Back-up arrives

Everybody can just chill the F’ out now. Back-up has arrived, Mom is in the hizzle!

My Mom arrived from the U.S. on Saturday. She plans to stay with us in Lima until December. We’re SUPER STOKED! She’s had 3 kids and two grandkids. If my calculations are correct, she might have something to offer in the coming weeks.

Inside 3 huge suitcases she brought much needed supplies. Important things you just can’t get down here in South America, like…

… cool baby head gear (Thanks Reagan and Cyndi!!!). Representin baby baby!

Looks like we’re gonna need some practice on the moby wrap thing. Seriously, I’ve climbed big walls using technical hauling systems, but you have to be a baby jedi to figure this thing out.

Where does the baby go?

One thing that Stevie really wanted to do was use reusable diapers. It is estimated that a baby will use as many as 8,000 diapers before they are fully potty-trained. Using disposable diapers just didn’t feel right. Yes, it’s true, washing diapers consumes energy, but there really isn’t a comparison when you analyze all the facts.

Analyzing Environmental Life-Cycle Costs of Diapers – read more

So my amazing sister Indra helped us invest in what are arguably the coolest reusable diapers on the block. Thanks Sis!

I also had my Mom bring down a big chunk of green backs. There’s nothing like flying into South America with a wad in your waist belt.

Having dollars is key down here though. It’s not that we can’t get cash out of the ATMs, but there are daily limits and foreign transaction fees that kill us. Too bad it’s all spent on the delivery and hospital.  No toys for me!!!

Things are coming together. It’s great to know that we have Mom here now for support. We’re super lucky to have such a wonderful family.



  1. Ding Ding…………..Angela rocks. You guys are in good hands.

  2. Where’s my vest?

  3. Teri Hogan says:

    Yay!!!! Let’s hear it for having Mom around when you’re having a baby! Yay Mom!!!

  4. I’m guessing that the red bag is hers, the giant ones are TREE’s?

  5. Nevia Mayers says:

    Congratulations! Welcome to this world Soleil!!! Enjoy every minute of it on this beautiful Pachamama.

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