Getting Ready For Baby

I’m starting to count down the days to when Baby arrives. Yeah, I know we’re still about 13-15 weeks away, but I was the kid who started the Christmas countdown in September.

The latest doctor appointment went well. Stevie’s blood work showed she is a little low on iron, probably due to our new diet of eating no red meat. We’ve got her on an iron supplement now and have increased non-meat high iron foods in the menu. Overall, both Mama and Baby are healthy. 

I wish the same could be said for me. I’m still having epic ear battles.

I was diagnosed with Exostosis back in March. In April I had double ear surgery. The ears healed, but due to the fact that they cut through my jaw muscle during surgery, I developed an acute form of TMJ. That took several weeks to heal and required numerous muscle relaxants and a liquid diet. While getting a checkup on the jaw problem here in Huanchaco, the doctor contaminated my ears with dirty instruments and I contracted a nasty ear fungus. Now I am on a daily routine of having 2 different creams shoved into my inner ear. Oh, and it turns out I am allergic to the antibiotic they gave me and have since broken out in a full body rash.

Stevie says I’m doing all of this to steal the attention away from her “pregnancy time”.

I don’t know. She’s probably right.

In other news, I continue to learn new and valuable lessons during this pregnancy experience. Apparently, not refilling the ice cube tray before putting it back in the freezer is a Class A felony in pregnancy law. This crime is only surpassed by snapping a photo of the pre-blow up moment. I never go anywhere without my camera these days. Sigh…. oh well. I’m learning. The 5th time is a charm. (notice Mongo quickly exiting the room prior to the blow up. Smart dog).

Other than that, I’ve been busting out projects around the house, like baby-proofing the van. A big mission is to figure out how to rearrange the van so we have enough room for all the new baby stuff!  I’ve sold 3 surf boards, so that’s a start.

(Don’t worry, I still have 3 left).

One big hurdle for the mechanically challenged me has been figuring out where I’m going to put the baby seat and how to safely secure it in the van. We don’t exactly have a normal car.

Where we’re living though, the safety standards have no where to go but up. Most cars down here don’t even have seat belts, yet alone baby seats. As a matter of fact, most families can’t afford cars, so they ride motor bikes or take taxis. This is not an uncommon site here in Peru…

In the end I decided that the safest place to put Baby was right between our seats. This is usually where Kiki sits, but sacrifices have to be made. (Note the sale of 3 surf boards in comment above).

I’ve devised a bomber dual point system for securing the base of the baby chair. These points will be backed up by two points of contact to the frame of each chair, and those will be backed up a third time by 2 more points of contact on the front of the base. Triple redundancy. I’m also looking into having a custom built steel grill made for the front of the van that would be mounted to the frame to absorb impact and keep the engine block from pushing forward in a collision.

Add bullet proof glass and a yellow baby-on-board triangle sticker and I think we’ll have it covered.

We’ve got a lot of driving left to do in South America, but I feel like we’re getting close to being fully road-worthy!  -TREE



  1. cute carset

  2. Classic Tree. Wait till you get to booster seat time. Be careful with drinks.. would hate for liquids to spill on the baby. Anyway looks good- sorry about your ears. You are on the home stretch. Least you don’t have to worry about baby monitors.. you will be two feet from the baby at all times.

  3. where are you going to put the crib?

    • Crib… there ain’t no crib hommie! We’re planning on co-sleeping for the first couple years.
      We’ll see how that goes.

      • Errr 3 in a bed can be tough. Crib is a much better idea imho. And instead of a pram, stroller go for a baby backpack where you can carry her everywhere on your back while enjoying the worlds most nourishing hair product aka baby drool. She will also have a great view of the world up there. You guys are mobile so best to keep it simple.

        • Hey Graeme! Thank you for sharing your nomadic daddy wisdom 🙂 We actually received an awesome Baby Bjorn lightweight travel crib (only 11 pounds) at our baby shower, and I suspect we will be using it a lot. Given Tree’s propensity to do full body rolls across a bed and grab ‘pillow-size’ objects and stuff them under his shoulder while sleeping, I just don’t think co-sleeping is going to work out for us 🙂 We also received a sling and baby backpack too, which I can’t wait to use!

