Christmas 2012

Stevie and I are self-diagnosed wine snobs. Plain and simple. Before we left the United States, we went on a four month wine tour from LA to Canada, visiting a total of 152 wineries, (remember here). Over the last couple years, we’ve suffered a serious wine drought living south of the border. But that drought ended when we arrived in Seattle.

My brother, sister, and father gave us the best gift ever. They took me shopping and let me pick out an insane line-up consisting of the best labels from the best wineries on the west coast, (heavy on the Willamette Valley Pinots since they are the hardest to get anywhere but in the Northwest).

Not joking…. I had to scribe it just so we’d always remember…

Napa Valley:
2007 St. Supery Cabernet Sauvignon
2009 Robert Biale Party Line Zinfandel
2008 Frog’s Leap Rutherford
2009 Sequoia Grove Cabernet Sauvignon

Willamette Valley:
2010 Archery Summit Premier Cuvee Pinot Noir (2 bottles)
2008 Cristom Pinot Noir Reserve
2009 Domaine Serene Jerusalem Hill Pinot Noir
2009 Domaine Serene Yamhill Cuvee Pinot Noir
2009 Bethel Heights Casteel Reserve Pinot Noir
2010 St Innocent Justice Pinot Noir

2009 Portte’us Old Vine Zinfandel Reserve (complements of Brent)
2009 L’Ecole Apogee – Walla Walla
2008 Jacob Williams Zinfandel – Gorge (complements of Cheryll Anglin)
2008 Quenett Viognier – Gorge (complements of Cheryll Anglin)
2009 Justin Isosceles Cabernet Sauvignon – Paso Robles
2010 Cristom Pinot Gris – Willamette Valley
2010 King Estate  Pinot Gris – Willamette Valley

That’s how the week started, and it’s just been getting better ever since.

Soleil representing Wu-Tang Clan in the great northwest…

Uncle Adam meeting Sol for the first time…

Nica and Theo could not wait to meet their new cousin! Sure enough, wherever Sol went, Nica and Theo were right there. They did a very good job taking turns holding her…

Pa getting to know his grandaughter…

Pa and Nana getting some rare alone time with Sol without Nica and Theo hovering and asking for a turn…

Making ginger bread houses…

Enjoying the wine…

Christmas morning…

Kicking it with some of the Hood River family…

Cheryll Anglin, Arlene Burns, Walter Burkhart (missing John and Jenn Hart)

 Loving time with Sarah and Ryan Bahn and their two beautiful kids.

So, we’re half way through our visit here in the States and time is flying by. We’ll be here in Seattle through New Years, and then we’ll fly back to LA for a couple days. Then back to Lima. We’re really enjoying the time with family!

Merry Christmas all,

TREE, Stevie, Soleil




  1. Everyone looking great! Have no fear, you’ll be very close to wine country once you return to Peru. In fact, next door!

  2. Stevie and Chree,
    “What the hells a matta which ya?”
    Move back home to ya family! You got sucha cute lil baby now. What the hell are ya doin in South America anyway?? Ya got me worried sick! I hope you get the travel bug oucha system in 2013 fa Christ sake!!!

    • Oh Meme!! How wonderful it is to hear from you. I always knew you’d find a way to get in touch from the other side. Matter of fact, Alex and Joey and I were cooking sauce and making lasagna the other night, and we were thinking that you were watching over us in heaven. We knew you’d be happy that we were together, carrying on the Christmas tradition with love. Speaking of which, I sure do love you and whomever it is whose hands you borrowed to type this missive. What a family we have! And, you are right. We need to spend more time back east. I promise we’ll make that happen. God bless you Meme. Actually, I know he already has. xoxoxoxoxo.

  3. Hi

  4. Hello soleil,
    When will you get long hair?

    • Hi Cousin Nica,
      I think I will have long hair in another 3 years. Then you can teach me how to braid it ok?
      I love you. -Soleil

      ps. thanks for telling Noni not to sit on my feet

  5. So glad everyone is in town. Being with Family is the best thing EVER!!!

  6. What a beautiful big family. I love you all so much.

  7. Soleil has such beautiful eyes! (the Wu-Tang pic). I love Cooper Mountain Pinot’s. They are so close I can drive right to the winery, also Ponzi Vineyards .

  8. Huh? Some of the best wines in the world come from S America. But you did state the obvious in the first sentence.

    • You’re actually correct about the wines in South America, but they all come from Argentina and Chile. We’re absolutely dying to get down to the Mendoza Valley. Our drought is a result of the fact that access to these fine wines is nonexistent from the time you cross into Mexico until you get to Argentina and Chile. We’re still in Lima, but we’re within striking distance now! 🙂

  9. Cathy Alexander says:

    Stevie & Tree, Soleil. Is there an address Po. Box I can send Christmas cards or anything? Uncle Adam is handsome. Soleil just has the biggest brown, pretty eyes!!!!! I used make Ginger bread house every Christmas, not now because my girls are big! I miss making them! All the fun for me stops when your kids get big! I don’t want to feel retarded doing it and have all the leftovers! I always liked Uncle Pepi’s wine, he made the best for my taste anyway! My father visited wine country in California and he siad, it was beautiful! I don’t drink but I would like the see the beauty of the country! We’ll Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all and to all a good night!!!! Lots of Love: Cathy

  10. i love you. I love Soleil.

  11. soooo nice to be part of your tribe and to see that you have had great family time..

    we got a little wine scene growing in mosier, so you will have to check it out in august, when we await your return.

    i will be in Arg and Chile in jan and early feb, then back here anticipating spring…

    much love

  12. Absolutley beautiful family. The Sol looks beautiful, happy and most importantly healthy! congrats to you both on redefining the modern family. You are 3 spectacular !!! Cheers 🙂

    Lana & Brad

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