In Search Of Pico Alto

I’ve been missing the ocean like crazy ever since we moved down to Lima. Last week it called me, and when it calls, you go. Stevie gave me a hall pass so I grabbed my board and headed south to look for waves. My destination was the Punta Hermosa area where I hoped to find some size at Pico Alto.

I had learned about this place from my friend Richard back in August. The waves looked big and clean. Pico Alto – remember here

I made my way to Punta Hermosa and posted up at a hostel on the corner of…

I was stoked to surf and got busy chatting up the locals to get the scoop…

Unfortunately for me, it was flat as a pancake.  I knew it wasn’t going to be as big as the August swells, but I was at least hoping for something to stand up on. Not in the cards.

Surfing rule #19 – if there is a row boat in the line up, don’t suit up. It probably sucks.

It was all good though. I kicked it on the beach and drank beer. It was great to get out of the Miraflores bubble in Lima and back into the real Peru.

But something was pulling at my heart strings. Something was missing. It’s absolutely crazy how much I missed Soleil. I had to go back to Lima. I couldn’t be without her.

The new plan is to watch the swell forecast and return with Stevie and Sol when a bigger bump hits, probably next week.

Back in Lima my girls were waiting. We celebrated by going out to our favorite restaurant.

Side fact – We’ve learned that Sol is way into art. Anytime she sees a painting she’ll just stare at it forever. Although this makes for an easy way to sooth her, I can see that I’ll be in big trouble in a few years. With Sol’s vote I’m outnumbered, and Stevie will schedule a museum tour that’s gonna leave my feet hurting.

Oh well, I’ll do it for my girls. How can I say no to these two beauties?

If we get back down to Punta Hermosa for some waves next week I’ll put up the photos in another post. For now… it’s the daily Lima grind. Things could be worse.

🙂   -TREE


  1. Omg. I can’t wait to get that baby in my arms!!!

  2. BTW, this little guy in the surf photo was out there trunkin it in 2 foot surf in what should have been 4.3 wetsuit conditions. Impressive. TREE

  3. Simko – I heard you could teach babies sign language. check out the last photo in this post. That’s what I think of you avoiding me.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Where the heck are all the CARS in that town? And only a few people . . . It looks like a ghost town.

  5. You are such a lucky guy, Tree!

  6. Bummer you got skunked! Can’t wait to see what the swell brings. Remind Stevie to write me about your plans for FEB and MAR. I still want to come!

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