Catching up… Moving on… Chile

Well, we’ve fallen a bit behind on the blog posts, haven’t we?  Here’s a quick update since we last posted.

We ended up staying in Mendoza more than a couple days. I think it ended up being more like 8 or 9 days. Hard telling. The vino flow was on me, constantly. We were all a little dazed.

During the time in Mendoza we went through 2 hostels, ate too many empanadas, and I went rock climbing once, only to determine it was far too cold to be productive. Apparently it’s winter down here.

We had one casualty. A full glass of wine was accidentally thrown at full speed, and unfortunately missed it’s target (which I think may have been me) and landed on my computer. My Macbook is now completely dead. This was a devastating loss as there was no Apple tech service available in all of Argentina.

The lack of rock climbing and loss of my computer finally prompted our departure from Mendoza, across the Andes mountains into Chile, where we hoped to find an Apple tech service and something to do other than drink.

Over the Andes we went, just missing a big snow storm. I really need to get new front tires for the van. These roads are starting to make me nervous.

Crossing into Chile this time, we made sure to have all of our paper work in order. I emptied my secret hiding spot of all things “illegal” but Kiki’s stash wasn’t so fortunate.  They confiscated a whole bag of meds from her ’emergency’ kit.

This was the first time since we left the United States that we officially declared Kiki as a passenger.  Mixed feelings.  At least they let us in.

After spending way too much money on lodging in Santiago, we found a Mac store where they told me the logic board was fried. Joy. I commandeered Stevie’s Mac, bought a new one online to pick up in the States, and came up with a repayment plan for the damages.

When I asked Stevie what she thought a massage was worth, she said $50, not knowing I meant she would be the masseuse.  She tried to change her answer to $1000, but it was too late.  She owes me 42 back rubs.  That is our current state of affairs.  

I couldn’t get out of that city fast enough. We decided to head to Pichilemu, the #1 surf town in Chile. The surf forecasts looked promising, and we were hoping for cheaper accommodations.

We arrived to a beautiful point break lit up with 10 foot faces. We found an amazing deal on a self-contained bungalow right on the beach. Yep, probably gonna be here for a spell.


Soleil’s Global Citizen Diary

1) 10/9/2012  – Born in Lima, Peru (remember)

2) 12/14/2012  – 2 months old, entered USA (remember)

NA) 2/8/2013 – 4 months old, entered Chile, stamped in but rejected at the border (remember)

3) 4/14/13 – 6 months old, entered Bolivia (remember)

4) 6/2/13 – 8 months old, entered Argentina (remember)

5) 6-23-13 – 8 months old, entered Chile (for real this time)




  1. Ding ding peeps. Surfs up.

  2. HUGE waves up here today, hope you’re enjoying!

  3. Wow.. how am I the first?
    Anywhoo…. would like to know what made Stevie throw a precious full glass of wine at you. Must have been note worthy to share with your 1000 closest friends here. Come on! Spill! (ha, no pun intended)

    • Anonymous says:

      Damn… took too long writing.

    • Okay, so here’s what happened. Someone left a bag of cookies that did not belong to us out on the table at the hostel. It was a very yummy bag full of chocolate chip, marmalade filled, lemony wafer, melt in the mouth butter cookies. I turned a cheek the first couple of times Tree pillaged the bag, rationalizing that maybe the person meant to leave his scrumptious cookies out for all to eat. After the third or fourth cookie, though, I warned Tree that enough was enough. We had crossed the line between ‘Oh, were those yours?’ to ‘Hey!! You fucking ate all my cookies!!!”. But he was hooked. He went back for a fifth and a sixth and had no intention of stopping. So, out of love, I intervened. But when I went to snatch the bag from his grasp, I wacked my wine glass and shot its contents at the ports side of his computer, and it died. We couldn’t come to terms with that at first. It seemed like such a small amount of wine, and the computer was closed, unplugged…how could that happen, right? Tree slept in the van that night, mourning the death of a good friend 🙁 I felt really bad, but now he has my computer, and I feel more bad for me. Lesson learned: Let husband eat cookies.

      • Nice cover story Babe. You really sold it in the details.

        Don’t worry, I would never let the true story out.

