Really, that’s what a placenta is?

Now that we’re finally settled in Lima we’ve begun a flurry of baby preparation. This includes buying all the stuff we’re gonna need, you know, like diapers and stuff that babies use. ?????  Needless to say, I’m learning a lot.

We’ve also started our Lamaze classes, which are great. As you may remember from the Sprinter Life Birthing Plan post, we found a Doula to help us with this whole adventure.

I’m learning all about the birthing process and how to be the best coach possible for Stevie. I’m not going to lie to you… some of this stuff is freaky.

Finally I learned the difference between polenta and placenta. Wow, these lamaze classes are really paying off.

Anyway, I’m getting this on lock down. When the day arrives, I’ll have my A-game.

We also decided to go doctor shopping again. I know, you probably thought we had found our guy, (remember that appointment here), but neither one of us was very stoked with him. So we decided to try one more time.

This would make 8 different doctors since the pregnancy adventure began. Is that a record? 

It ended up being a good call. We are definitely going with Dr. Del Riego. He practiced in the US for 20+ years and speaks great english. This is a huge bonus. It’s not that we can’t survive on spanish, but I imagine there are some things that  Stevie will say during labor that will probably not translate well. 

Hey bud, you’re lucky you’re wearing a stethoscope.

Our new doctor gave Stevie the most complete exam we’ve had to date, which actually made us feel great. It’s amazing what the other doctors failed to ask, perform, or test for.

The one thing we weren’t totally stoked for was a 4D ultrasound. We’ve heard mixed reviews on these. We did a bunch of research online and couldn’t find anything conclusive, but found just enough to make us concerned. The new Doc wanted one though, so we went.

I’m thinking my kid would be a prime candidate for MTV Cribs. I’m expecting a call any day.

How dope is her pad?

We also decided to go do a hospital tour. We’re not completely blown away by the place, but it’s a lot nicer than anywhere else we’ve been in Peru. The people are great, it has all the modern equipment to deal with emergencies, and it’s clean.

The downside… it’s expensive, and we’re probably going to have to pay out of pocket. We’re in the middle of a huge fight with Kaiser Insurance. Those bastards are refusing to cover the birth since we’re out of the country. This despite the fact that Stevie has been paying them for maternity coverage for 6 years and technically the birth should be covered as an emergency procedure under her policy, even though it is international. Did I mention it’s going to be a fraction of the cost in Peru vs. if we gave birth in the USA?

F#ck insurance companies.

Moving right along, here is the room we’ll be in.

Ok, full disclosure. I’ve always thought that parents continually posting photos of their kids was a bit much. Enough already. Am I right?

Yet here I am about ready to post two photos of my daughter who hasn’t even been born yet.

Clearly I’m going to be “that guy”. Here she is!

That’s the update from Lima. Still haven’t seen the sun, but life is good.





  1. The picture of your baby girl is amazing! You must be so excited. I’m so happy for you both!

  2. My cousin is going to be SO lucky because she gets to travel the world when she’s only a baby. Aunt Stevie, wow your baby is BIG! Don’t forget to put her in her Christmas pajamas when you come home.

    • Hi Nica!! Thanks so much for leaving us a comment. I agree, our baby is going to be SO lucky, but I think the biggest reason is because she gets to have a cousin like you!!!! And, don’t worry, we’ll be sure to put her in her Christmas pajamas. Can’t wait to see you in December. I love you!!

  3. mamatuyas says:

    Already she is beautiful. Now just settle in and RELAX for a couple of months – you WILL wish you had stocked up on the rest!

    (P.S. Indra tells me that apparently I am bringing four million diapers to Lima when I come. You will not need more).

    • Yes, that is true! Thank you Indra!!! But, we still have to buy newborn diapers just to last for the first few weeks. The 18 adorable BumGenius ones that you are bringing won’t fit her right away….or at least I hope they don’t!! She better not come out THAT big! Although, if the size of my belly is any indicator, she may come out already potty trained.

  4. Hey TREE, just wanted to let you know I’m putting together a new blog post with about 19 new pictures of our kid. Just you wait. You are about 2 months away from being “that guy.” I have no doubt in my mind. Lookin’ good Stevie!

    • DAVE,
      I want to point out that statistically your blog is currently 73% farm animal shots. (which we do love BTW).

      I believe that even though you are about 8 months ahead of us, I will be able to catch and pass your total number of baby shots in 6.5 weeks post birth.

