Could be a day… could be a month

Let’s see, what’s been going on with Sprinter Life the last few days? Nothing very exciting really.

I’ve been hammering away on an Outdoorplay project, working 10+ hour days and over-all being a pain in the ass to be around (sorry Stevie).

Meanwhile, Stevie has been attending to our daily life. This includes all the gnarly projects that feel impossible to accomplish when you’re living in southern Peru.

Little things, like getting our mail sent down from the US so we can do our taxes. Yeah, the box is currently held in customs in Lima. Will they release it? We don’t know. Stevie has been on the phone and email with with the ministry-of-importing-something-or-another-department. It’s only our most important mail from the year. Thanks Peru.

And then there’s the doggie document nightmare, which entails shifting through hoards of paper work while talking to an Arequipena vet, trying to figure out what we need to get Kiki into the next country. Yeah, that’s a fun job.

And of course she’s been on Sol-Patrol non stop since I’ve been glued to my computer screen. What a wife I have. A better partner in life I could not imagine.

People warned us about this, but it seems like Soleil is growing so damn fast. She changes every day. Every day she does something new. Her latest thing is laughing. Right now it’s random as to what will get her laughing, so I find myself doing all kinds of stupid stuff until I trigger the giggle. I never thought I’d be “that guy”. Oh well, It’s worth it. Her laugh melts me.

We did get a chance to hook up with our friends from Ruined Adventures, Brenton and Shannon. Had a great couple dinners and even took Brenton down the river. These are some cool cats right here. They headed off into Bolivia, but we’re hoping to regroup with them in Mendoza in a few months.

We’re not really sure how much longer we’re going to be in Arequipa. Right now it totally depends on this ODP project I’m working on. We have a pimp set-up at Gustavo’s with smoking fast interent, so it’s hard to leave that until the project is over.

We’ll see. Could be a day… could be a month. That’s Sprinter Life.





  1. Auntie Alex says:

    Sol is getting cuter everyday! Looks like her eyes are changing color too! Can’t wait to give her a big hug and kiss! Glad all is well with you guys hope you get your mail & Kiki sorted out.

  2. Great Aunt Debby and Great Uncle Barry says:

    Wow, I can’t believe how big Sol is getting. We might need a video fix soon, with laughing of course. Hug to you all!

  3. Nobody ever thinks they’re going to be “that guy” Tree, but it happens. Just wait, you’ll find yourself doing even crazier shit in the future.

  4. Video with laughing please!

  5. I second that! Laughing video please.

  6. ODP project.. oh do tell. Oh, I guess the cat will be out of the bag sooner than later. lol

  7. John Franzen says:

    My daughter had the same duckie towel. Brings back memories

  8. Orla Kavanagh-Beana says:

    I luv that towel – Logan had one just like it. Bath Time = Laugh Time

  9. Donna Clary says:

    Beautiful of course…can’t wait to hear the laugh. Nothing is as precious as a child’s unbridled belly laugh.

  10. Very cute she is growing so fast!

  11. Best sound in the world!

  12. April Stricklan says:

    The best sound ever!! So sweet and innocent:)

  13. Sean Vierling says:

    Nothing beats a daughters laugh

  14. Baby laughter is my favorite sound!

  15. Liz Ancona says:

    A child’s laughter is still the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard…

  16. Tamara Suarez says:

    She is Beautiful!

  17. j ejejejejeeee…must be a four month thing with the baby girls…my grandbebe is doing the exact same thing on the European continent!!! Hahaha

  18. Kelly Breathe says:

    The most beautiful baby girl!

  19. Jene Fielder says:

    There joy is the best gift ever! LOL…..

  20. Karen Todino says:

    Lovin’ the cheeks!!!! What a beautiful niece I have.

  21. Gail Heenan says:

    Darling baby and such a cute picture. Bring her back to America now. Love you guys and want you safe.

  22. Jeez, we look awesome in those photos 🙂

    We’ll send you guys our pictures from Arequipa as soon as we have internet that is less…Bolivian. Not sure if you got any of the river photos, but there were some great ones of you in the water. Send Soleil and Kiki our love!

  23. Hi,
    Working on a website can sometimes really be a pain in a but, specially with kids that “always need attention” (well my twins do), but you can do it at your own pace, which is better then any other ” regular job”…

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