      • Hey tree- Friend of ours who is a class 5 baby wrap specialist.. check out her site.

  4. Madrigal Madri says:

    pura vida !!! que bonito esta el sillón para el BB !! felicidades Bro!!!

  5. Guillermo says:

    me siento parte de ese ninho,mil besos tree

  6. Brenton Cooper says:

    I haven’t seen that mentioned much in other overland travel blogs…baby-proofing your vehicle.

  7. Stevie, that photo with the ice cube tray is AWESOME! Tree, GP does the same thing, and as you do, he also believes that the camera will somehow save him. Hilarious.

  8. Dan Lang says:

    May need a BIGGER Sprinter?

  9. Catherine Hiltgen says:

    When is the due date?!

  10. mamatuyas says:

    As usual Tree, when you take on a mission . . . you put in 500%. That lil’ baby will be securely anchored, I have no doubt.

  11. I LOVE how passionate you are about things baby, Tree. It makes my heart happy:) Make sure there is a barrier between the car seat and the back of the van so nothing can come forward and land on it if you have to stop short…and find a place up close for Kiki, please. You guys are doing really great!

    • That’s good advice Cheryll. I have to figure out a way to secure everything in the back. Still working on that one.
      miss you! xoxoxo TREE

      • cheryll says:

        There is no doubt in my mind that you will figure out a wonderful plan. You should patent it when you do! I miss you all, too. I bought a bottle of red from a Walla Walla winery today. Can’t wait to break into it. Wish you were here to share. I’m getting very out of “wining” shape! Keep up the good work, Tree! That is one lucky baby-love. xxx

  12. Tim Thornton says:

    And the journey begins!

  13. Gilles Gautier says:

    You have you filled the ice tray?

  14. Joyce Carlson says:

    Even Kiki has to sacrifice? No way!

  15. Mauricio Arredondo says:

    right on hermano

  16. Rich Dressen says:

    Definitely your color

  17. Alexander Roberts says:

    Awwww – a man and his baby’s car seat – I’m gettin’ all weepy …

  18. Anonymous says:

    Dude, you gotta re-fill the ice trays!!

  19. Arlene Burns says:

    great post, great to follow your story which is wonderful and vicarious… what a lucky kid.. from my pov, a good rebirth is hard to find and this little soul can’t help but be blessed.

    but do, for god sake, fill up those ice trays, would ya?


  20. Ok Dad (to be),
    Now you have to secure EVERYTHING in the van, so as, it cannot go flying forward and land on the we Trujillo.


    P.S. Those Latin America Doctor’s love to give “wet willies”..

  21. Will you guys adopt me? I’m real handy and I fill up the ice trays EVERYTIME !! I will bring my tent and you will never have to worry about me getting in the way.
    You will be amazing parents and I fell blessed to get to share your life even if it is only on a virtual plane..
    Won’t be long now till “Baby Aboard”
    Love you guys,

    • Hey Willy! Great news, Stevie said we can adopt you.
      Please report to Lima immediately. We’ll collect you there.

      🙂 -TREE

      • Thanks you guys,
        It feels great knowing if I could pull it off You guy would make me a “sprinter tribe in training”
        I DO have a plan that involves meeting up with u guys somewhere somehow.
        I have a sort of morning ritual that really helps me. It involves sort of what most might think was a bit odd but it works for me and to make a long explanation short I get quiet and invision me living with as little material posseions as I need and experienceing the world and helping as many people as I possibly can .
        I find when I skip this seemingly small quiet time the day seems different so I will just keep doing it!!

