Daily Life….


Life in Huanchaco is simple and easy. We feel incredibly fortunate to be here during the pregnancy. We really can't imagine a better place to await our child.  We've started to do morning beach … [Read more...]

Back in Huanchaco…


After 8 amazing weeks on the road, we're back in Huanchaco and ready for a break. Not 5 minutes after arriving Stevie went and picked up Mongo. It looked like he had lost about 10 pounds. Guess nobody … [Read more...]

Is it a boy? Is it a girl?

baby 3

I am five months pregnant, and in a few days, I will have an ultrasound in Lima that will reveal the sex of the baby.  I’m writing this post in advance, but won’t publish it until we know, boy or … [Read more...]

Life In The Mountains…


We had a few days to kill since we were stranded due to protests (click here if you have no idea what I'm talking about), so we headed way back up into the mountains, to Casa de Charlie! Our … [Read more...]

1970 Great Peruvian Earthquake – RIP Yungay


Since we are stuck at the end of the high mountain valley, blocked from leaving by the local protests, (read more here), we decided to continue exploring some of the local areas. When we heard … [Read more...]

Stranded In Caraz…

Protests 2

We're stranded in Caraz!!! We tried to leave the mountains yesterday but all the roads in and out were blocked. The villagers are protesting the mining companies (mostly foreign owned) for … [Read more...]