Aloha America, Happy Birthday Stevie!

Our last few days in Lima were filled with making arrangements and packing to travel. Our friends James and Lauren from Home On The Highway arrived from Northern Peru to babysit Kiki while we’re gone for the next 3 weeks.

We love these guys. They are solid.

Sol seemed excited as we packed up, like she knew we were going on an adventure.

We knew it was going to be a really long trip back to the US, and we didn’t know what to expect with Sol. How would she handle the airports and taxis and long waits? Turns out that she was just about perfect the entire day.

I really feel like we won the baby lottery. Soleil is just so mellow. This kid never cries or melts downs. If she needs something she’ll fuss a little, but is just so damn good. We really did score the perfect little traveler.

On it says the following about a 9 week old infant…

“If your baby is sleeping through the night (five or six hours at a stretch), you’re one of the lucky few.” 

How lucky are we? Soleil is already sleeping 8 hours a night.

“Twenty hour travel day… no problem. I was born to be a nomad!”

Our LA posse was waiting for us at the airport. It was great to see the Cali family.

On Saturday we celebrated Stevie’s birthday and the rest of our close friends and family showed up.

Below, the Simko’s get to know Sol…

We finally got to meet our friends Matt and Malia face to face. These guys were damn cool. They are leaving to start the Pan-American highway soon so we’re excited to catch up with them again in SA.

We had some camera difficulties, so we didn’t get all the shots we wanted from the party, but here is what we have. It was a fun day!

The photo I really wish we had was the shot of the house when the party was crashed by the crew from Sea Shepherd. It started out as one, then two, then before we knew it the entire bottom floor of the house and garage was filled with them. It was all innocent enough, but finally, in an effort to preserve the peace after one of them suggested we start bumping NWA, we had to ask them to leave. Ahhh, only in LA.

Our first 72 hours in the States have been a non stop action fest. We’re loving it though. And it’s about to get crazier. I fly to Hood River today to check in on Outdoorplay while Stevie will stay here in LA to get a bunch of family projects completed. Doctor visits, social security office… you know, all the stuff you can’t get done in South America. Then we’ll regroup next weekend in Seattle.

Man I’m gonna miss my girls!!!

Joy – TREE




  1. Dam, I love that baby. It was great to see you guys, I wish we could have spent more time. Soleil is everything her proud parents brag about. She is a beautiful soul. Love you guys…….

    The Simko’s

  2. It’s been a joy sharing the past 10 weeks with you. Thank you for including me in Sol’s birth and new beginnings. I am grateful. And many many thanks to Alexis and Phil for your gracious hospitality these past days! Now I know why Stevie and Tree love you so much. Blessings, my family. I love you.

  3. What a great celebration! And it was so awesome to meet Sprinter Life! I hope you all enjoy your time in the states with friends and family. Matt and I look forward to our next get together! Your family is a true inspiration to what a full life looks like!

  4. Auntie Alexis says:

    We are having a girls day full of napping and listening to classical music. It’s a real party over here! Phil and I have been having a blast with a house full of love, laughter and Sol’s cooing. What more could you ask for during the holidays!? 🙂

  5. she def gets the award for chillest baby ever

  6. Cathy Alexander says:

    Hi Tree, Stevie, Soleil and I see Joey!!!!! Sol is perfect for all occasions 🙂 Happy Birthday Stevie!!!!!! Lucky Joey, I guess I’m on the wrong end of the state!!!!! Even more that is why I enjoy your pictures & posts!!!!!! I remember my girls slept long and ate good!!!! Unfortunately it goes by fast! She already looks a lot bigger and prettier 🙂 We’ll best of luck in your travels, I’m glad you had fun with your family & friends!!!!!!!!!!! Say hi to everyone and Joey, Alexis, Phil !!!!!! Lots of Love: Cathy Alexander <3

  7. Judy Shuman says:

    Hood River! ~ OMGoooooooodness! ~ I hope to see you precious honeys! ~

  8. hood river your an hour from me…come visit!!!

  9. Party is not over!!!!!

  10. Hey you guys,
    I have had a big part in raising my younger sibling, if Sol is sleeping anywhere past five hours a night you are blessed with a really mellow little angel. Stevie, Call me when you get to the south bay (if you are) if not I will drive wherever to have a cup of tea and meet Sol,


    P.s. You all look so happy, Tree you are one lucky man.

  11. Can’t wait to see you guys!! Make sure to get some rest in between all the partying.

  12. I miss you Simkos!

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