Pico Alto Big Wave Event brings an old friend to Lima…

We just had a surprise visit from our good friend, Richard Hallman. He busted down to Peru last minute for the 2012 Pico Alto Big Wave World Tour event.

Stevie and I get very excited when visitors show up, which is not very often. Richard and I go way back to the old school Hood River days. It was so good to see a familiar face.

Richard, notice how I never took my eye off you in the photo below… yeah boy, I’m watching you.

His travel schedule with the event was brutal, so we only got to hang out for a day and night. But we made the most of it.

Below, everyone enjoying happy hour with gourmet cheeses from the farmer’s market.

We’re definitely enjoying the finer parts of city life but without having to endure the heavy price tag.

We went to one of the best fusion sushi restaurants in Lima. The total for three adults eating all the fresh sushi we could possibly eat, along with 3 beverages… $55 US. That’s just crazy.

Always great to see friends. Thanks for dropping in Richard. I’ll catch you on the flip side bud.

Suerte- TREE


Check out some of Richard’s shots from the 

2012 Pico Alto Big Wave World Tour, Peru

This surf spot is just south of Lima and it delivers. I’ve got to get down there and soon! SIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Richard’s Website


  1. Hello……..!!!!!

  2. Insane waves!!

  3. Holy Hannah.
    55$ for sushi. Now THAT’S insane. And sounds yummy. Now I’m hungry and would like some sushi.

  4. Wow.. That job looks scary. 55 bucks for sushi is decent. Salem has pretty cheap sushi as well, lol
    Flash websites bum me out.. Sorry

  5. I didnt’ even know someone was taking pictures of me during that sesh.

  6. Hey Guys,
    Tree , I spoke too soon you said Alto Pico is just south of Lima?
    The place and the drop-in shots are epic. Are you gonna get a chance to get down there and how far south of Lima is this place?
    Stevie, you look as pretty as ever. I always wondered what it feels like in a woman’s third trimester trying to get around. It must wear you out !! Hope you are feeling well. Just try to take it slow and enjoy the miracle of birth/life…
    Love ya,

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