Home Sweet Home… or something.

This morning we arrived back in Lima after a wonderful 3 week vacation to the US. It was great to spend time with family and friends. We miss you all so much. Thank you for making our holidays special.

Visiting and then leaving the United States always brings up strange feelings for us. On the flight home I did a little mini-reflection.

Things we miss most about the USA

1) Family and friends – The hardest thing about our lifestyle is being so far away from the people we love.

2) Efficiency-  We used to dread running errands when we lived in the States, but now that we have experienced a new level of bureaucratic hell in Latin America, we actually look forward to them when we come home.  It only takes being able to get more than one thing done in a day to make an overlander feel very, very accomplished.

3) Being able to drink the tap water, flush the toilet paper, and have hot water.

Things we DO NOT miss about the USA

1) The non-stop barrage of commercial advertising and drama news.

2) The driving laws.

3) The fact that you can be at a live Poncho Sanchez show with hundreds of people and NOBODY IS DANCING.


Any Howzer… we’re out. It’s back to South America for us. And we’ll be back on the road very soon. 

The trip back to Peru was rather uneventful. We did make a couple new friends at the airport. One was a totally random meeting with a Sprinter Life fan. I was walking through the International Terminal in LA and a woman walked up to me and said, “HEY, I read your blog! Where is Stevie?“. Our new friend, Carol, is from Canada and was on a connecting flight through LA. HI CAROL!!!!  🙂

Then there was Maria, below, who is Peruvian and has one adult kid in Portland with whom she lives and two kids in Bolivia. She spoke english, spanish and quechua and was full of great recommendations for our future travels. Super nice lady. It was nice to be speaking spanish again.

We learned a valuable nomad travel lesson on the way home. No more red eye flights for us! It’s not the way to go with an infant. Soleil slept all night, but Stevie found it too hard to sleep while holding her and got zero ZZZZs. Oh well, at least Sol styled her first red eye flight. It was her second mega international travel day with nothing but smooth sailing. Two poops, two feedings, ZERO crying. I love this baby! She is so easy.

When we arrived back in Lima everything was as we left it. James and Lauren did a great job taking care of Kiki. Those guys are just plain cool. A+ in my book.

So now begins the process of figuring out how to un-pause our vehicle permit, (remember why we paused it here). I have a feeling it’s going to be a noodle. The shit show already started before we even left. The place where I had the van parked at kicked us out. We had an arrangement with them to park our van there until end of January. When I went by to check it at the beginning of December, they simply told me to leave. When I asked why, the guy thought about it for a second and said, “Because you’ve been here too long“. I reminded him that I was paying to be there and the cops told me not to move the van. He paused again and said, “Yes, but you leave. Goodbye“.

<Sigh>… Welcome to Peru.

I had to illegally move the van onto the street in front of our apartment. Upon returning I was happy to see that it was still there.

After we get the vehicle permit un-paused, I’ll have the van tuned up and then start figuring out how in the world we’re going to fit everything back in it. Then we’ll be heading South towards Chile. Can’t wait to see that open road.




Check out this short clip of Stevie giving Soleil her first piano lesson. We’re getting her ready to jam with Wynne Zimmerman!






  1. Nonituyas says:

    I just ordered my Argentina books. Starting to prepare.
    I miss my Sweet Pea. Kiss her for me EVERY morning and tell her that her Noni loves her.

  2. Great Aunt Debby and Great Uncle Bary says:

    Uncle Barry and I bought a book on Argentina too. We are ready to buy tickets as soon as you can give us a general date. May, June? Glad the trip home went smooth. We loved getting to see you and meeting Sol was the best gift of the season!
    Stevie, I had no idea you played the piano. You never cease to amaze me! Beautiful!

  3. Anne Kaffeekanne says:

    Bienvenidos! How long will you stay in Lima? We leaving to Huanchaco on wednesday… would love to see you before!

  4. Benny Tadeo says:

    glad you guys made it home safe great spending time with you hopefully see you guys again soon . Peace

  5. that’s the kind of baby i want!

  6. Melissa Albro says:

    Tears, I missed you guys

  7. Kelly Breathe says:

    The Most beautiful baby … she radiates the perfect love of her amazing parents

    I Love this… especially after seeing her smile, giggle & toot lol xoxoxo

  8. Freida Whiddon Cox says:

    Sweet smile, and those eyes…beautiful!

  9. Walter Burkhardt says:

    Born a traveling child…

  10. Karin Stronkhorst says:

    what a beautiful smile

  11. Alexis Schafer says:

    Glad you guys made it safely! Miss you guys already.

  12. Soleil is so beautiful!! Congrats on a successful trip home

  13. What a sweet baby. Look how happy she is.

  14. Candy Benteu says:

    Glad you made it home safe Sweeties. Now give that baby plenty of tummy time on the road okay. Love you, Auntie Candy

  15. Geoffrey Hill says:

    adorable babiness, may she always be a traveller and never a tourist.

  16. Cate Brubaker says:

    Damn that girl is long! I mean, it’s hard to say “tall” about a baby.

  17. Donna Clary says:

    Love it, thanks for sharing…and now…more adventure!

  18. Lee Nelson says:

    She’s so cute! I hope you guys get some GOOD relaxation at home!!! It was FABULOUS to see you!

  19. Gail Heenan says:

    Beautiful picture. Know why Daddy is so proud. Safe traveling

  20. Le Tour de Sprinter Life had an outstanding 2012. With the addition of Soleil Mariah Trujillo in October, the 2013 Tour can only be better! (Big Love)

  21. SO CUTE!!!!

  22. Nícá and theo says:

    We love Soleil!

  23. Ooh I miss you already!

  24. Guy Loften says:

    Great seeing you guys, hope to see ya soon. May the Universe bless you with health, wealth and happiness.

  25. Julie Williams says:

    Glad you guys had a great time! Hopefully you will make it to Tampa one of these days! I love your baby. She is beautiful. Miss you Stevie. Stay safe.

    • Miss you too Jules. One of these days we will cross paths again. In the meantime, thank god for the internet…and wine. Always grateful for wine! Can’t wait to share a bottle with my favorite mama of four. xoxoxoxoxo.

  26. Things we DO NOT miss about the USA
    1) The non-stop barrage of commercial advertising and drama news.
    2) The driving laws.
    3) The fact that you can be at a live Poncho Sanchez show with hundreds of people and NOBODY IS DANCING.

    Tree, I agree with you on all of the above BUT please remember that dancing is illegal in the USA.
    I can live with the driving laws but cant live with laws against enjoying life. If you dance in any restaurant, bar or club that doesn’t have have a dancing license that is current and paid up you can be arrested and the establishment can be closed.
    I was in San Miguel de Allende a few weeks ago and every night there was dancing in the streets. The police all had ear to ear smiles on their faces.
    Where did we go wrong up here in civilization? Puritans?

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