Baby Passports Done! We are now clear for takeoff…

Houston, we are clear for takeoff. We now have in our possession both of Soleil’s passports. She officially has duel citizenship in Peru and the United States Of America, and she can leave the country at will.

It was a long process, but actually easier than we thought it would be when we started back in October (remember that post here).

Note: if you find this post via search engine looking for how to get a baby passport in Peru, contact us and I will email you a detailed document of instructions.

Below, me and Sol posted up outside the US Embassy in Lima waiting for our appointment.

It was a lot of running around and lots of applications. But in true Sprinter Life fashion, we got ‘er done.

Below, Sol gets her first, and hopefully last, finger printing. I didn’t even know babies had finger prints.

I don’t think Sol’s passport photos are gonna win any beauty contests, but I’m just proud of her for not erupting in tears when the woman tried to pry her eyes open with a pencil.

Here she is, a citizen of Peru…

And of the USA… ¬†(don’t ask about the green jacket!)

We’ve got the passports and we’re ready to leave!

So here is our plan:

We’ll be here in Lima for a couple more weeks. On December 14th we fly to the US for 3 weeks to enjoy the holidays with family. We’ll be spending time in LA, Hood River, and Seattle. When we fly back to Peru after the new year we’ll begin the process of un-pausing our vehicle permit and getting the van ready to travel. If all goes well we’ll be back on the road mid to late January. Our tentative plan is to surf our way down the coast all the way into northern Chile to catch the end of their summer surf season. Then we’ll pop back into southern Peru for some early season whitewater kayaking before looping down into Bolivia.

Stoked does not even begin to describe how I’m feeling!





  1. Congrats on navigating the tricky waters of bureaucracy as those can sometimes be much more treacherous than white water or surf. ūüôā Dual citizenship is awesome, I wish I had it for France, alas, no such luck. Soleil is such a cutie, Stevie (and Tree too)! Enjoy your trip home as well! I would love to be able to meet up with you as it has been years Stevie, but I know you guys are probably super busy. I would have killed the lady trying to pry my kid’s eyes open with a pencil though. Really?

  2. excellent! Can’t wait to hear how life on the road with baby goes. Enjoy your holidays back here at home in Oregon and have a marvelous Christmas season! Hugs to Kiki:)

  3. Kathy Card says:

    She’s the cutest little babe…

  4. Stevie – your so beautiful! The love just radiates.

  5. Yahhhhhhooooooo

  6. Renee D'Antoni says:

    That is AWESOME! Two passports…what a gift.

  7. Joe Jacobi says:

    So which will country will she paddle and/or surf for at the 2028 Olympics? #ImportantQuestions

  8. Jene Fielder says:

    congratulations Stevie, Tree, Sol.. Her choice Joe..You look so Happy.

  9. Janice Green says:

    You look amazing, and happy!

  10. Teri Hogan says:

    Woohoo, lucky little girlie!

  11. Mark Hudon says:

    I’d kiss that little baby till the cows came home!

  12. John Schindel says:


  13. Patricia Zevallos says:

    ¬°felicitaciones y felicidades! :o)

  14. Carol Hiller says:

    Congratulations! She is so beautiful….

  15. Emily Tarpley says:

    Horray! Now you can come to the wedding…

  16. What’s happening Momma? You and the baby look great! Wow, you had a baby! So happy for you TV, and Tree too.

  17. Sara Hemker Geary says:

    Omg!!! Sooooo lovely, the two of you!! XOXO

  18. Donna Wilmoth Mayton says:

    She is Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Brian Parsons says:

    home is where the heart is, and now her’s will span two continents. the americas are lucky

  20. Madrigal Madri says:

    pura vida !!!! my best, always ūüôā

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