        #1 rule of fight club… We do Not talk about fight club.

        xoxox – Husband

  4. I’m with Hoop. Why the wine toss?

  5. Ah that baby is amazing and I can’t wait to meet her. Love the pics of her sweet face! I’m tracking you people down next month when you are close to my hood so I can hug you and play with Sol. So glad you posted! I’ve been wanting to hear more about Argentina! And now I am intrigued about the flying glass of wine. What kind was it? What was the year?

  6. cheryll says:

    Yah, Tree. What DID you do to deserve a full glass of wine coming at you full force? Inquiring minds want to know.

  7. Glad you finally updated. You need to keep away from la vino as we never hear what you’re up to!

    • Hey Rhonda,
      Yeah, been kinda tired of the blog lately. Thinking about shutting it down. Not sure…

      Hope all is well with you


      • Cyndi Morrell says:

        On Sunday nights for all of my adult life I watched 60 Minutes. In September of 2011 Andy Rooney concluded his final segment. I had grown to know and love him over the years. He was wise, witty and very funny. I knew I would miss Andy and even though 60 Minutes would still be there I knew I wouldn’t. When the show was over I turned off the lights and made my way to bed. My Sunday night ritual would change forever.

        As it goes, the void was soon filled with another wise and witty writer. One who has a gift for taking ordinary subjects, revealing interesting aspects of their history, and adding a point of view, often impish or good-naturedly jaundiced. Many times he offers civics lessons and an analysis of the way governments work— or don’t work — in a manner that might please both liberals and conservatives. (They used to have a term for this: even-handedness.) He shares what he believes and what is personal and intimate about his wife, his daughter and his surroundings. He’s takes risks. I admire that. He reminds me of Andy (without the eyebrows of course). He is young, fresh and somewhat wild.

        I look forward to Sunday nights with Sprinterlife. With you. I appreciate you sharing your life, Stevies life and Soleil’s life with me. The blog has given me the opportunity to stay current and live with you. I hope you have a case of the blog blues that can be tended to by a blog vacation. I pray that I spend many, many more Sunday nights with Sprinterlife.

        I Love you

        • Well said Cyndi…and I agree with my whole heart and soul. Only I cannot wait until Sunday evenings…Sprinter Life has become part of my daily, 6:00 a.m., morning ritual with morning coffee. It’s the pictures, their growth and adventures, life lessons, and especially now….watching my little Soleil Mariah grow up. Thank you for your post.

  8. Anonymous says:

    We want pics of the surf!! Love, Jimmy and Renee

  9. Peggy Ditch-Langdon says:

    I love reading about your adventures and misadventures!! Keep ’em coming…

  10. Great Aunt Debby and Great Uncle Barry says:

    New nick name for Tree…Cookie Monster!

  11. Ursula Martìnez says:


  12. Nikki Torrence says:

    Wow! Can you adopt me? SOOO cool that you guys are constantly traveling. Where are you going next? I like to live vicariously through you.

  13. Jock Bradley says:

    Guys – don’t forget to check out Pucon if you want to see Hood Rivers sister town. Probably be able to ski on the nearby volcano if you are so inclined.

  14. Donna rae says:

    please keep blogging As I am lying in my sprinter in Dana Point Marina reading of your adures. great firework show last night for 4th of July.
    I am looking forward to my sprinter life in my 2004
    Might just need to find a partner mighty and brave like you tree.
    I traveled for 2 months through the entire country of Argentina. loved it

  15. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for making me jealous as I lay here in my sprinter van in the oil field (Williston ND). just be here long enough to make enough money for the next trip though. Then its getting shipped down to (this winter your summer right?) Columbia to follow a similar route to yours. Have fun guys!!

  16. Fernando says:

    What a great inspirational adventure and life. We are currently planning for a similar trip in our diesel Sportsmobile, probably departing in a couple of years. Til then, we will follow and enjoy your adventure. Salut y que sigan con muy buena suerte y buen viaje. Fernando y Elizabeth

  17. Yeah, wondering why you where using a computer with girl reading on the back.. lol. Oh well. Just use hers when you are drinking wine.. from now on.

  18. Hi there,

    Enjoy Chile! Looking great, all that snow around the hairpin curves! Do you guys ski?

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