This just in… Flying a street Dog is NOT easy!


Our first week in the big city was anything but relaxing! We had a lot to do upon arrival, not the least of which was getting Mongo on a plane to his new home in San Diego. What on God's green earth … [Read more...]

Moving To Lima


The last week has been a slow process of packing everything we own back into the van for our big move to Lima. For those of you who missed the announcement, Lima is where we plan to give birth. (click … [Read more...]

Help Save Mongo’s Life


Hello Sprinter Life Readers, We need your help. A lot of you have been asking what we plan to do with Mongo when we leave Huanchaco. We wish we could take Mongo with us, but we can't. I could go … [Read more...]

A Big Break From Aduana…


The biggest pain in my ass is driving to the Ecuador border every 90 days to renew our vehicle permit. From Huanchaco it takes 20 hours (2 days driving) to do a border run. The road sucks, and the … [Read more...]

Getting Ready For Baby


I'm starting to count down the days to when Baby arrives. Yeah, I know we're still about 13-15 weeks away, but I was the kid who started the Christmas countdown in September. The latest doctor … [Read more...]

Path To Awareness…


Our world is facing many critical challenges. Gone are the days when apathy was an acceptable behavior. Stevie and I believe that we have a responsibility to take action, to create change, and this … [Read more...]

Dead Dolphins Wash Ashore In Peru


This will probably not be one of our most popular posts but F' it, I'm pissed and have to write this.  Back in January dead dolphins started washing ashore in Peru. When I say dolphin(s), as in … [Read more...]

Life Being Pregnant…


A man's reaction to finding out he's going to be a father varies greatly from person to person. I've heard that some men laugh while others cry. Some faint while some jump with joy. Some even look … [Read more...]