Pisco Power


Anyone who knows Sprinter Life knows that we are serious about our drinking. Not that we're raging alcoholics or anything, we just really enjoy a good beverage. And more than just drinking them, we … [Read more...]

Re-finding our kayaking family


After meeting Marco at Pico Alto (remember here), we followed him up into the mountains to the tiny town of Lunahuana. This little dream town sits on the Cañete river, and this is where Marco's best … [Read more...]

Welcome back to van life…


Last week we finished packing the van and left Lima! The morning of our departure was filled with both excitement and sadness. It's always hard to say goodbye to friends. And the thing about being … [Read more...]

Inflamed in the Membrane


Tree lay heavily sedated in the ICU of Clincia San Felipe with a feeding tube, a breathing tube, a catheter and an IV filled with sodium chloride plugged into too many orifices. Outside in the waiting … [Read more...]

Packed and ready…


Over the last week we've slowly packed up the apartment and reassembled our life back into the van. Surprisingly there appears to be room for all the new stuff. The Sprinter never ceases to amaze … [Read more...]

Van Love


It's time to get back on the road, and that means packing. But before we can re-load the van with what appears to be 10 times more shit than we use to have, we had to get it into the shop for a little … [Read more...]

The Weapon Is Here


Looky what showed up in the mail a couple days ago. The weapon is here! My new Liquid Logic Jefe kayak is here. Getting this boat down her to Peru was no easy task. I tried to have two different … [Read more...]

Home Sweet Home… or something.


This morning we arrived back in Lima after a wonderful 3 week vacation to the US. It was great to spend time with family and friends. We miss you all so much. Thank you for making our holidays … [Read more...]