In Search Of A Baby Passport

Now that Soleil is born, Stevie and I have one thing on our minds: Getting back on the road!

We’ve been in Peru a long time, and we’re feeling the itch to move. From Lima we plan to head south into Bolivia. But before we can go anywhere, we need to get Sol not one, but two passports. One from Peru and one from the USA.

This became a time-sensitive, critical issue when, back in July, we purchased three non-refundable tickets to fly home to the US for Christmas. We knew that depending on when Sol was born, it was going to be a tight squeeze. As it stands we have about 8 weeks to get her Peruvian and US passports completed and in hand so we can all leave the country, and we don’t have to eat thousands of dollars in airfare.

Despite the fact that Stevie was still in recovery and Soleil was only days old, we headed out to start the process. The clocks ticking.

We knew it was going to be a tedious process. Hell, just pausing our vehicle permit took weeks and one hell of an effort (remember here). Lucky for us, our friends Royce and April had gone through it and provided us with a blueprint. (If you want a copy, email me).

The first step was to get her mug shot, which was needed for the next several steps, none of which included the actual passports.

Soleil took a great photo. We’ll share it when we have the passports in hand. It will look better.

From there we went to RENIEC to apply for her Acta de Nacimiento (Birth Certificiate) and Peruvian National ID Number (DNI). It was just us and about 75 of our closest friends. We didn’t even want to take Sol, but she was required to be there for a foot print identification. Fortunately we had Noni to help watch her while we waded through the red tape.

As a nomad, this is the kind of shit I live for. You have to embrace it. If you can’t handle these types of noodles, then you’ve got no business living on the road.

With the Acta de Nacimiento in hand, we were able to apply for the Peruvian National ID Card next. This will take about 2 weeks to receive, and after we have that we can apply for the Peruvian Passport. Simultaneously we will apply for the US passport. If all goes well, we will have both passports 2 weeks before we fly to the US. If things do not go well… then I guess it will be a lovely Christmas alone in Peru.

Other than tackling that mega mission, it’s been pretty low key for Sprinter Life. We’re spending every minute with Sol and loving it.

She has already outgrown the poodle bed, but I cut the wall off one end and now her long legs can hang over the edge. This might buy us another 2 weeks before we upgrade to the medium size dog bed.

In an effort to spend even more time with Soleil, we’ve hired Maria to come in and clean and shop a couple of times a week. Maria is amazing. She is from the mountains of Peru, but ended up in Lima as a teenager after the Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) attacked her family. She watched the whole thing happen and only managed to escape by rolling into a ditch after they beat her. Her older sister was not so lucky and was killed. Maria went on to raise her sister’s orphaned children. Although she still cries when telling the story, and despite everything she has been through in her life, she still has a twinkling love in her eye and a warm generosity in her heart.

I swear, to hear these people’s stories always blows me the F#ck away.

FYI, I’m working on patching together the videos we took from Sol’s birth. I’m gonna make a little YouTube movie and post it on the blog. Don’t worry, I’ll edit out the real graphic stuff. Should have it ready in a couple of weeks.

That’s about it from Sprinter Life headquarters.





  1. Get those passports! I have a date with Sol in December! Love you guys.

  2. Nonituyas says:

    It’s true. She’s a Buddha-Baby.

  3. Wow she’s prettier than you Tree!

  4. What an absolute doll!!!!
    Good luck with the passports, oy !!!

  5. Oh, Sol is an angel! You all look wonderful!

  6. Tranquila & Peaceful Munchkin. She and I already have tons in common. Dual nationality and a love of animals. 🙂

  7. Tree, My wife Kelly and I sat at the house with our morning coffee and caught up on nearly 3 weeks of Sprinter Life. The portrait shoot that you and Stevie shared was very well done, timeless art really. And Soleil, hey what can we say? Perfect baby, very beautiful. You and Stevie are so fortunate.
    Congratulations and best wishes to you and your growing family. Hope you don’t mind that I plan on sharing a few of the shots with the gals at the office on Monday. They will love to see the baby. Cheers! Joe

  8. I don’t think I have ever seen a more beautiful baby girl. You did good

  9. Renee D'Antoni says:

    She really is a doll.

  10. Carla Shelton says:

    Omg! So beautiful and. Full of peace. Hi Soleil!

  11. Arlene Burns says:

    she looks soooo content! like a little buddha

  12. Sophia Flores-villa says:

    So beautiful! I get so excited to read the latest posts from the Trujillo’s!! Love the pictures!

  13. Ines 云裳 Levy says:

    She is so beautiful!! Congrats guys

  14. Judy Shuman says:

    She’s sooooooooooooooo adorable!

  15. John Michael Gill says:

    Beautiful. A new life is one of the most infinite thoughts.

