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Anyone who knows Sprinter Life knows that we are serious about our drinking. Not that we’re raging alcoholics or anything, we just really enjoy a good beverage. And more than just drinking them, we enjoy learning about them. The history, the process, the type, the taste… we love the entire thing.

This much is clear when you look at some of our experiences over the last couple of years…

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For the last year Stevie and I have been excited to reach central Peru where they are famous for making Pisco.

Pisco is a colorless grape brandy produced in the central winemaking regions of Peru. It was developed by Spanish settlers in the 16th century. The first grapevines used in modern Pisco production arrived in Peru in 1574.

The beverage received its name from the town of Pisco, located on the coast of Peru. Many of our overlanding friends have gone to the town of Pisco expecting to have a good experience, but we learned from friends in Lima that this is the ghetto of Pisco production. All the good stuff happens in other little valleys around that area.

And, coincidentally, the Cañete River valley is one of the MOST FAMOUS of all Pisco production areas in Peru. Can you believe our luck?

I didn’t realize this until after our first day of kayaking. Right at the take out there is a famous little Pisco vineyard. Although I was dehydrated and on an empty stomach, Marco made no bones about checking us into a bottle of their finest.

This guy is crazy! I love hanging out with him!

Luis, another friend of ours, gave me a tour of the distillery. They’ve been making Pisco here since the 1800s.

Soon the rest of the family showed up, and one bottle became three.

Damn you Marco! Damn you.

There were plenty of more top notch tasting rooms to hit, so I dressed up the girls and we headed out.

Nothing says “responsible drinking” like a coco-taxi!

Soleil did great on her first Pisco tour. I know we keep saying this and it might be getting old to some of you, but we really do have the calmest, easiest baby in the world. She just goes anywhere without fuss.

Our overall impression with Pisco is that it’s a very unique, acquired taste, similar to sipping Tequila. We actually liked the Pisco wines more than the straight Pisco. I’m glad we had the Pisco experience up here as opposed to down on the coast. So worth it!

Back at the hotel, Mommy and Soleil slept it off.

Then we gave Soleil her very first swimming pool session. It was a little cold, but after she got used to it she loved it!

I fall more in love with this baby girl every day. It’s just crazy how much you can love someone.

To all those people who helped Stevie convince me to have a child, thank you. 





  1. Ding Ding…………..You’re welcome.

  2. Nonituyas says:

    Ditto ding! You’re welcome twice. 🙂

  3. Ding ding ding. Lets be honest. It was your amazing niece and nephew who convinced you!!

  4. Great Aunt Debby and Great Uncle Bary says:

    I guess that says it all. Our family is all a little “DINGY”

  5. Cuantos vasos de vino Sol?

  6. Megan Hall Jimenez says:

    looks like it wiped her out! I believe I may have been that small while tasting brews in Germany ;o)

  7. Matt Fritsch says:

    keep on living the dream you three! Travel on and on and on my friend.

  8. Jenica Fonttenaus says:

    Haha, shes just like her mom!

  9. Renee D'Antoni says:

    Love it!

  10. Melissa Monroe says:


  11. Alexander Roberts says:

    JEALOUS !!!

  12. Judy Shuman says:

    A Precious Gem!

  13. Soleil,
    You are getting so much hair! 😀
    r u teaching her to swim?
    Love Nica

    • Hi Nica! Right now I’m just getting her comfortable being in the water. So far she seems to really like it. My plan is that if she really enjoys being in the water, she’ll want to learn to swim and it will be easy to teach her. What do you think? Good plan? You’re such a great swimmer. I’d love to hear your thoughts. xoxoxo.

      • Is the water warm? If its not, then its a horrible idea. I hated cold water when I was little. But now that I’m 8 I’m ok with it. xoxoxox

        • I still don’t like cold water. You are much tougher than I am.

          The water in the pool was luke warm, but still seemed a little too chilly for Sol. She didn’t cry though. I could just tell that she didn’t like it as much as she likes her warm baths. She usually likes to float and splash around in the tub, but not this time. She had a suspicious scowl on her face that threatened a real meltdown if we weren’t careful. We only stayed around 5 minutes in the water with her, and I think that was plenty enough time for her. Maybe we’ll get lucky and find a heated pool down the road. I think that she would really enjoy that.

          I can’t wait until you can swim with her and give her some good pointers! I love you!

  14. I’m not one who convinced you guys to have a child (being one of those happy childless types), but it seems like y’all really lucked out in that case; your lovely daughter looks like a calm, old soul in every photo you post. I WOULD, however, convince you to have a Pisco Sour, raw egg white and all. I was in Peru years ago at the age of 18 and the buzz I got off of one of those has remained unequaled in 25 years. Still a very very clear memory . . .

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