Van Love

It’s time to get back on the road, and that means packing. But before we can re-load the van with what appears to be 10 times more shit than we use to have, we had to get it into the shop for a little TLC.

The Sprinter has pretty much been sitting parked for most of the last year while we were pregnant. When I went to drive it to the dealership, it was barely running. It had an oil leak and had set itself into limp mode. But we made it there.

Lima has a great Sprinter dealership. I felt pretty good about this place. There were plenty of vans around to indicate that this team knew what they were doing. It was a lot better than some of the counties we’ve repaired in.

After 4 days under the knife, the Sprinter rolled out in solid shape as far as the motor goes. We’re dealing with some other “classic” overlander issues though. For some reason the house batteries aren’t working, which means nothing runs other than the motor. No interior lights, no refrigerator, nothing. So now we’ll need to find someone quialified to F around with that noodle before we leave Lima.

On top of that, our entire windshield is rusting out. I’m not really sure what we’re going to do about that issue. It’s probably going to blow up on us sometime in the next year. Hopefully we can make it to a good repair place in Argentina.

I had forgotten how much of an adventure overlanding is. Just keeping the rig running can be a challange sometimes.

We’re on schedule to depart in one week. We’re both super excited and ready to go. Stay tune for pics on how I’m planning to fit everything back in the van! Should be interesting.



P.S. – Soleil Update

I think our daughter might be unusually long. Check out the size of her legs! She’s gonna be a tall girl. I just know it. She is growing fast and is laughing and trying to talk. She’s gonna be a real chit-chatter, just like her Mom. I’ll try to get a quick video together in the next week or so.




  1. OK guys. HOW far south are you heading? I could be tempted to go north… would need a sitter for Luna & Fluffy…. Cause scared by the time you get near Santiago, I could be gone!

    • Hi Lorraine,
      Right now we’re thinking of dropping in down to Iquique. We might go further, it’s hard to say. Totally depends on the waves. We don’t want to drop too far down cause we plan to cross back into Peru in March and head to Cusco before dropping down into Bolivia. After that we’ll be making our way south to Mendoza. In late July we fly out of Santiago to head back to the states for a month. We’ll connect in 2013 for sure. Just depends on when and where.

  2. Holy moly she IS super long! I’m wicked jealous. She’s probably already half my size. What a beauty! I’m really looking forward to see how you are going to pack your life into that van. I’d like a tutorial so I can tuck it away in my tickler file for our future. Can’t wait to see what’s next for Sprinter Life! Sending love!

    • Hey Malia
      yeah, we spent the day cleaning out the van and sussing the situation. I think we’ve got it. Should be pretty full though. Fuller then we’ve ever been, thats for sure.

  3. Jock Bradley says:

    Of course she is long. She has “sprinter” legs. You also forgot to mention that she is gorgeous.

  4. Benny Tadeo says:

    right on you guys have a safe trip in a good time . pinch the baby’s cheeks for me

  5. Blaine Franger says:

    Adventure time! Looking forward to following along on the blog!

  6. Soleil has pink p.j.s?

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