  16. Cathy Fanandakis Alexander says:

    So sweet, just beautiful:-)))))♥

  17. Ivan Prates says:

    It is amazing how beautiful she is!

  18. What a PERFECT face!!!! Congratulations again!! xoxoxoxo

  19. Frani Brandano says:

    Beautiful, beautiful little girl…Best of Luck

  20. Mark Hudon says:

    Oh god she is beautiful!!! I would spend hours and hours looking at her and kissing her!!!

  21. Precious!!!

  22. Pinda Hall says:

    What a cutie pie! You are so blessed!

  23. Sophie Pleshette says:

    She is so pretty!!!!

  24. Jose Oscar Acevedo says:


  25. Donna Clary says:

    Beautiful baby

  26. amazingly cute baby. congrats you guys

  27. Pamela Dennis-Bussa says:

    That is a satisfied little face!

  28. Jan Meyer says:

    Sooooooooo precious!!!! That baby is getting fed on love, love, love. She is perfect. As are her parents! Beautiful!

  29. Marty Galindo-Schmith says:

    Gosh, she’s really cute. And I don’t usually say that about babies. . .

  30. Carolyn Rose says:

    She is so precious.

  31. What a beautiful little girl. Congratulations again!!

  32. Lynn Hamann says:

    wow…such a peaceful, beautiful sight…I can remember the never ending smile I had when looking at my daughter…enjoy you two…you’ll be amazing parents that she will be proud of because you are amazing people. Love and hugs to you both ~ Lynn ( soon to be Grandma Lynn! ) : )

  33. Renee Marie says:

    Hermosa Sol!

  34. Shinpaugh says:

    Tree, she is beautiful baby, but, that is entirely due to your wife, and your mom, lets some air out of your head, I’m worried about you.

  35. Louisa Baxter says:

    superstar xxx

  36. Madena Bennett says:

    Wow…she looks like a C-section baby…all even in the face and all…you sure you aren’t lying to us?? :>

  37. Kelly Breathe says:

    Im in love!

  38. So so so so beautiful

  39. Manuel Schwarz says:

    So beautiful. Can’t wait to meet her

  40. Jeanine Alexander says:


  41. Mo Bergmann says:

    What an amazing little soul!

  42. Brianna Pribbeno says:

    This makes my heart melt, she’s amazing

  43. Miranda Fae says:

    WOW!!! She’s so pretty and amazing!!!

  44. Cindy Chischilly says:

    She’s the most beautiful lil girl I’ve ever seen. Perfect.

  45. Carol Hiller says:

    Precious little baby girl.

  46. She is so cute! She even looks happy when she’s sleeping.

  47. Jessica Cizek says:

    OMG, she really is adorable and so perfect!

  48. Renee Tomassen says:


  49. Cecilia Paredes says:

    La mas hermosa

  50. Monique Saul says:

    She’s so pretty!

  51. April Angel says:

    She looks like an angel!

  52. Marion Clark says:

    She’s a prophet! Look at those long arms and fingers!

  53. Indra Mariah Trujillo says:

    I cannot wait to get her into my arms!!

  54. Little Lava says:


  55. Cindy Gilman says:

    congratulations to both of u. Sol is absolutely gorgeous. so happy for u both. keep posting. big hugs!!!

  56. Thanks for the update. I hope it works out. Knowing you, blessed life Trujillo, it will all go according to plan. How long are you all you going to be state side?

  57. Jay Gattuccio says:

    Beautiful! What a doll! Nice work

  58. She is gorgeous, congratulations!

  59. A truly beautiful baby. There is nothing greater than being the parents of a little girl! I know I have two girls… they are still my babies!


  60. Neili Smith says:

    She is so beautiful! So happy for the 3 of you!

  61. Freida Whiddon Cox says:

    Precious baby girl…she is truly gorgeous…congrats…

  62. Gail Heenan says:

    Very beautiful and so precious. Love to u wonderful parents!

  63. Victoria Hubler says:

    Tree and Stevie… I so hope you’ll make it to the gorge. The light in Tree’s eyes is so beautiful… We would love to meet your little girl in person… and give you a giant “welcome to the most fantastic ride you couldn’t possibly imagine” hug.

    • Hi Victoria,
      As of now it looks like I’ll be hitting Hood River solo while Soleil and Stevie visit LA. I’m sure I’m gonna catch a lot of shit showing up without the baby! Wish she could join me, but we’re only in the States for a short time and there is lots to do. I’m looking forward to visiting Hood River though. It’s been a long time! 🙂

  64. Ursula Martìnez says:

    es perfecta.. el angelitoooo que dios teenvio esta lindaaaa amigaaaaa!!!! preciosaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  65. Tyler McAdam says:

    Congrats very happy for you now the fun begins 🙂

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