Moving Deeper Into Bolivia


We really enjoyed our little lake side hang at Copacabana, but we had to move. The internet connectivity was killing us. Before leaving, we went up to the cathedral to have our van blessed. We're … [Read more...]

Isla Del Sol – Happy Birthday Tree


We headed out to Isla Del Sol for my 39th birthday, as noted in our last post, (remember here). I have to admit, birthdays have always been a big deal to me. I've always taken them very seriously. … [Read more...]

Welcome To Bolivia – Copacabana


Getting into Bolivia was a bit of a struggle, with police and border official trying to extract money from us (remember here). Gian Marco had warned us that the police in Bolivia were more corrupt … [Read more...]

Dear Soleil – Your 3rd Country – Bolivia


My dear little Soleil, You're now a whopping 6 months old and you've just entered your 3rd country, Bolivia. (Technically this is your 4th country. They stamped you into Chile, but then wouldn't let … [Read more...]

End of an Era… Adios Peru


We've been in Peru for over a year and a half. We never planned it that way. We got pregnant while hanging out in the little surf town of Huanchaco in Northern Peru, (remember here). We decided to … [Read more...]

The best of show – Machu Picchu


After a great couple of days hanging at Cola De Mono (remember here), we left the van and headed for Machu Picchu via a short, scenic, and cheap hydroelectric train ride to Aguas Calientes. After … [Read more...]

Cola De Mono – The Jungle


The path that most people take to Machu Picchu is via a long tourist train from the Cusco/Sacred Valley area. There are no roads that go all the way to Machu Picchu, but there is one that gets … [Read more...]