Making a run for it…

Last week went by with no real improvement with the situation in Bolivia, (remember the situation here). All the roads remained closed, the protesters remained active. There wasn’t much for us to do but wait.

We tried to stay productive, but I was starting to get bummed as we stared a 5th straight week in the eye. I kept busy with work and Stevie spent her time writing.

I hunted down a dentist as my tooth was seriously bothering me ever since that dentist f’ed me up in Lima, Peru. I had been trying to make it to Argentina, but it wasn’t happening. As it turned out, I found an amazing dentist, probably the best I’ve had in years, and he fixed the problem!

I also managed to send my two climbing projects! I was really stoked on this. Finally starting to feel good on the rock again. Below are a couple crappy photos my GoPro 3 took on auto pilot. I’ve got to learn how to use that camera better.

Below, my climbing buddy Eric gifts me an imported beer for the effort! Nice treat.

So, climbing projects sent, dentist done, all caught up on work… still stuck. I was really starting to get depressed, until I woke up this morning and saw the front page. Translation, there is going to be a 48 hour pause on the road blocks while the protesters try to reach an agreement with the Government.

BAM! This is our window. We’re outta here.

We’re going to leave at 6am tomorrow morning and try to make it to Sucre while the roads are temporarily open. It’s now or never. These negotiations are a long shot, and if they don’t reach an agreement, chances are that escalations will spike on Wednesday.

If we can get to Sucre in the south of the country, at least we’ll be a stones throw from the Argentinian border. I’m confident we can get to Sucre, but my big concern is gas. We’ve got a full tank, plus our gas cans, so we can go 800 miles. Hopefully we can buy gas down there! We’ve heard that most of the stations are out since the re-fueling trucks haven’t been able to get through.

On the positive note, our very close friends from Lost World were stuck in Sucre and they just made it to La Paz after a grinding 12 hour drive. So, we’ll go for it tomorrow.

Unfortunately, this only leaves us 24 hours to see our friends, Luis and Lacey. They are heading northeast on a burly route through eastern Bolivia and into the Brazilian Amazon. These guys rock.

Not sure when we’ll see them again, so we’re making the most of the short time we have together.

Below, Sol gets comfortable in Uncle Luis’s Land Cruiser.

Looks like we’ll be having a big party tonight. Us, Lost World, and our bad ass new friends from Brazil!

Then tomorrow at 6am we’re outta here. Wish us luck as we run the gauntlet!




  1. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way,fingers and toes crossed for you and Sol just gets sweeter as each day goes by.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Be careful !

  3. Nonituyas says:

    Ditto that, Anonymous.
    Um, I’ve seen more photos of my son getting medical help than any other parent in the universe. Just saying. It’s costing me a fortune in hair dye.
    Take care of your Precious Selves.

    • Yeah.. be happy, It sounds like they are right where they need to be. I wish I had a quarter of that… but i know I am where I need to be.

  4. May the winds of peace be at your backs, carrying you safely south.


  5. Keep your heads down and your spirits up! Keep safe

  6. Anonymous says:

    Safe passage to you.

  7. Good luck buddy! Thinking of you guys.

  8. your lives are exactly how i want to spend my days! i stumbled upon this website while trying to get ideas for a sprinter van i want to convert. i was just curious as to what you guys to for the little amount of money you do need to survive. do you just have enough saved to travel on for a few years? thanks for the inspiration!

  9. Have a safe journey to Sucre! Chao amigo

  10. Arlene Burns says:

    May the force be with you…

    Back into the flow of fate and magic

    Happy family jamboree

    Love you guys and baby and dawg

  11. the baby girl was crying??!! how sad does she look. good luck my friend and take care~

  12. We got SHUT DOWN on this plan…
    We made it 4 hours south before hitting about 100 active road blocks in Oruro, the mining stronghold of Bolivia. Apparently the “pause for negotiations” didn’t go so well. We almost got trapped in the city trying to weave our way through the blocks. Got sketched and retreated back to La Paz. Burned half our gas and wasted 8 hours. Evaluating our options now. What to do… what to do… -TREE

  13. If anyone can do it you can amigo. Stay safe and caffeinated.

  14. Nica says says:

    Pepper,we’re cool!

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