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We got some interesting criticism regarding my last blog post, Kill Your Television. Thought I’d share a couple of samples…


>>>So the writer of this article actually says, “Don’t watch television, but watch the things IIIIIII want you to watch. Believe in Global Warming!!! It’s all the fault of industrialization!!!”  Well, of course the earth warms up a little, but there are so many lies from both the environmental(terror)ists and the governments, that most people are kept away from some facts… The writer of this article is just as manipulative as the people that he accuses.

>>>Seriously? They suggest no more television because of the “dumbing down” and wasted time, yet when you continue to read further they suggest spending some of your now “extra” time watching a 3 hr video, on the internet, that THEY made about climate change!?!  Talk about propaganda and rhetoric! The focus is on climate change… NOT the adverse affects of “too much tv”! What a load of BS!… This is OUR country by the way. And as far as media, I thank god I live in America where free speech is a right, somewhat for now, but on the flip side it leaves a lot of room for deceit, propaganda, and rhetoric. Sell it to some other sheep cause this self thinking woman isn’t buying!

>>>There is no doubt that climate change is always happening – this is not a static world/planet we live in. Man’s contribution, though, is like a drop in the ocean. If you knew the history of pollution as America expanded west and compared it to today, you *might* get the point… Man is simply a pimple on an elephant’s butt on this earth – to think otherwise is the height of arrogance.


<sigh> Sometimes I get discouraged and wonder why we even bother trying to spread awareness. Then Stevie reminds me that we have a responsibility to right action, and that includes speaking, living, and spreading truth (facts), regardless of the outcome.

It’s just frustrating to engage people who are locked in the bubble, unable to think, set in their narrow views, un-open to considering new information, completely numb to facts. For example, the people above clearly didn’t even watch the frikin video, yet they spout off calling it “propaganda and rhetoric.” It’s SCIENCE you knuckleheads, get it? Did you ever take a science class in school?

The great thing about science is it’s true, whether you believe in it or not!

So, to my lovely critics, here it is again. Give it a chance. This is not an “Al Gore type video.” It’s a FREE science video full of actual facts that are backed up with real sources. You need to have these facts if you’re going to exercise your voice in this discussion. Cause you don’t know every god damn thing.

Climate Change – The Scientific Debate


Moving right along…

I just survived my first cold in years. It was a bad one too. Some South American strand that my body clearly wasn’t ready for. Put me down for almost a week. High fever, aches, running nose, sore throat… yuck! We’ve been trying like hell to make sure Stevie doesn’t catch it, but this morning she woke up with a sore throat. Lovely. The last thing we want right now is for her to go into labor with a bad cold!

Other news – It appears that Sprinter Life has become a regular stop on the Pan-American Highway for nomads passing through Lima. In addition to visits from Home On The Highway and Life Remotely, we were just visited by Drive Nacho Drive. We had a great time hanging out with these guys. Super cool couple. Man, we really need to get back on the road. We’re getting lapped by 3rd generation overlanders now. Oh well, we’ll always be faster than Lost World. France… for so many reasons.

We want to let everyone know that Kiki is still hanging in there. After consulting 2 vets in Peru and 2 vets in the USA (Thank You Marisa, Michael and Joanne!), we’ve verified her heart diagnosis.

As far as what we can expect from here… it’s unknown. We’ve done everything we possibly can to prolong her life. Right now Stevie has her on every available medication, some of which we had delivered from the US. The condition is not curable, but we’re hoping for the most time possible.

Below, Kiki’s medicine chart…

In last weeks pregnancy appointment the doctor recommended that we get another ultrasound. Stevie has a slight excess of amniotic fluid, and the Doc seemed to think it was important.

This really bummed us out. Although there is no definitive evidence that these things cause harm to the child, there seems to be plenty of speculation. Plus they are expensive, and we’re paying for this whole thing out-of-pocket. We really didn’t want to get another one.

But they kinda have us by the balls, so we decided to do it.

As it turned out, everything was normal. I really do think these guys are just trying to make money off us. This will be the last one for sure.

Here is the latest photo of our baby daughter…

At this point we’re just hoping the baby stays inside Stevie’s tummy a while longer. My Mom will be showing up in a week and we really want her to be here for the birth. Let’s get honest… I’m gonna need the backup.






  1. Packed and ready to go. (75 lbs of baby/climbing gear) – and one carry-on for me.

  2. Auntie Alexis says:

    I work in TV and I assure you the majority of crap on it is just that, mindless crap. TV is made for spreading news, and a form of entertainment. Global warming IS a real thing, I’ve had to deal with abnormal high temp weather our in Burbank and it’s really getting ridiculous. Its going to be October for god’s sake and I have to deal with 100 degree weather. IT FALL. Jeepers. As for my cutie pie niece, I-CANNOT-WAIT !!!! Give Kiki hugs. Poor Bella has had to go through the vet this week because of an infected leg from when she got vaccinated 2 months ago…..

  3. Tree,
    Hang in there. I cannot imaging all the K F&%K radio playing in your head on a daily basis but as far as giving up trying to spread the truth….. PLEASE DON’T.
    I try to live in truth and your blogs are sort of a sanctuary for me.They really help so please Don’t let us down .
    I know this is not a walk in the park for you by any means.
    I have heard it said the two most difficult things that can happen to a couple is marriage and the birth of their first. Then throw in being a Nomad, basically without most of your family there and I think I would blow a fuse

    Keep writing,
    Willy .

    • Thanks Willy. I might take a break for a little while. I think we’re gonna have some other more interesting things to write about real soon. Stevie is about ready to pop!

  4. Judy Shuman says:

    She’s soooooooooooooo beautiful! ~ I’m so thrilled for you! ♥

  5. Semadar Krambeck says:

    nossa!! que linda!! saúde!!

  6. Hey Tree- Our son had this. and yeah Karen looked like she was going to give birth two twins. He ended up around 8 lbs.. He does have a gluten intolerance.. but I guess that is another story. Good luck on the home stretch. Both of our kids kicked our butts for 20+ hours before they were born.

    • Oh Tree- Hope you don’t read too far down that wiki.. I just read it and kind of got alarmed. Thor turned out just fine.

      • Thanks man. I think we’re ok. The doctor doesn’t seemed worried. Should be good. Just need to get this labor thing over with.

  7. Liz Tompkins says:

    wow! The quality of these ultrasounds has sure changed even in the last 11 years since I had mine. Yowza. not much left to the imagination- there she is!

  8. Mauricio Arredondo says:

    ohhh men… awesome guys….

  9. Jiro Wiseman says:

    Gives me chills man, congratulations to both of you this is amazing!

  10. Saw these pics on your baby’s blog……. Womblife.

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. If people think that the United States media is not controlled and censored, they are choosing to be ignorant and they’re perpetuating the problem.

  13. ohhhh….you got some controversy going now! lol. I am baffled by how narrow minded people are as well. A family member, who shall remain nameless, once said to me “why do I care about the environment? I’ll be gone before it’s too bad”… seriously??? How about ME still being here or your grandkids or..well, anyone for that matter! Keep up the good work!
    Glad all is going well with Stevie and Kiki:( Our new boy Porter is making himself right at home in our hearts, although the hole created by Maddy’s loss is ever present. Hope you can keep her with you a bit longer!

    • Hey Rhonda,
      Yeah, we get that attitude a lot too. Really sad.
      Glad Porter is settling in! Happy for you guys.
      Take care,

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