An Oasis Quick-Stop: Huacachina

Our last few days hanging out at Leo’s house were awesome. We lounged around, drank wine, and had lots of great conversations.

We really enjoyed getting to know these people and have made plans to regroup with them later this spring in the Sacred Valley. It’s interesting how you meet some people in life who are just so… good.

Leo and Daniela paid close attention to Sol all week. They are having a child due in May, so they were picking up all the pointers they could. This is what Sol’s bath time looks like when Sprinter Life is on the road.

Stevie has been wanting to go zip-lining since we were back in Costa Rica but has never had a chance. Before we left Leo gave her a free ride. What a guy. Seriously, so generous.

She was a little nervous, but mostly just excited. She loves roller coasters, so as expected she loved the zip line.

All good things come to an end, and we knew we had to hit the road. We have only one week to cross the border into Chile before our vehicle permit expires.

We packed up, said our goodbyes, and headed out.

We drove south past the town of Pisco and through the hot Peruvian desert.

Our destination was Huacachina, a little oasis right in the middle of the sand dunes off the Pan-American Highway. Marco had recommended this as a good spot to lay over on our way south. It’s a very chill lagoon surrounded by some restaurants and hostels.

The highlight attraction are a couple boats you can hire to row you around the lagoon. This ride takes about 4 minutes and the Peruvians love to cram 10 family members into a boat and go for the ride.

Fun Fact:

As some of you may already know, in Latin America the people pronounce V as B. Hence, MoviStar, one of the lead cellular service providers in Peru, is pronounced moby-star.

So I suppose it’s no surprise when you commission an artist to paint Mobydick on your boat, you get this:

There are a few more things we want to see on our way south, but we don’t have a lot of time to get across the border. We’re hoping we like northern Chile. The plan is to hang there for the month of February. We’ll post up on the beach somewhere and get a bunch of work done. Then we’ll cross back into southern Peru to regroup with Marco and Leo for some kayaking trips. We should get a new 90 day vehicle permit when we come back… fingers crossed.


Kiki, never too old to get frisky.


  1. Nonituyas says:

    Ding Ding . . . (Can’t believe I beat Simko!) . . .
    Lovely part of Peru – sorry I missed it!
    But more importantly, I need a Sol fix yesterday please.

  2. Such content, Soleil is such a peaceful happy baby!!!!!!

  3. Great blog you two. It is cold and foggy here but I can see that is not an issue for all of you. I am full of envy! Love you all. Auntie

  4. Jiro Wiseman says:

    Safe travels on the road! You’re rocing the “Bebe a Bordo” sticker on the van right?

  5. I love the pink chair for Sol. What is that called? Sol is growing so fast.

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