Ojo Del Inca – Eye Of The Inca


Visiting Sajama, (remember here), turned out to be the perfect first stop after leaving La Paz. The road east was open and safe. We left there all fired up, but I was still a little apprehensive about … [Read more...]

Somos Sprinter Life…Sin Pavimento!


It was finally time to leave La Paz, and after being massively out voted in our last post, (remember here), we decided to take Stevie's route south through Bolivia instead of east to … [Read more...]

Help Us Decide: South or East?


We need your help! It's decision time and a small rift has developed in Sprinter Life. Stevie wants to go South. I want to go East. What say you? Here is the deal. We've been trapped in La Paz, … [Read more...]

Making a run for it…


Last week went by with no real improvement with the situation in Bolivia, (remember the situation here). All the roads remained closed, the protesters remained active. There wasn't much for us to do … [Read more...]

Nobody’s Going Anywhere – Trapped in La Paz


Well, what was originally supposed to be a couple of days stay in La Paz is now entering into the 4th week. The fact is, we're trapped in La Paz, Bolivia. Bolivian mining unions have staged … [Read more...]

The Fighting Cholitas: Happy Mother’s Day!


  Petticoats.  Bowler hats.  Body slams.   What's not to love?  When Tree asked me what I wanted to do for Mother's day, I knew I had to use my "special-day advantage" to get him to take me to … [Read more...]

The World’s Most Dangerous Road


Long before we ever arrived in Bolivia I had heard about The World's Most Dangerous Road, and, of course, shortly after hearing about it, I declared to Stevie that WE would be driving it. Caveat - … [Read more...]

La Paz, Politics, and Cheese


We've probably been in La Paz way too long. It's getting close to 2 weeks now. As I mentioned in the previous post, this is supposed to be a quick stop-over. Not a full on post-up hang. The fact … [Read more...]

La Paz – The highest capital in the world


La Paz is not typically a traveler's highlight. It's a giant city located at ebbing altitudes between 12,000 - 13,500 feet. Most travelers use it as a stop over on their way to other parts of … [Read more...]