Punta Hermosa – Sol’s First Road Trip

When we get back from our vacation to the US, we’re hitting the road.

We figured it was a good time to take Soleil on a mini road trip to test the waters, you know, to make sure she is road worthy. It’s no picnic out there. Contrary to what a lot of people think, road life is tough. Sure, there are some bangin sunset hangs and amazing experiences to be had, but you also better be ready for dusty campgrounds, grungy hostel kitchens, and shady parking lot overnight stays.

I consider Stevie and I to be pretty competent road warriors. I’ve been living on the road full time since 2005 and Stevie has been at it since 2009. But we’ve both been wondering what it’s going to be like with a baby in tow. One thing we’ve learned right off the bat is that traveling with a baby is going to require taking more shit just about everywhere we go. A lot more shit.

But really, that’s a small price to pay to have Soleil on board.

This trip dovetailed perfectly with an incoming swell that was about to hit Punta Hermosa, so it was on. I had been skunked the week before (remember here), so I was double stoked for a little family road trip.

Below, Stevie and Sol get settled into our hostel room.

After getting settled in we set up a beach lurk and proceeded to teach Sol how to rock the Sprinter Life style…

The next day we had a nice 8 foot swell hit. Game on. I hadn’t surfed since my ear surgeries back in April (remember here). The stoke level was high.

Aside from that, it was just great to be out of Miraflores, Lima. How do you know when you’re officially out of the bubble? The street dogs are back!


Stevie’s not afraid. That’s my girl….

Punta Hermosa is a cool town. We really liked it. It’s known as the best ‘right’ wave in Peru. It’s being built up already, and in the future it will most likely be played out. Too bad. These places are running low these days.

One of our favorite things about our lifestyle is the community of nomads we meet and become friends with along the way. And how randomly we seem to run into them all over the place. We ran into our friend Lachlan who is from Australia. We met him in Tunco, El Salvador 2 years ago. He was surfing his way through Central America, and now he’s back in SA. Random. Cool.

We hung for a few days and then headed back to Lima. Apparently, while we were gone, summer decided to arrive, HA! I’m so over this town. I can’t wait to bounce. The time is near.

Just another day at the office…

One thing I’ve really been enjoying is carrying Sol around Lima in the frontal body carrier thingy. I get a lot of crazy looks. Men don’t carry babies in this country, or most Latin American countries for that matter. They all look at me like I’m nuts. Kinda like our housekeeper looked at me when she saw me changing a diaper the other day. A look of pure disbelief, admiration and shock. Then she proceed to tell my wife that I’m a “good man”. Truth be told, that’s why I really do it. 

Well, this will be our last post in Peru for a while. On Friday we board a plane to LA. Can’t wait to see our peeps.






  1. Simko will forgive me for first post.
    Tree and Stevie, Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! . . . . for sharing the first months of Sol’s life with me here in Lima. I am blessed. You two are AM.AZ.ING parents! . . . giving your daughter unwavering patience, joyous loving attention, and opportunities for a truly unique life. But the greatest gift you give her, (and I have witnessed this with awe) is the wild love of life and incredibly intense love that you share with each other. What a lucky child my granddaughter is! Have a ball out there. I love you all.

  2. Auntie Alex says:

    I am so pumped I cannot wait for your visit!!!! I cleaned the house and tried to get everything as ready as I can! I cannot waaaaaiiiiit. Is it Friday yet????

  3. Cool, hairless mutts!!!! The road is always good, enjoy your trip. 🙂 Who’s taking care of Kiki-mutt while you’re gone? As for man baby carriers, you’ll see quite a few in Chile. Of course by the time you get here, Sol will be HUGE!
    Lorraine in Chile

  4. Tree….. finally ROCKIN THE MOBY!!
    Told ya.
    When will you just believe your big sister and do as I say?

    LOVE YOU!!

  5. Hooray for Soleil’s first road trip; what a good baby. Really glad to see you guys heading back on the road again even with the added challenge of a new baby. Gives me inspiration to travel when my twins arrive! And Tree, I think having that baby in the sling with you makes you hot!

  6. Matt Fritsch says:

    changing your own Diapers Tree!?! A good man indeed!

  7. Sean Vierling says:

    I need to move to latin America! I am done with changing diaper…lol

  8. Michelle Gott Franco says:

    Maybe you can be the man who shows equality for fathers and mothers. That a father does equally for his child as the mother does! It always warms my heart when I see a father nurturing his child or just them going out to eat, something that simple! Way to go!

  9. Michael T. Bishop says:

    I was just going to post the same as Michelle did about you being an example of equality. So, many women would benefit if there were more men to help them in their communities.

  10. Corrin Crone Phillips says:

    Tree, you are a very, very good man

  11. Alexander Roberts says:

    You should offer night classes – Infant Care & Handling (including diapers) 101.

  12. Royce Stricklan says:

    If you ignore soleil’s head you look like particularly ugly crossdresser. No offense to crossdressers.

  13. Monique Saul says:

    I loved wearing my babies and now I get to wear my grand baby! Yay! I love my moby wrap! You guys are awesome!

  14. Astrid Sicola says:

    I think it’s cool that you are doing the opposite of the “Latin men’s club” meme. Awesome.

  15. Michael Tuohy says:

    They don’t think you Are crazy, they think you’re a homosexual.

  16. Tim Widmer says:

    Now that is a knot worth checking.

  17. Jene Fielder says:

    Love it,,you are in very good company Tree,,I know an incredible Latin individual that has this very same sling..and wore it with such pride. The Prince of Santa Monica is now 1yr old,,and a Happy loving Boy..

  18. soooooooo good to see you guys at the sea again! i could smell the ocean air along with you. and those hairless pooches are mighty interesting. stevie, did you get the book dog sense yet? i think we talked about it- heavily researched tome on how dogs came to be, including some really interesting bits on the dogs native to south america. it’s been a slow go for me because of school, but i’m sure you’d rip right through it. as you travel, i think you will actually be able to recognize some of the evolution, which sounds fun to a nerd like me.

  19. Great Aunt Debby and Great Uncle Bary says:

    What a major cutie! Can’t wait to see you all. Uncle Barry and I are down in your old turf, Venice Beach, this week visiting your cousin Paul and his clan! See you in Seattle. Travel safe! Love Aunt Debby and Uncle Barry

  20. Have a wondeful time in the US of A
    and Merry Christmas and Happy travels.

    ben and janet

  21. Give me a call when you hit the States!!


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