Going out on a bender – Adios 2012


Here’s a quick look back at

Sprinter Life – 2012

Best Moments:

1) The birth of our beautiful daughter, Soleil – remember here

2) Getting legally married – We actually got married a couple years ago on a beach in El Salvador (remember here), but since we hardly ever make it back to the US, we hadn’t gotten our actual marriage certificate, which meant that Stevie hasn’t been able to legally change her name, etc, etc. Well, on this trip we made it happen. I was going to write a separate post titled, “A Little Bastard No More”, but my brother-in-law was the only person who thought it was funny. My humor is so misunderstood. Oh well.

Getting hitched at the LA Courthouse, officiated by Alexis…

Worst Moments:

1) The death of Mongo – remember here

2) Finding out Kiki is sick – remember here (note: if you haven’t read this post, you should. It’s an amazing piece of writing by my beautiful wife)

Most Stressful Moment:

1) Trying to find prenatal care and a hospital where we could safely deliver in Peru – remember here

Most Painful Moments:

1) Stevie – 36 hour labor – remember here

2) Tree – a tie between double ear surgery and a vasectomy. Tough year for me.

Funniest Moment:

1) All the time we spent with Mongo. There were countless hours of laughter with that little rascal.  Stevie’s highlight is the time he tried to nurse on my nipple.  She still cracks up at the thought of it.

Most Grateful Moments:

1) Having a healthy baby

2) Having Noni there for the first 2 months of Sol’s life – remember here

Most Accomplished Moment:

1) Starting Huanchaco In Action, our non-profit NGO school for kid’s in Peru – remember here

Favorite Place visited:

1) Stevie – The WAY Inn, Huaraz – remember here

2) Tree – Hatun Machay – remember here

Best quote:

“Go ahead and drink as much as you want babe, we got formula!” – Tree

Swinging with Pancho Sanchez at Jazz Alley, Seattle WA

Note: Since Sol was born I approximate that she’s had around 630 feedings. Of those 630, we’ve used formula twice, or 0.317% of the time. Once was the day after 14 hour travel day from Peru to LA when Stevie couldn’t produce enough milk to keep up with Sol’s appetite, and once last night when we went out for the first time without her, and Stevie wasn’t able to pump enough for the entire evening. The other 628 feedings have been all natural super-mama breast milk.

My wife = best Mom in the world

Overall we had a great year, and now we’re looking forward to 2013.

New Years Resolutions:

Stevie –
1) Eat less meat. Goal of 80% vegan diet
2) Write every day

Tree –
1) Eat less meat. Goal of 80% vegan diet
2) Workout daily

Soleil –
1) Poop less

2013 Goals:

Tree – Grow Outdoorplay.com 10%

Stevie – Get published

Soleil –  Say first word in both spanish and english

Check out what Santa brought Sol for her first christmas…

A reoccurring question we’ve received lately is “What’s next?” Things are always subject to change, but here is a rough outline of our plans for 2013.

January– Hang in Lima, pack up, and get ready for the road
February – On the road exploring the southern coast of Peru and Northern Chile
March – Back into Arequipa, Peru for the whitewater kayak season
April – Hang in the Sacred Valley and Cusco for Machu Picchu and the whitewater kayak season
May/June/July – Travel through Bolivia, top to bottom
August – Travel back to the USA
Sept/Oct/Nov – Post up in Mendoza Valley, Argentina, drinking mad amounts of wine
December – Christmas in Cuba or perhaps fly to Easter Island.

WOW, this year is going to be stacked!


End of the year family moments

Stevie, Alexis, and Joey getting all Italian in the kitchen…

Cyndi and Sol making eye contact…

Nica taking care of her cousin Soleil…

Our close friend Corrin meeting Sol for the first time…

The girls out having fun…

Having dinner at our favorite restaurant in Seattle with our favorite waitress in the USA, Eri Bajrami!

“Everybody knows the Shinpaughs!”

Three beauties – Emma, Payton, and Stevie.

The boys out on the town…

Uncle Adam loving on Soleil…

Four of the most important women in my life! Indra Mariah (sister), Nica (niece), Angela (Mom/Noni), and my Soleil Mariah…

Best family in the world…

Brothers and Sister…

Stevie with Noni…


We’ve had a great year. Thank you to everyone who made it amazing!




  1. We miss you already!!
    Thanks for making the trip and for hangin with us. Unbelievable!

  2. I am on the thingy!!
    That is truly awesome!!

  3. I love Soleil!!!

  4. I love you all!

    And let’s talk December in Cuba…

  5. sweet baby !!! have a great new year my friends . kisses and hugs for you

  6. I’d be kissing and tickling and hugging that little baby every minute of every day!

  7. Thank you…….

  8. Lou Patterson says:

    Thanks for sharing this, and all your adventures. Happy New Years!

  9. Auntie "Wexie" says:

    It’s been awesome seeing you guys. Sol is a crack up! Love all her hilarious faces and babbling. Can’t wait to see you guys in August!

  10. Taylor Robertson says:

    Awesome bro, how has the lack of sleep been treating you? Kinley started teething which = 0 sleep especially for Jen. Happy New Year to you Stevie and the little one!

  11. TREE & family, I have so enjoyed learning about your family on your website. What an amazing life you all live. Your mother is such a beautiful woman! I enjoyed seeing pics of her. I think it’s been 15 years since I stopped by on a Thanksgiving night long ago. She looks exactly the same.

