Happy Halloween – 2012


Well, I continue to learn new things about babies, like the fact that they need to go to the pediatrician for monthly check-ups for their first year of life. At least that's what they recommend in … [Read more...]

Soleil Explores Lima


In the last two weeks we started taking Soleil out to explore Lima. Never too young to begin the adventures. She loves going out, especially in the Daddy carrier! We've also been taking her on … [Read more...]

Blue Gold – The Water Wars Begin


The presidential race has been depressing. As the candidates bantered back and forth on issues related almost exclusively to the economy, two of the most critical issues of our time went completely … [Read more...]

In Search Of A Baby Passport


Now that Soleil is born, Stevie and I have one thing on our minds: Getting back on the road! We've been in Peru a long time, and we're feeling the itch to move. From Lima we plan to head south into … [Read more...]

Welcome Home Sol


Well, it's been one week since Sol was born and people are accusing me of being a ridiculously PROUD FATHER! Yeah, ok. It's true. I hog the baby. I pick her up and can't put her down. I take her … [Read more...]

Dear Soleil… – 10/13/2012


¡Atención Amigos: This post is a letter to my daughter and contains some graphic birthing images. If that is not your cup of tea, you may want to change the channel now. Dear Soleil, Welcome to … [Read more...]

Soleil Mariah Trujillo – Born 10-9-2012


Today, after 36 hours of grueling labor, at 2:45pm, we gave birth to Soleil Mariah Trujillo. Soleil, pronounced: (so LAY), means 'Sun' in French. We'll call her Sol for short, which has the same … [Read more...]

Waiting for the miracle…

_MG_5205 bn

Thirty eight weeks. Waiting for the miracle...   … [Read more...]

Back-up arrives


Everybody can just chill the F' out now. Back-up has arrived, Mom is in the hizzle! My Mom arrived from the U.S. on Saturday. She plans to stay with us in Lima until December. We're SUPER STOKED! … [Read more...]

R.I.P. Mongo

We love you Mango

It is with a heavy heart that we report a few days ago our beloved Mongo passed away in San Diego, California. He died of Thrombocytopenia, most likely caused by an undetected case of … [Read more...]

A Baby Is Coming…


Ok, a new baby is coming. We're gonna need to get some stuff ready, right? Let's see, where to start... where to start? I know, let's dig out the baby shower gifts. Bottles, check. Breast pump, … [Read more...]