Dear Soleil… – 12/07/2012

Dear Soleil,

Happy eight week birthday my darling!

For your birthday we decided to do a family photo shoot so we could get some professional prints to give family for Christmas. Here are some of the shots.

I’ve been keeping notes of your first few weeks so that we’ll always be able to remember the cute things you did. Here are some highlights.

Week 1

We are so happy that you are not a cry baby. You have an impeccable temperament and hardly ever fuss or cry. You sleep a lot, but when you’re awake you are surprisingly aware. You’re already able to follow shapes with your eyes. Your Mama and I are still learning about how to take care of you, but you’re very patient with us. We try to swaddle you because that is what we learned in the baby books, but you’re a complete Houdini. You wiggle and fight until your arms are free. You have no security issues, you prefer to be free. We love this about you, so we’ve decided not to swaddle you at all.


Week 2

You started sucking your fingers this week. Mama calls you her little piranha because of the attack face you make when you breast feed. You started to move your head and you’re trying hard to pick it up and look around the room. You’re already so curious, but you have a very serious look on your face as you gaze around the room. You outgrew your dog bed this week. I cut out one side so your long legs could hang over. You get the hiccups all the time, which Daddy thinks is hilarious, and boy do you go through a lot of diapers!

Week 3

I’ve started you on a baby training program and we’re seeing great progress. This week you started to lift your head up all on your own. You are very strong for a baby your age. Everyone says that. We celebrated your first Halloween and Daddy dressed you up like a Trujillo beer. I’m not gonna lie to you sweetie, you were pissed. (remember here).

Noni has been teaching you how to dance and you love that. She dances you all over the house until you fall asleep. And early every morning she comes to our room and takes you away for special time. You guys play and smile and dance. Your Mama and I are SOOOO appreciative of your Noni. She put her life on hold up in the US and came all the way to Peru to watch you being born, and to help us learn how to take care of you. She has made the first couple of months so much easier and enjoyable. And boy does she love you!

Week 4

I wasn’t gonna make a big deal about it, but holy smokes are you pudging out! Your Mama now calls you pudgy-wudgy and worries if she’ll be able to satisfy your ferocious appetite every day. We’re all happy that you are such a good eater and are so healthy. You also met your Auntie Indra this week (remember here). You and her hit it off really well. And you had a breakthrough week with Kiki. She had been sniffing you for days, and finally this week she walked up and gave you a big lick on the face. You made the cut Sol. You’re in.

Week 5

You’ve started to smile on purpose now, and it melts our hearts every time you do it. You’ll also stick out your tongue when someone does it to you. Noni taught you that. You like to lay on your tummy and you’re sleeping for most of the night. But we don’t let you sleep on your tummy unless we’re watching you (Mama’s rules).  You love the paintings in the apartment. In fact, you’re a real art critic. You can now turn your head and eyes toward sound and direct your vision. Oh, and the best thing… you smell absolutely amazing. We’re all intoxicated by your baby smell, especially your Mama!

Week 6

You’re so strong. You’re lifting your head all the way up and keeping it there on your own. This week it appears that you’ve started to recognize people, and you’re even trying to talk. We can’t understand what you’re saying, but Daddy gives you an A for effort. You are now consistently sleeping 6 hours a night before getting up to feed, which is great! That means we’re only getting up once per night and Daddy can still get his 10 hours of sleep. Every day we are falling more in love with you.

Week 7

You’re 7 weeks old today.  You now make so many different kinds of sounds, it’s like we’re having a real conversation.  I suppose that when they told me the time would fly, they weren’t kidding. It seems like only yesterday we brought you into this world. I can see that this is going to be a very fast ride. Your mother and I are enjoying every minute and trying to absorb as much as we can. Mama has started talking to you in spanish now. She’ll be your spanish language parent and I’ll be your english. We’re excited to raise you speaking multiple languages.

Week 8

We’re now in your 8th week and we just got back from taking you on your first road trip, (coming in the next post). You really proved to us that you are road worthy! This week you actually slept 8 hours one night. We can’t believe it! You are just the perfect little baby. And you’re just as cute as ever honey. We’re getting really excited to take you back to the USA to show you off to friends and family.

Thank you for being the light of our lives.

Love – Daddy




Sol, you made it clear during this photo shoot that you did not want to participate. During the naked part of the shoot you peed on Mama two times, me one time, and then you pooped all over the front of Daddy’s favorite board shorts. I suppose the fact that you’re still part of the family is a testament to how much I love you.

Below, Mama tries to get distance from the spray as you empty a puddle onto the floor.



