Baby Passports Done! We are now clear for takeoff…


Houston, we are clear for takeoff. We now have in our possession both of Soleil's passports. She officially has duel citizenship in Peru and the United States Of America, and she can leave the country … [Read more...]

Dear Soleil… – 11/25/2012 (video)


Dear Soleil, Daddy put together this short video of your first six weeks roaming around this world. We've had a great time with you so far. We are absolutely head over heels in love with … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving!


I am grateful for so much, not the least of which is for the gift that gratitude itself bestows upon the thankful. Without it, I have felt bereft in the face of plentitude -- lonely in loving arms, … [Read more...]

Van Down…


It seems like accomplishing one thing a day is a major mission for us in Peru. That one thing can be going to the grocery store, or buying a new frying pan, or working on Sol's passport project. But … [Read more...]

This just in, we’re adventure parents!


In the news: For the last several years Stevie and I have been inspired by traveling families we've met on the road. It was great to see other parents already doing what we dreamed of, exploring … [Read more...]

New Ink


Tattoos are expensive, painful and permanent. So why do people get them? I suppose it's for many different reasons. Some say it's in order to be different, while others claim they are just trying to … [Read more...]

Auntie Indra Visits Sprinter Life


I suppose one of the great benefits of having Soleil is that all of a sudden everyone wants to come visit Sprinter Life. Unable to wait until we delivered her to Seattle in December, my sister Indra … [Read more...]