Driving in the Andes – Cañon Del Pato


Since we left the United States, Stevie and I had the dream of driving through the longest mountain range in the world, the Andes. We were determined to start this spectacular adventure at the … [Read more...]

WAY Fun Times In The Mountains


Several days at the Way Inn Lodge was exactly what we needed. Fresh air, spectacular mountains, and extremely limited internet. The locals living in the mountains were absolutely beautiful and … [Read more...]

Way in at the Way Inn Lodge


After spending a few days acclimatizing to the altitude in Caraz, Stevie and I set out for the mountains. Our destination - The Way Inn Lodge The mountains of the Cordillera Blanca towered … [Read more...]

Posted up in the Andes Mountains…


We left Lima early Sunday morning and headed up into the Andes mountains. Our destination was Caraz, a tiny town at the foot of the Cordillera Blanca (The White Range). The Cordillera Blanca … [Read more...]

Sprinter Life Birthing Plan


When we found out we were pregnant, the big question became... 1) Where should we have our baby, and 2) What type of birth do we want? For location, we considered Peru, Chile, Argentina, … [Read more...]

Heading Home – Adios USA


Friday I had my last follow-up appointment. The doctor was a little concerned and recommended that I be careful for the next several weeks. Usually he packs the ear with an antibiotic gel for a month … [Read more...]

Baby Shower – Another First For Tree


Since we were coming to California for my double ear surgery, Stevie's sister Alexis and our good friend Cyndi decided to throw her a baby shower. Somewhere along the planning phase it turned … [Read more...]

Into The Record Books…

Record Books

At the first surgery, the last thing Tree said to me before he went under was, "Please, take care of my baby."  Very cute.  But yesterday was a little different. Tree's conversation with the … [Read more...]