      You know I already have the next 17 posts written, right? And I already have your trip to Mendoza in drafts.

      Love you guys!!!!! XOXOXOXO TREE

  5. Emilia Valles says:

    hello my dear stevie, well i was born in the city of quetzaltenango and was taken tp the city guatemala at 3 years old, ever since i always been a city girl,so happy to see you guys getting ready to welcome this baby girl. i will be so happy to see you both and meet little stephany un abrazo,y recuerda cuando tengas la necesidad de limpiar todo tu alredor la baby ya viene,y cuando tengas que empujar empuja con todas tus fuerzas a como veo tu estomago pienso que no llegas a las cuarenta semanas quiza 37 o 38 semanas lo maximo y kiki esta bien?

  6. Ursula Martìnez says:


  7. Neili Smith says:

    looking beautiful stevie

  8. DO. NOT. have. her. on. the. 22nd.

  9. OMG! Look at the size of her arms.

  10. Stevie you’re HOT in argile!

  11. Sarah Lechago says:

    Awww, you look great!

  12. Suzanne TenBroek says:

    Looking great Stevie!

  13. Carolyn Rose Ward-Schulman says:

    Twins? ? ?

  14. Cheryll Anglin says:

    Wow, wow, wow! How amazing are those pics? Tree, take exceptionally good care of your precious wife. Your daughter has two more months of growing to do! I’m sending you a huge hug, Stevie, and mucho love! xxx

  15. April Huneycutt says:

    best looking pregnant mom ever!!

  16. Cathy Fanandakis Alexander says:


  17. Donna Clary says:

    Tree, gawd…you found out none too soon! Stevie IS very lovely. What an adventure you two make. You know that baby will be hell on wheels!

  18. Kathy Mueller Hansen ‎ says:

    Stevie, you look so healthy and beautiful. So excited for the three of you!!

  19. Freida Whiddon Cox says:

    Funny Tree! so cute mama…

  20. Victoria Hubler says:


  21. Madrigal Madri says:

    muy bella !!!! pura vida … felicidades !

  22. Mick Evans says:

    Tree, Tree, Tree, have you learned nothing from me, first it was Surfer’s Ear(s), now this !!!! Jus’ teasing, Stevie, you look beautiful, hope everything goes smoothly. I’ll be 82 when your kid is 20, can’t wait to see what she/he gets up to *smiles*

  23. Kelly Roberts says:

    Dear Stevie your tummy has grown so much!!!! Hope you are feeling well!!! Love kelly

  24. Auntie Alex says:

    Ahhhhh she is so freggin cute!!!!! I can’t wait to kiss her cheekies!!!!!!

  25. Jonathan Altman says:

    I had polenta for lunch

  26. Anonymous says:

    Holey Toledo – just took a good look at the “Herramientas para Labor de Parto” diagram, up at the top of your blog. It’s kinda SCARY! “Tension”, “pain” and “fear” are the descriptors for the labor process in Peru?
    uh, can we re-frame that to “Relaxation, Epidurals, and Faith that All will be well” ?? 🙂

  27. Its like a new river all the beta in the world don’t mean shit, just go for it!! women have been spiting these things out forever and in the end they grow up anyway
    they move out and then where are you ?

  28. Too bad that you’re not in the U.K. or France…They would just take care of everything. That said, I’m happy that you’ve found a Dr. that you feel comfortable using!

    “Fuck the Insurance Companies!”


  29. Aunt Debby & Uncle Barry says:

    Oh My, she is so beautiful as is her mama! Tree You are awesome in the support department. Enjoy the next few months cuz then the fun begins.(It really is soooo much fun!) Can’t wait to see you at Christmas! Any idea’s in the name department?

  30. ugh I hate insurance companies. They SUCK!

    Stevie how are you feeling? I can’t believe how detailed that 4D ultrasound is. Amazing to see her little face.

  31. I am happy for you guys. I am awaiting the birth of my first grandbaby, any day now. However, I would love to know the cost of giving birth in Peru, since the f#$%@$ insurance will not pay. Just curious of the difference in the cost, if that is not too personal.

    Thanks guys

    • Hi Tonya,
      Congrats on your first grandbaby! Exciting.

      We’re estimating between 6-8 thousand to have a baby here in Lima at the best private clinic. That includes all prenatal, hospital, doctor, everything.

      Much cheaper than in the US.

  32. ナースではたらこならすぐに転職先がみつかるよ。

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