    Sol is a very lucky girl; getting to travel the world and letting the world be her teacher. She will be able to enjoy so many life experiences; something that can’t be taught from a text book or class room. About your decision to teach Sol to be bilingual,,,, you guys are amazing. It is truly a free gift. My older girls (10 & 12) are completely bilingual because my ex-husband only speaks Spanish to them. So many people are quick to judge that decision, but I embraced it. My girls never had any “Spanglish” confusion; however, they did make up some of their own words from time to time, but what kid doesn’t! HA. I laughed about Sol’s New Years Resolution to poop less,…. welcome to my world, X 2!!!! All in all, I feel blessed to have these two little parasites. For me, it is definitely better having babies at 38, as I feel I appreciate each day with them, each moment of smiles and giggles, each milestone a little more than before.

    Wishing your family a wonderful 2013 full of safe travels, amazing adventures & growing happiness with each day forward. I know your visits home are always full, but if there is any way to see you all in August, I’d drive to Seattle to make that happen.
    ~Much love to you all, Mindy 😐

    • Hey Darling!

      Yes, I remember that thanksgiving well. Seems like forever ago doesn’t it. Man time is flying by.

      We would love to see you in August. We’ll be in Hood River as well, which is a lot closer to where you are. We have to make that happen.

      Your little babies are so cute. Can wait to meet them.

      Sending lots of love to you Mindy!
      xox – TREE & Family

  12. Carolyn Rose Ward-Schulman says:

    She is absollutely beautiful!!!!

  13. Judy Shuman says:

    Swwwwwwwwwweeet ~ Merry Joyful New Year Wishes ~

  14. Maritza Johnson says:

    This book is a must for bilingual babies! My Dylan loves it! The illustrations really pop!

  15. damn you guys have been busy!

  16. Great Aunt Debby and Great Uncle Bary says:

    What a great visit, all be it to short. We are so happy to have had the opportunity to hang with Sol and her awesome parents.With Sol growing and changing everyday I hope to see more short video clips or Skype with you more often. Safe travels home , to the wonderful adventures that await you. Much Love!

  17. I love you all and am grateful for every moment we share. Count me in for Cuba and Mendoza!
    Be safe out there, and kiss my Little Sweet Pea for me EVERY morning!

  18. Auntie Candy says:

    We miss you already… Kiss Paul,Kelly, and Chloe for me tomorrow! Happy New Year my dear ones. Love you, Auntie Candy

  19. Jene Fielder says:

    Happy New Year Stevie, Tree, and Sol…

  20. happy new year !!!
    querida amiga, tree, sol and kiki.
    el 2012 fue un año muy dificil para mi, pero a la ves me trajo cosas que nadie podrá borrar ni quitar de mi vida que es a verlos conocido a ustedes. una gran amistad. el amor puro y sincero que se tiene el uno al otro. y sobre todo el compromiso a cumplir sus metas.
    gracias por permitirme ser parte de su gran grupo de amigos.
    gracias por amar y a verle dado tanto a NUESTRO Mango Huanchaco gracias por cada uno de sus detalles, palabras y sobre todo apoyo cuando mas lo necesitaba. gracias 2012 por ponerlos en mi camino a ustedes. y ahora a Sol que espero saber el dia que lleguen a peru y poder apachurrarla a el angelito que dios les envio.
    besos a kiki. feliz año amigos los quiero mucho.

  21. Donna Clary says:

    Great pics. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year and love to you all.

  22. Cathy Alexander says:

    Happy New Year in 2013!!!!!!! All the best with a Happy, healthy, & prosperous New Year and many more to come!!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of Love: Cathy Alexander

  23. Anonymous says:

    Awe!! Sooo, soooo precious!!! Happy New Year of your beautiful year of life little Sunshine Sol

    Ani Sil

  24. D’awww. Adorable. lol. Happy New Years! is that a WuTang shirt?? Nice

  25. Cheryll Anglin says:

    Happy New Year! May 2013 be your best year ever!! x

  26. Happy New Year guys! Enjoy all the wonderful things ahead of you in 2013.

  27. Congrats on 2012, what a year! Best of luck with your ambitous and awesome goals for 2013. I look forwrd to reading about you achiving all of them:) Love the writing and pics, keep up the good work. Let me know if I can ever help you acomplish any of your goals, maybe the OutdoorPlay.com growth goals. Hope to see you on the river/road/ocean sometime soon. Rock on!

  28. Looks like a very jam-packed fun visit to the States for the SprinterLife crew! Great goals and travel plans for 2013 too– looking forward to your always-entertaining posts. I made the switch from vegetarian to vegan 7 months ago and have been thrilled — 30 lbs of excess weight lost effortlessly, and health stats that were getting close to needing drugs to manage (i.e. high blood pressure and diabetes) have now magically reversed back to normal levels. Best of all– the new foods and recipes are really, really tasty and interesting. I might have something with egg or dairy, or maybe a little bit of meat once a month or so, but for the most part, I don’t miss it. Of course, finding lots of yummy vegan foods in the US are likely much easier than the far reaches of Peru or Argentina! But, I’m sure you guys will try your best…. Happy 2013!

    • Hi Lynne
      We’re looking forward to trying to eat more vegan. It can be pretty hard where we’re traveling, and that is why we set the 80% goal. Otherwise we’d always be beating ourselves up.

      Hope you have a great 2013!

    • Great blog, Lynne! Keep the recipes coming.

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