    • Hi Miin,
      You are right. Poor choice of words on my part. How about 2.5 World?
      Just kidding. Developing it is.
      Hope you guys are traveling safe.

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