Could be a day… could be a month


Let's see, what's been going on with Sprinter Life the last few days? Nothing very exciting really. I've been hammering away on an Outdoorplay project, working 10+ hour days and over-all being a … [Read more...]

Kayaking & Climbing In Arequipa


So far Arequipa has been treating us very well. We love the hang, with the exception of the separate "his and hers" beds. Gustavo has really hooked us up though. This might go down as one … [Read more...]

Winning In Arequipa


After being rejected at the border trying to get into Chile (remember here), we decided to head up to Arequipa to regroup. Arequipa is in far southern Peru and is the second largest city. We fell … [Read more...]

Rejected From Chile – Our First Border Failure


That's right. We were rejected at the border trying to get into Chile. It's the second time we've ever been turned away from a country. The other time was our rejection into Canada, (remember … [Read more...]

I Am Awesome: The Meaning of Life


I'm sitting here on the beach at Puerto Inca -- a tiny fishing village in the south coastal desert of Peru nestled into a beautiful, protected bay. It's rugged. Part Planet of the Apes, part … [Read more...]

An Oasis Quick-Stop: Huacachina


Our last few days hanging out at Leo's house were awesome. We lounged around, drank wine, and had lots of great conversations. We really enjoyed getting to know these people and have made plans … [Read more...]