Going On Vacation – USA or BUST!


After an amazing week on Rapa Nui island (remember here), we headed back to Santiago and posted up at a B&B right in Providencia. Time to pack the bags... we're going on VACATION! We … [Read more...]

Easter Island – Rapa Nui


When you take on South America by road, there is bound to be a bucket list of must-dos in each country. So far we've been successful ticking ours off. Angel Falls in Venezuela, the Pacifico in … [Read more...]

The Risks We Take


  Dear Soleil, It was June, 1997, and whitewater kayaking was experiencing a golden age. All disciplines of the sport were peaking, from freestyle to slalom racing, and at the front of the … [Read more...]

Catching up… Moving on… Chile


Well, we've fallen a bit behind on the blog posts, haven't we?  Here's a quick update since we last posted. We ended up staying in Mendoza more than a couple days. I think it ended up being more … [Read more...]