      • You guys are awesome!!
        Just The fact that you would be willing to let me join you as a “Sprinter Tribe member-in training” Was a feeling that comes very seldom in my life and serious or not Iam profoundly moved ! I DO have a bit longer, less spontaneous plan which will hopefully include (at some point or place) meeting up with you guys. I have a very strong belief/faith centered sort of spiritual view of life that is probably different and some might say “unrealistic, crazy or whatever this mlnd, body , spirit practice amazingly helps. I try daily, it involves a vital quiet sort of listening phase that helps me in to many ways to explain but, I can tell without a doubt that if life gets to “busy” for my daily gratitude/ quiet time I can feel the difference.
        So I will see you guys somewhere someday and it will be EPIC… Willy

  22. I approve of all these renovations so long as there is still room in the handicap aisle. I wish that I was there to be your mechanical genius and shove cream in your ears.

  23. Torry Johnson says:

    Yes, Stevie has a right to yell at you for not filling the ice tray

  24. No ice!!!!!tree wtf!!! Stevie make him pay!!!!!!!!

  25. I’ve been reading you guys for a while and you’ve quickly become my favorite blog. Stevie looks like a right gorgeous Lioness with that ice cube tray. No wonder Mongo ran, he didn’t want to end up dinner!

    • Hey Riley. Thank you so much for commenting!! I absolutely love hearing from people. Now, about the ice tray….In my defense, as you may know from a previous post, Tree makes me drink these ‘superfood’ green (that’s right, GREEN)shakes that taste like the sludge at the bottom of a hot lake if I don’t add copious amounts of ice. BUT, because somebody had once again put the empty ice tray back in the freezer, he–the somebody–was trying to convince me that a slimy swamp shake wouldn’t be that bad. And, contrary to his account of the episode, I’d hardly say I was yelling. I was just raising the volume of my voice so that he–the repeat offender–could hear me with all that medicine in his ears 🙂

      Anyhow, thanks for keeping up with us and especially for commenting.



      • LOL! No need to defend yourself. Even without the evil swamp shakes a pregnant woman should never be without ice. Let alone in the heat of Peru! You’ll have to find him an ear horn so you don’t have to strain your vocal cords the next time he needs to hear you! 😉

  26. Awesome Tree…You and Stevie are exceptional…Stay safe down their…take care of those ears…you’ll need them in the midle of the night when it’s your turn to help Stevie with the baby.

    Take care,


  27. another woman's view says:

    So many people have commented on the ice tray thing so I will too. Sorry. I have to say . . . if a person forgets to fill an ice tray – uh, come one, lets cut him some slack. Now I feel love and empathy for Stevie, cuz its no fun being pregnant, but there’s pressure in becoming a DAD too! (Besides, his fungus-stuffed ears are probably affecting his ice-tray memory). He probably meant well, and WANTS to please – but just forgot! I recommend incredible patience with each other. Baby can hear you in there.

  28. Most important stuff first. WHERE WILL KIKI GO??????!!!!!
    Nice to know that Stevie is NORMAL. I was beginning to think she was too perfect for this world. 😉
    As for Tree’s ears… maybe THIS is why he didn’t water in the ice cube tray????

    • You nailed it. Doctor told me to avoid all liquid forms of water. Yes, I used the ice for my vodka tonic. What was I suppose to do after that? Risk my hearing? No.

      🙂 TREE

  29. Teri Hogan says:

    You’ll certainly be more ready than some folks are! Good job Tree!

  30. Mark Hudon says:

    That’s the first of chid CTD’s(Child Transportation Device) you’ll own. Eventually you’ll have a baby jogger, a trail-a-bike, a tricycle, a bicycle and then a car!

  31. Taylor Robertson says:

    Yup I am having to do the same thing bro. Car seats, cribs, dressers, I am up to my ass with all this stuff!!

  32. Joseph Rufra says:

    holy shoot, we r going to try the seat today too. Just a 2 weeks, SOOOO anxious

  33. aww I love how you’re preparing for becoming a Daddy – so awesome. and I seriously just chuckled when I saw the look on Stevie’s face pre-ice-tray blowup. Mongo is smart to leave.

  34. Guy Loften says:

    I have a feeling your baby is going to be Super Durable.

  35. Felix Tama Makuyama says:

    Hola buena tienes que preprar el coche ya suerte gente

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