  1. My beautiful little Soleil Mariah…your Pa and NaNa are soooo excited to see and hold you. And of course excited to see your Mommy and Daddy also. We will play with you and share our travel adventures with you. And someday we will travel together.
    Love you my dear and see you in a few weeks.
    Pa and NaNa

  2. What a sweet girl, we can’t wait to meet you. Tree, you’re right about it being a fast ride. Too fast. You guys look great.

  3. “You wiggle and fight until your arms are free. You have no security issues, you prefer to be free.”

    She’s a natural nomad!

  4. Talk about melting your heart…favorite is the last one with eyes closed and smile…what a wonderful family..truly blessed by the Universe

  5. Amazingly beautiful family. I had to laugh b/c Dan and I have some incredibly similar pics hanging on our walls of him holding Sierra and me holding Kenz when they were babes. Love the style! Au Natural! Including the pee – although Dan got that (both times 🙂 )

  6. Love, love, love!
    Your little muñeca sure is something special!

  7. And I love the smile on the penultimate one. Like she’s got a secret but isn’t about to share…

  8. WOW!!! You guys all look amazing!! I miss her (and you guys) so much. And…. SEND MY NONI HOME!!

  9. Sherrie McCarthy says:

    Love her hat!!!

  10. Vanessa Díaz says:

    Q bonitassssssss!

  11. Taylor Robertson says:

    That hat is tough!

  12. Rob Wilson says:

    Sweet little girl.

  13. Judy Shuman says:

    So Precious! ~ Blessings and Joyful Love! ~

  14. Topher Wiegand says:

    Wow, Tree- y’all are just beyond words, beautiful. Merry Christmas to the three of you. May Santa bring you all great breaks and sun for your cuddle puddle in the sand.

  15. Mylene Pocorni says:

    Beautiful pictures! She is a real cutie.

  16. Jonathan Hawkins says:

    What a great picture.

  17. Trisha Harrison Neese says:

    Love them all! Congrats girl and enjoy baby’s first Xmas…the older they get, the more fun it becomes. This will be our favorite xmas yet, with many more to come. Xo

  18. Teri Hogan says:

    Awesome pics!

  19. Andrea Greever says:

    love my little cousin she is so precious

  20. Jene Fielder says:

    Awh, What beauty

  21. Carol Hiller says:

    Beautiful love..

  22. Jim Essenberg says:

    Great Pic’s Soooo happy for you!
    Jim In PDX

  23. UxHi Martìnez says:


  24. Carolyn Rose Ward-Schulman says:

    OH! So adorable, I can hardly wait to see you. Love Grandma

  25. John Rich says:

    Lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing.

    All the best,

  26. Beautiful jamborie!!! What a little being she is!

  27. Greg Lavespere says:

    Great pics!

  28. She’s just as beautiful as her parents! I had dreamed this year’s ago and to see it all come true makes me so happy! Christine and I want to see you three when you’re in town. I’ll email my new #. Happy Holidays!

  29. Jeanine Alexander says:

    She is one of the most beautiful little girls ive seen. Such a sweet little perfect face. Luvs

  30. Anonymous says:

    Swoon…Oh that little cutie girl melts my heart. Stevie, I swear you are more beautiful in every photo. Love the ‘lunch’ shot, it’s a very powerful portrayal of mother love.

    You’re cute too Tree.

    My love,

  31. awwwww what a sweet way for me to wake up to the world today- looking at all your beautiful, brimming with joy and pride faces, your contented faces……it isn’t as good as strolling over to your apartamente for brunch, but i’ll take it. y’all brought a huge grin to my face and filled my heart with love and sweetness. thank you!!!!!!!

  32. Alexis Collette Mobley says:

    OMG, those are beautiful pictures… see the light and joy in both of your eyes/hearts towards your creation….brought a some tears to my weary eyes……absolutely divine! Many blessings….xoxox

  33. los extranho

  34. Paula Stepp says:

    Beautiful – both of you…

  35. Lee Nelson says:

    awwwww what a shmoooosher!

  36. Josie Balzano says:

    How cute is that little bundle of preciousness!!!!!

  37. Theresa Alexander says:

    That’s my kinda hat !! Love pics

  38. Geoffrey Hill says:

    A baby is God’s opinion that life should go on. Apparently he wants it to be beautiful as well.

  39. Gwyn Lacross says:

    What a beautiful lil’ one! XO

  40. Michelle Gott Franco says:

    Great pictures and I love the video! Beautiful family!!

  41. Nice!!!!
    I like the stuff!
    Tell Soleil I love her!

  42. I love Soleil!!!!!!!

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